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Frequently Asked Questions

About PadRing

This website was meant to demonstrate how software developers can benefit from linking PAD files each to other.

As you know, regular search engines can easily search for HTML pages. How does it work? It's really transparent - each page has links to other pages. It makes possible to spy pages by jumping from page to page. Why not to apply this technology to PAD files?

What is PAD file?

PAD file is small XML file invented by Association of Shareware Professionals. It contains software description.

You can use Pad Manager to create PAD files. Pad Manager is freeware and it supports PAD Ring extention.

How to enable PadRing?

It's really simple - just put in your PAD file full links (with http:// prefix) to other PAD files like this:

Links to other PADs must be space or new-line separated.

How to put my application into specific category?

Just put category name between one of the following tags:

<Program_Specific_Category> here </Program_Specific_Category>
<Program_Categories> or here </Program_Categories>
For example, to put your program into Business/File Management category, you may modify your PAD this way: <Program_Categories> Business/File Management </Program_Categories>

It will be moved to chosen category next time we update our website (in about two days).

Is there Pad GEN extention available?

Yes, you can download it here

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