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Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X

Wolapp Cloud Client for Mac OS X screenshot

Free desktop client for the web-based Wolapp Cloud application, specially developed for Mac OS X. Wolapp Cloud - Wheel Of Life Cloud is a web-based application for self-development and personal growth. Wolapp Cloud Client allows using the application without a web browser. The client fully replicates all the major functions of the original application: assessing areas of your life (Business, Finances, Health, Relationships, Personal Growth, etc.), renaming the areas, setting goals, working with multiple goal sets, easily printing any goal sets, and a lot more. On top of that, the client displays the goal completion progress, as percentage, for each of the areas and the total progress for all of your goals in a set. Install the client, register with Wolapp Cloud and start making your life richer, versatile and interesting.

Release date:2011-07-20
Order:Click here to purchase full version
Author:Rylstim Software
Keywords:goals, productivity, balance, life wheel, wheel of life
Program type:Freeware - $0.00
Install support:Install Only
Operating system:Mac OS X 10.5
Requirements:Mac OS X 10.6
File size:928 K

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