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NNSTP-2 2011.04 - Neural Network Stock Trend Predictor NNSTP-2 
Neural Network Stock Trend Predictor NNSTP-2 is a tool for stock market investors and traders to predict stock prices within the range of 1 to around 60 days and help to find the best timing to buy and sell stocks.

Goods Account 1.2 - Program, which keeps inventory 
Goods Account keeps inventory of your things. May be used for home inventory, small office inventory, library, pharmacy, doctor's office, collection keeping. Program visually shows the location of each thing in the scheme of the room or warehouse.

Free Pay Down Debt or Invest Calculator 4.5.1 - A free pay off debt or invest calculator. 
This free financial calculator helps you determine whether paying down your debt or investing a windfall is the better choice for you.

RateExpert 1.0 - Financial assets rates monitoring 
The program is designed to show info about rates on different financial assets, such as currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, UITs, Indices and others. List of assets is renewing.

Signalator FX 1.0 - Trade systems development 
Create and Test trading systems at speed of light. 6 types of customizable testing reports, unlimited amount of bars tested, dozens of unique options among which: orders stop factors, volatility stop, trailing take profit, "real data test"

Investment and Business Valuation 2.0 - Valuation of investments and business streams 
The Investment and Business Valuation template is ideal for evaluating a wide range of investment, financial analysis and business case scenarios. Analysis performed includes accounting impact, Economic Value Added, and NPV of cash flows.

DreamCalc DCP Professional Calculator 4.7.2 - DreamCalc Financial Scientific Calculator 
DreamCalc is the leading Scientific, Graphing & Financial Calculator for Windows that's so realistic it dispenses with the need for a physical hand-held altogether!

EFM: plan / actual analysis 2.4 - A simple tool for financial planning 
A simple tool designed for financial planning and business management of an enterprise on the basis of approved budgets

Enterprise Financial Model 4.3 - A simple tool for financial estimates 
A simple tool designed for execution of financial estimates, fitted with elements of a training program and allowing increasing the level of user knowledge in economics significantly

Free Mortgage Payment Calculator 4.5.1 - A free mortgage payment calculator. 
Calculate mortgage loan payments with this free mortgage payment calculator for Windows

ProKalc 7.9f - Scientific/Financial/Geometry Calculator 
ProKalc is a full featured scientific calculator featuring a scrolling tape and 15-digit accuracy. Integrated help through a unique hot-key interface.

ProKon 10.0x - The Calculation Companion 
ProKon is a calculator unlike any you've seen before. It features unit conversions of over 400,000 units, a pop-up scientific/financial/geometry calculator with tape, as well as many calculation modules covering a wide variety of topics.

Cash Teacher 1 - A cash teacher can assist with loans, credit. 
A cash teacher can assist with loans, credit counseling and money management. In today's economy realizing the importance of your credit score and how to manage your finances is the key to success.

NumXL 1.5 - NumXL is a financial modeling Excel add-in 
NumXL is a Microsoft Excel Add-in for econometrics and financial time series analytics, designed to make finance modeling and time series easier to manage. NumXL allows you to make forecasts, back-track, analyze and more instantly.

Cure for Hemorrhoid 1 - Cure For Hemorrhoid - My Review 
Do not buy any cure for Hemorrhoid product until you read this review. I tried this cure for hemroids eBook and posted my results here.

Asistent Financiar 3.0.6 - Currency conversions, exchange rate 
Currency conversions, exchange rate, financial utilities. Romanian specific app.

Cleantouch InventGST Reloaded 1.0 - Accounting, Inventory & Sales Tax System 
The software is designed specially for traders to maintain record of sales tax as well as inventory and account. Sales Tax modules provide all the reporting like S.Tax Invoice, Purchase / Sales Register / Summary, Monthly Calculation Sheet ETC.

Cleantouch Re-Rolling Mill System 1.0 - Accounting, Inventory, Production, Sales Tax 
This software used to maintain Accounts, Inventory, Production and Sales Tax. Production module in this package made simply by recording formula of T-Bar, R-Bar & D-Bar at the time of creating item within software.

Cleantouch General Production System 1.0 - Accounting, Inventory, Production, Sales Tax 
After keeping study of various Production Units, working here in Pakistan, experts of Cleantouch designed Cleantouch General Production System to fulfill the needs of the units in simple manners.

Cleantouch Yarn Processing System 1.0 - Accounts, Inventory, Sizing, Loom, Rewinding 
This software specially developed for company who Purchases Yarn, Issue for Sizing, The Sizing Labour issued the Beams to Targeted Loom. Loom Produce Fabric and Give Back to company. The company can also purchase Fabric for Sale.

Cleantouch Cable Operator Financial 1.0 - Cleantouch Cable Operator Financial 
The software written specially for the business that provides TV Cable to users through a chain of sub operators. Software helps you maintaining records of sub operators with boster load and user database.

TinyTrader 1.0.1 - TinyTrader - Metastock's best friend! 
TINYTRADER is a trading software and portfolio manager that downloads stock quotes and charts from Yahoo! Financial web sites. The program can download intraday, end-of-day and Historical quotes of every ticker managed by Yahoo! Financial web sites.

SQLFinancials - MS SQL Server financial functions library 
CLR-based financial functions library for MS SQL Server that adds spreadsheet-like financial analysis capabilities at the database layer

Cleantouch Ship-Breaking System 1.0 - Cleantouch Ship-Breaking System 
Special features may be justified that you can purchase whole ship and sale different items like gala plate, mill mall, scrape & other items from ship to various parties.

AnyChart Stock and Financial Flash Chart 1.1.0 - AnyStock Financial Stock Charting Component. 
AnyStock is a flexible Flash-based solution to create interactive and attractive stock and financial charts with large datasets support and great scrolling options. XML/JSON interface, technical indicators and drawings, full localization support.

Hen Party Planning Free Ebook 1.0 - Hen Party Planning and Organisation 
Hen Party Planning and Organisation - free ebook shows how to plan organise and arrange and hen party.

Cleantouch ImportGST Reloaded 1.0 - Accounting, Inventory, Import, Sales Tax 
This product of Cleantouch developed specially for commercial importers to maintain their business records. Import module provides to calculate cost against different expenses such as L/C Opening, Amendment, Container, Clearing, Insurance ETC.

Moffsoft Calculator 2.1.1 - Financial calculator with tape & conversions 
Calculator with tape, financial functions, unit conversions, date/time calculations, and product pricing. Other features include a sizeable display, fixed decimals, totals, item count, multiple memory values, tray icon, always on top, and much more.

Cleantouch Multi-Level Yarn Trading 1.0 - Inventory & Accounting for Yarn Business 
The software is designed specially to fulfill requirements of Yarn Brokers, Traders of Yarn and an Agent of Yarn (Textile) Mill. All the reports are customized as per current standard of business.

Mortgage Wizard Plus 6.9 - Crush your US or Cdn mortgage sooner and save 
Calculate US, Canadian and foreign loans. Very intuitive. Does late payments, lumpsum payments, changed payments, interest changes, etc. Use 360-day and Exact day factor methods. Crush your US or Cdn mortgage sooner and save on cumulative interest.

Financial Analysis - standard 2.17 - Business or portfolio evaluation tool. 
Financial Analysis is a software product that even in it`s basic standard edition offers great possibilities for evaluating business or portfolio performances. This easy to use program gives you results rich in numerical and graphic presentation.

Accura Expert Advisor 1.2 - robot to scalp the EurChf with profit 
Accura Expert Advisor - The best robot to scalp the EurChf effectively with profit factor up to 17. Unsurpassed performance in both backtest and live testing. Adapts to multi market conditions via its built in probabilistic neural networks.

DAXA-Chart Privat 7.01 - Track, analyze and manage your stocks. 
DAXA-Chart Privat is a freeware German program for analyzing and charting shares and portfolio management. It is supplied with an initial database of 120 German stocks. Download further stockmarket price updates from our homepage for free.

Financial Link for Excel 1.5.0 - stock quotes,reports, estimates in Excel 
Financial Link is an Excel add-in that loads various financial information into Excel. Load trading quotes (price, high, low, close), financial reports (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow), analysts estimates, ratios. Track your portfolio.

J and L Retirement Planner 16.0 - Top rated retirement planning software. 
The top rated J and L Retirement Planner is a retirement planning software program that allows you to create simple or complex retirement scenarios based on financial events through out your life.

ESBFinCalc Pro - Financial Calculator 1.1.1 - Handy Enhanced Financial Calculator 
ESBFinCalc Pro is a Financial Calculator that aims to provide a sophisticated yet easy to use tool to perform Financial Calculations including Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Investments, Loans, Annuities, Depreciation, Coupon Dates and more.

Adeo ERP 1.0 - Powerful, but yet affordable ERP system 
Powerful, but yet affordable ERP solution for small and medium businesses. Includes a Financial, Human Resources and Inventory Control Module. On-line version available, as well as versions for ASP.NET WEB, 32-bit Windows or combined.

Car Insurance Singapore 1.0 - carinsurancesingapore.exe (motor insurance) 
This software (car insurance singapore) is designed for car owners who want to get cheaper motor insurance quotes for their car. The method used in this software is suitable for all vehicle types.

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