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Repair MSSQL Database 4.9 - Know How to Repair MSSQL 2000 Database? 
This MSSQL database repair software can repair even large sized SQL databases quickly. Users can also perform corrupt SQL Express recovery and get back the elements like databases, triggers, tables, views, stored procedures etc.

Sharepoint Data Restore Software 2.0 - SharePoint Data Restore Software - Free Tool 
SharePoint Data restore software is an integration of numerous handy features that can restore SharePoint database, restore SharePoint documents, restore SharePoint sites, restore SharePoint lists from damaged/corrupted SharePoint Server 2007/2003.

Lotus Export to Outlook 8.2 - Lotus Export to Outlook by SysTools 
Want to do Lotus Export to Outlook? Using proficient Lotus to Outlook Migration tool easily convert Lotus Notes Database like emails, contacts, calendar etc to MS Outlook. Latest version of Export Notes performs encrypted NSF files conversion.

How to Repair SQL Server Database 4.9 - SQL Server Database Repair Tool to Repair SQL 
SysTools SQL Recovery tool can help you resolve SQL Database corruption issues in an easy way. You can easily repair damaged SQL Server database with this SQL Server database repair tool. Software can handle all the SQL corruptions in a safe manner.

CDBFview 1.30 - DBF plugin for Total Commander. 
CDBFview is a plugin for Total Commander. It allows you to view DBF files in Lister's window (Also in Quick View Panel).

SQL 2005 Database Recovery 4.90 - Free MS SQL 2005 Database Recovery Software 
SQL 2005 database recovery software has enhanced recovery engine that can easily carry out SQL Server 2005 recovery process and recover SQL 2005 master database. SQL 2005 database restore tool can recover data from MDF file of SQL 2008/2000 also.

Restore SQL Server Database 4.9 - How to Restore SQL Server Database 
Get restore SQL Server database with SysTools SQL Recovery software which is able to restore SQL Server database. Software will solve your query related to How to restore SQL Server database. Now there is no need to worry about SQL Server corruption.

Free Access Recovery Software 3.2 - Repair Damaged MS Access Database 
Repair Access Data program easily to Restore Database of MS Access with the help of SysTools Access Recovery Tool. Repair Access Data utility provides wide range of products.

Repair SQL Database 2000 4.9 - SQL 2000 Suspect Database Repair Software 
Our Repair SQL Database 2000 Software completely restores and repair deleted SQL data and lost SQL data from crash SQL Server 2000. SQL suspect database repair program can recover deleted MDF files deleted using Shift+Delete keys without problem.

Active Directory Plus - Based on Microsoft's Aduc 
Everything you wished you could do with Microsoft's Active Directory Users and Computers...

DTM Data Generator 1.34.06 - Simple data generator for database testing 
DTM Data Generator is a simple, powerful and fully customizable tool that generates data for database testing. It creates test data, database tables and sets of Insert statements. The tool resolves foreign keys and order of tables automatically.

SQL Express Database Repair 4.9 - SQL Express Database Repair Tool - Fix SQL DB 
An absolute SQL Express database repair tool to repair SQL Express database file damaged due to any unforeseen cause. SQL Express repair software is a perfect solution for SQL Express 2008 repair, SQL Express 2005 repair & SQL Express 2000 repair.

Database Designer for PostgreSQL 1.8.0 - Visual development system for PostgreSQL 
An easy and powerful visual development system intended for database design, modeling, creation, modification and reverse engineering. Accelerates the process of PostgreSQL database creation. It's easy!

Lotus Domino Migration 8.1 - Lotus Domino Migration to Exchange Server 
Preferred SysTools Export Notes software supports Lotus Domino Migration. Export images from emails as attachments keeping the original database intact. Notes to Exchange conversion is done in easy steps. .

imlSoft RAMDisk App Optimizer 3.3.8 - Boost application performance whith RAM Drive 
Use this tool to boost the performance of Web browsers,Software compilers,Databases,TEMP files,Swap space,Server cache and Game playing.

Fix Error 8936 in SQL Server 4.9 - MDF Repair tool, Fix Error 8936 in SQL Server 
SQL Repair tool is prepared using wonderful intellect for our SQL users showing self-narrative screen instructions, it fix error 8936 in SQL Server and quickly repair MDF file and recover MS SQL database records from damaged SQL Server 2008/2005/2000

Find Current User - Find Current User 
Find Current User is a powerful tool that helps you find out who's logged on to which computer in seconds!

DTM Migration Kit 1.08.01 - Powerful yet simple data migration tool. 
DTM Migration Kit is a powerful yet simple data import, export and migration tool. It is fully automatic and supports all popular database formats. Simple visual interface lets you set own transformation and flow control rules.

Open Corrupt Access Database 3.2 - Open Corrupt Access Database Software 
Open Corrupt Access Database Tool that will recover database files that is corrupt or damaged. Repairs corrupt Access databases created in all versions of MS Access including 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.

Notes in Outlook 2007 8.1 - Convert Lotus Notes in Outlook 2007 
With no data lose Export Lotus Notes data to PST & easily view in Outlook 2007 by using Export Notes software. User can easily convert all the data of Lotus Notes to PST in few mouse clicks. Notes in Outlook 2007 with Lotus Notes Database Export

BookCAT 9.22.04 - Organize your book collection 
BookCAT is a fully featured book organizer database which will help you catalog a book collection of any size. BookCAT will help you know what you have and where it is. Quickly catalog your books by downloading information from the Internet.

How to Recover SQL Data from Suspect Mode 4.9 - Repair SQL Database Showing Suspect Error 
SysTools SQL Recovery tool easily perform SQL Server recovery of suspect database without damaging any original information of your corrupt MDF files. Software repair SQL Server 2000 suspect mode or Recover SQL database from suspect mode.

DTM DB Stress 1.14.07 - Utility for database stress testing 
DTM DB Stress is a utility for stress testing the server parts of information systems and database applications, as well as DBMSs and servers themselves. The program is useful for any information system developer or any QA department employee.

Outlook Express Privacy 2.37 - Control access to Outlook Express email base 
Outlook Express Privacy lets you control access to Outlook Express and its email message database. When you enable protection, the program disables access to the message database and address book files.

Household Register 2011 7.03 - Home Inventory Program 
Household Register 2010 helps you organize and manage a detailed list of everything you own. It's ideal for both home and office. The program automatically organizes each entry by category, location, and owner.

CATVids 9.02 - Keep track of your video collection 
CATVids is a comprehensive video organizer database which will help you catalog a video collection of any kind, from DVDs to Blu-Ray discs to VHS tapes. Quickly catalog your collection by downloading data from the internet.

Database Application Software 5.6 - Create database applications 
Database application development tools - Longtion Application Builder: Create database applications without writing any code.

SQL 2000 Database Repair 4.9 - SQL 2000 Database Repair Tool for corrupt SQL 
SQL 2000 Database repair software is a trusted SQL 2000 suspect database repair tool to repair SQL 2000 MDF database file without any difficulties. SQL 2000 repair tool is accomplished to repair SQL 2000 database even SQL database is not accessible.

Book Database Software 2.4 - Book database software is a win-win solution! 
Are you fed up with the chaos in your book collection? Then it's time to meet the cutting-edge Book Database software! It's the guru of book managing industry! Book Database software will significantly facilitate the process of organizing the books!

CDBF Shell 1.11 - CDBFShell is a DBF Shell extension 
The CDBF Shell extension allows you to view content or structure of DBF files in the Properties window without opening them. The CDBF Shell extension supports dBase III, dBase IV, FoxPro, and Visual FoxPro formats.

Database Recovery For SQL 4.9 - SQL Server Database Recovery Software 
Database Recovery for SQL Server is very easy through SysTools SQL Database recovery software. You can use this software with Microsoft SQL server 2008/2005/2000 version. This Software Recover your all database object within few minutes

SQL Suspect Database Repair 4.9 - SQL Suspect Database Repair Tool - Fix MS SQL 
MS SQL suspect database repair tool is an integration of prompt functioning & smoothly-operated options that can repair suspect SQL database of SQL 2008, 2005 & 2000. Software easily restores stored procedures, tables, views, triggers & other items.

Thermophysical Database - Thermo-Prop 1.4.5 - Physicochemical and thermophysical properties 
Thermo-Prop database for Windows contains intrinsic results of research works carried out on the development of sound, accurate, experimentally and physically based models for materials properties of aluminium, copper and ferrous alloys.

DB Supervisor 1.3 - "DB Supervisor" is a tool for control of DDL 
"DB Supervisor" is a powerful tool of for control and analysis of DDL statement executed in MySQL database server.

Access 2003 Recovery 3.3 - Access 2003 Recovery Software at SysTools 
Access 2003 Recovery Tool that will recover database files that is corrupt or damaged. Repairs corrupt Access databases created in all versions of MS Access including 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.

SQL Server Database Regain 4.9 - SQL Server Database Regain Software 
Do you think that how to regain SQL 2000 database? SysTools is going to provide an advanced tool which can easily regain SQL server database and provide a healthy data. Download demo version to view the recovered files which is extremely free.

Universal Data Access Components 3.70 - Cross-database data access componets 
UniDAC is a powerful library of nonvisual cross-database data access components for Delphi, Delphi for .NET, and C++Builder. The unified access is available for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, InserBase, Firebird and more

SQL Server Database Recovery 4.9 - SQL Server Database Recovery tool to Fix MDF 
SQL Server database recovery software is an integration of multiple advance features that can repair SQL server database (.mdf) files and recover SQL Server database items. SQL Server database repair software aptly restores SQL server database script.

SQL 2005 Database Repair 4.9 - SQL 2005 Database Repair Tool to Fix SQL File 
SQL 2005 database repair tool of SysTools is an easy to use SQL 2005 repair master database utility for repairing SQL Server 2005 database file. This SQL 2005 repair tool is able to repair suspect SQL 2005 database and also SQL 2000 & 2008 database.

Access 97 Recovery 3.3 - Access 97 Recovery Software at SysTools 
Access 97 Recovery Tool that will recover database files that is corrupt or damaged. Repairs corrupt Access databases created in all versions of MS Access including 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007.

Extract SQL Database 4.9 - Extract SQL Server Database File 
You can just extract SQL Database file if you use SQL recovery Tool of SysTools. You can use this software with all version of Microsoft SQL Server like 2008, 2005 and 2003. SysTools SQL Recovery Tool easily Extract SQL Database File of SQL Server.

CATraxx 9.10 - Organize your music collection 
CATraxx is a powerful music organizer database which will help you catalog a music collection of any kind, from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s.

HXTT XML 1.0.003 - Pure Java Type 4 XML JDBC Drivers 
Pure Java Type 4 XML JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) driver packages for XML documents, supports XML 1.0, XML 1.1, transaction, embedded access, remote access, memory-only database, compressed database, SAMBA database, and url datab

DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise Freeware 6.0 - MySQL administration and development tool 
DreamCoder for MySQL Enterprise Freeware is a tool for developing and managing MySQL databases. This product can increase the productivity and quality of development teams and database administrators.

DreamCoder for Oracle Enterprise Freeware 6.0 - Powerfu Oracle administration tool. 
DreamCoder for Oracle is a comprehensive tool for developing and managing an Oracle database. This product increases the productivity and quality of development teams and database administrators.

DreamCoder for PostgreSQL Enterprise Freeware 6.0 - PostgreSQL IDE. 
DreamCoder for PostgreSQL is a powerful integrated Development Environment (IDE) for PostgreSQL databases

MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart 7.10 - Easy to use shopping cart software 
MidiCart PHP is a very easy to use shopping cart software for those tired of complex systems, and quickly want to start an online store without problems.

Sprintbit Playlist Manager 7.4 - Playlist Manager with Multimedia Players 
Playlist Manager is an advanced playlist creator & manager. It has a lot of useful features for playlist editing management and playback, including special features like bookmarks, schedulers, statistics. Supports all media and playlist files.

Import Notes into Outlook 8.2 - Quickly Import Notes into Outlook 
Export Notes software import Notes into Outlook and Lotus Notes Export to PST easily. Lotus to PST tool converts Lotus Notes calendar to Outlook also. Notes in Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003, XP, 2000, 98 and 97.

Recover Data OST to PST 3.2 - Recover Data OST to PST 
SysTools OST file Recovery Software to Recover Outlook OST emails, calendar, contacts, notes, journal, to-do list etc.

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