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HXTT Text JDBC and CSV JDBC Drivers 4.2.203 - HXTT Text JDBC Drivers and CSV JDBC Drivers 
Pure Java Type 4 Text JDBC and CSV JDBC (1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) driver packages for raw data, flat text, CSV file, TSV file, PSV file, fixed-length, and variable-length binary file, supports transaction, embedded access, and remote access.

RegexMagic 1.2.3 - Generate regular expressions 
Instead of dealing with the cryptic regex syntax, use RegexMagic's powerful patterns for matching numbers, dates, times, email addresses, URLs, etc. Combine patterns to match exactly what you want. Supports all popular regular expression flavors.

.NET ZIP GZIP TAR control for VB.NET C# - Nasosoft Compression - Read/Write ZIP/TAR/GZIP .NET components,C#,VB.NET 
Nasosoft.Compression v3.1 is an easy to use, high-performance, suite of compression components for .NET frameworks. It supports the Zip, Tar, and Gzip files compression and decompression.

ForexCIO EX4 Armour 1.3.1 - ForexCIO EX4 Armour to protect MQL & EX4 file 
ForexCIO EX4 Armour to protect MQL & EX4 file, a robust protection method for Meta Trader Expert Advisors

IntelliLock - Prefessional & Secure .NET Licensing System. 
IntelliLock is an advanced 100% managed solution for licensing controls and applications. IntelliLock combines strong license security, highly adaptable licensing functionality/schema with reliable assembly protection.

AutoFlowchart 3.2 - auto generate NS &flow chart from sourcecode! 
AutoFlowchart is a excellent source code tool to generate flowchart & N-S chart from source code. Its chart can expand and shrink and can be export to Word/Visio/Bmp/SVG.

EAGetMail POP3 & IMAP4 .NET Component 3.1 - POP3 IMAP4 .Net component for receiving mail. 
EAGetMail enables your C#, VB.NET, JScript.NET, ASP.NET or other .NET framework applications to parse and receive email based on POP3/IMAP4 protocol. Many advanced features are supported including TNEF parser (winmail.dat) and S/MIME.

webd jquery event calendar planner 1.2 - jquery google-like event calendar planner 
wdCalendar is a jquery based google calendar clone. It cover most google calendar features. 1. Day/week/month view provided. 2.create/update/remove events by drag & drop. 3.Easy way to integrate with database. 4. All day event/more days event provide

ExeShield 4.7 - copy protection software Win32 & .NET 
With ExeShield it's easy to turn your applications into"try-before-you-buy" software with very little effort, and maximum protection against piracy.

Barcode Reader SDK 4.2.23 - DTK Barcode Reader SD 
DTK Barcode Reader SDK is a powerful developer library for barcode recognition functionality integration into your Windows applications. Reads the barcodes from different image formats (TIFF, JPEG, PNG, BMP), including PDF (Portable Document Format).

MS Excel 2000 Totorial 2000 - Learn MS. Excel 2000. 
Learn MS. Excel 2000 With Very Easy Step. This Demo Learn MS Excel 2000 help of animated demo. This is self learning MS Excel help every beginner in gaining expertise in MS Excel working and an advanced professional to get further knowledge about features.

Auto Website Builder 1 - Forget AdSense ready templates and create top 
Forget AdSense ready templates and create top quality sites for high AdSense revenue.Automatic Website Builder is revolutionary, all-in-one software for creating, publishing and managing websites easier than ever before. Equipped with innovative...

Windows HLP To RTF 8.0 - convert Windows Help (*.HLP) to rtf document 
Windows HLP To RTF is designed to convert Microsoft Windows Help (*.HLP) to RTF format documents.

Subject Search Sleuth 3.01 - Multi-lingual search engine for your company 
SSSleuth saves your time and increases your productivity by providing quick access to relevant information available on your personal computer and the Local Area Network of your company. The product includes API for software developers.

JavaScript Slideshow Maker 2.2 - JavaScript Slideshow Maker 
JavaScript Slideshow Maker is a powerful and easy to use application which helps you create HTML slideshows without any coding.

wodSSH 2.9.6 - wodSSH ActiveX component 
Client component that provides support for communication with remote console-type services. Most commonly, it will be used for Telnet based servers(running on UNIX OS)

HXTT DBF 4.2.203 - Pure Java DBF JDBC Drivers for Xbase database 
Pure Java Type 4 DBF JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) driver packages for Xbase database (dbase, Visual DBASE, SIx Driver, Alaska, SoftC, Codebase, Clipper, PowerPlus, Foxbase, Foxpro, VFP, xHarbour, Halcyon, Apollo, Goldmine, and BDE).

Get Paid Script 1 - Get Paid Script - Run your own get paid 
Get Paid Script - Run your own get paid to click, promote, sell, signup, play games and read email.

EACompression .NET Zip Component 2.0 - Component for file compression/decompression. 
High performance zip component for your ASP.NET, Visual Basic.NET, C#, Managed C++, J# and JScript.NET applications to compress and decompress file. Easy-to-use and featured examples are included in the installation file.

Picture to PDF Converter - Picture to PDF converter tool convert images 
Picture to PDF converter software converts JPG TIFF PNG GIF into adobe acrobat PDFs. Photo to PDF convertor is quick and easy-to-use PDF application that is designed for converting multiple image files into PDF. It supports multi format images.

.NET Bridge for VBA and VB6 1.1 - .NET Bridge for VBA and VB6 
This framework enables you to use .NET Components in VBA and VB6 by converting them to regular Win32 DLLs.

ActiSetup 4.5 - Create installations for your products. 
ActiSetup is an advanced setup development environment for Windows Installer. It greatly simplifies the authoring and distribution of MSI installation packages, merge modules, and patches.

PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.195 - Comprehensive PDF Viewing File manipulation, 
Free - All you will ever need to View, modify and Print Adobe PDF files, Export PDF pages and files to Image Formats, Type on PDF pages and much much more. From the same authors as the award winning PDF-XChange product line - Developer SDK available

PHPMaker 8.0.1 - Generate PHP from databases 
PHPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of PHP quickly from MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle databases.

Perfect Office Icons 2011.2 - Perfect Office Icons for you 
Perfect Office Icons collection is a set of royalty-free icons which has been specially designed to breathe a new life into all of your office applications.

Higosoft PDF to EPUB Converter 2.1.8 - Best PDF to EPUB Converter for converting PDF to epub to facilitate the reading on iPad, iPhone, Sony Reader. 
Higosoft PDF to EPUB Converter is a light-weight and easy-to-use pdf to epub converter, which is developed for meet users’ need of convert pdf to epub for reading on portable device iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and other ebook reader and mobile phone. This pdf to epub converter could quickly convert pdf to epub format, which is a international standard ebook format and supported by most of portable devices and ebook reader. And the pdf to epub converter could well keep the original format and layout in the output ebpub ebook just as in the pdf file.

HXTT Paradox 4.2.203 - Hxtt Pure Java JDBC Drivers for Corel Paradox 
Pure Java type 4 Paradox JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) driver packages for Corel Paradox version from 3.0, 3.5, 4.x, 5.x, 7.x to 11.x, which supports transaction, embedded access, client/server mode, and remote access. It supports Paradox encrypted datab

Comm Operator Pal - Free debug tool for computer communication. 
Comm Operator Pal is a free tool to test and debug device or application that communicated with RS232, TCP/IP or UDP. It supports data in Text, Decimal and Hex format. Data can be sent in list automatically. Single data can be sent repeatedly.

BestView - preview library - BestView is a preview library for developers 
BestView is a preview library for C++ developers who need to build print previews for their applications in one touch. Source code is available.

PlayClaw 2.1 - 3D game videos recorder without reducing FPS 
Take still and video snapshots of 3D games without sacrificing performance. PlayClaw operates in background and makes use of your CPU's multi-core abilities to record quality action videos without affecting the gameplay or reducing frame rate.

ZigBee Operator 1.0.137 - Debug tool for ZigBee & XBee Mesh Network. 
ZigBee Operator is a professional tool to learn, research, develop and test Digi’s ZigBee/XBee module. It implements both API encoder and decoder for Digi’s XBee & ZigBee Mesh and 802.15.4. Both AT and API commands are supported.

HS FTP Library 1.3.4 - HS FTP Library 
HS FTP is a C/C++ library which implements the client side of the File Transfer Protocol over TCP socket layer according to RFC 959

SQLServerPrint 2008 10.1.1 - Print SQL Server 2005 & 2008 Schema 
Document your Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & 2008 by printing its objects in your own custom style. The printed output can be exported to PDF and RTF format to enable it to be incorporated into a word processors.

puresoft1 1.1 - use our free software for your website 
use our free software for your website Cloak your affiliate links, and stop thieves from stealing your commissions! Create direct response style web-sites (like this one) in just minutes!

Windows HTML To WORD 8.0 - Convert HTML To Word Document 
Windows HTML To WORD is a tool to convert HTML to Word document directly. With this tool, you can make a specification of an application from the *.htm files.

wodTelnetDLX 2.5.2 - wodTelnetDLX is a telnet client component 
wodTelnetDLX a telnet client component ready to connect to terminal based clients,most commonly to UNIX telnet daemon. It also supports secured communication (through encryption) using well known SSH (SS1&SSH2) and SSL/TLS

IS Protector 2.7.0 - Information Security, Erase Data, Encryption 
Information Protection software: Strong File Encryption or Military Grade Unrecoverable Termination will protect your confidential files and folders from unwanted data recovery and unauthorized access to your important business or private information

ComboPro ActiveX Controls Suite - Pick picture,color,font,GDI pen and brush. 
Ideal tools for picking Picture, Color, Font name, GDI pen and brush. it support multiple dropdown item types which contains General, Default, Browse and Separate style and powerful items data management capabilities.

wodPop3Server 1.6.0 - wodPop3Server Active X control 
WeOnlyDo! COM Pop3Server ActiveX control is a component that can be easily integrated into your applications to provide full Pop3 protocol server implementation.

wodXMPP - Client ActiveX for XMPP/Jabber protocol 
wodXMPP is a client component for XMPP/Jabber (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol) protocol. It is used to create messaging clients.

wodSmtpServer 2.5.1 - SMTP Server ActiveX component 
WeOnlyDo! SmtpServer ActiveX control is a component that can be easily integrated into your applications to provide full non-relaying Smtp (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) server implementation

Miraplacid Publisher SDK TE 6.6 - Generate virtual printer driver solution 
Generates virtual printer driver to converts any printable documents to images (TIFF, JPEG, TGA, BMP, PNG, PDF) or web presentation, then save to file or upload to a server. You can customize it with interactive wizard and embed into your application

Code to FlowChart for Win7 1.2 - Automatically generate flowchart from code. 
Code to FlowChart is an automated flowchart generator for software developers and document writers. It analyzes the programming statements, loops then builds a diagram fully automated. Code to FlowChart helps users to understand complex system.

HXTT Access 4.2.201 - Pure Java Type 4 MS Access JDBC Drivers 
Pure Java Type 4 MS Access JDBC(1.2, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0) driver packages for Microsoft Access, supports transaction, embedded access, client/server mode, remote access, memory-only database, compressed database, SAMBA database, and url database.

Ultra Video To iPod Converter 2.0.2011.401 - Convert video files to iPod compatible MP4 
Convert video files to iPod compatible MP4 Support MPG, DVD VOB, ASF, WMV ,AVI and RM Convert video to iPod in batch mode Easy to use UI design. Support drag drop. Keep the video aspect ration automatically

Rebex FTP/SSL 3.0.3854.0 - FTP over TLS/SSL (or FTPS) component for .NET 
FTP/SSL for .NET is a file-transfer component for .NET framework. It allows you to transfer files directly from your application using FTPS which is also known as FTP over SSL/TLS.

Time Station 1.3 - Time calculator, spreadsheet, data logging... 
Timer and spreadsheet calculation, graph, saving and export to csv, MySQL and HTML. Serial port access, score window, auto logging. No timer limit, precision of 1, 10 or 100 milliseconds. Simple entering of time values, auto correct function, conversion...

SQL Balance for MySQL - Compare and synchronize MySQL databases! 
Database Administrators rejoice! Now you don't have to compare and synchronize MySQL databases manually. SQLBalance compares the structure and scripts of different databases, highlighting the differences. One click and your databases are synched.

.Net Licensing Pro - 100% .NET solution for licensing .NET apps. 
100% .NET solution for licensing controls and applications written with any language designed for the .NET Framework (C#, VB.NET). Strong license file and unlock key encryption. Flexible license file content. Create encrypted code and data.

SWF to FLA Converter for Mac 6.3 - SWF decompiler Mac, SWF to FLA converter Mac 
A high-performance Flash decompiler Mac to convert SWF to FLA or FLEX precisely; Easily extract all Flash resources; Convert Flash to html5 files; Replace image/shape/text/sound for SWF. It is the first Mac decompiler to get XFL from Flash CS5 SWF.

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