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VintaSoftBarcode.NET SDK 6.0 - Read and write barcodes from .NET program. 
Professional barcode reader and writer SDK for .NET software developers. The component reads & writes 1D and 2D barcodes in digital images and PDF. Supported barcode types: Aztec, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, DataMatrix, EAN, PDF417, QR, GS1, UPC etc.

GetFastMoney Script 1 - Get Fast Money Script - The More You Earn! 
Get Fast Money Script - The More You Earn! Super High Quality, Ready Made(Turnkey) Website With Multiple Streams of Income! Complete With Easy Edit Admin Panel, RSS Content, eBay Affiliates, Affiliate Websites, Affiliate Resources, Google AdSense

EASendMail SMTP Component (.NET Edition) 5.2 - SMTP COM (.Net edition) for sending email. 
Powerful, easy- to-use and full-featured SMTP email component enables your C#, VB.NET, JScript.NET, ASP.NET or other .NET framework applications to send rich TEXT/HTML email based on SMTP/ESMTP protocol. Featured examples are included.

DISLIN for Compaq Visual Fortran 10.1 - DISLIN is a high-level data plotting library 
DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, PNG and TIFF.

Shopzilla Moneymaker 1 - We offer a free price comparison script that 
We offer a free price comparison script that you can install in your site and begin to make money using the Shopzilla Publisher Program and Google Adsense.

SEO_SpyGlass 2011 - SEO SpyGlass is an extremely powerful 
SEO SpyGlass is an extremely powerful competition research tool designed to let you see EXACTLY how your competitors got to the top in Google, Bing or Yahoo! search engines.SEO SpyGlass software lets any webmaster create a winning optimization strate

VBAcodePrint 7.0.6 - Print VBA6 & VBA7 source code in color 
Print Microsoft VBA versions 6 source code in color of your applications across the entire Microsoft Office 2000, 2003,2007,2010 and XP suite of applications: Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, and FrontPage and any other VBA enabled software.

Free Auto Blogger 202 - Auto blogger builds and manages Word Press 
Create unlimited Word Press blogs on your domains and manage them all. Easy to use program with Complete How to Videos on website. Take a moment now to watch the video and see what you could do with FAB.

Affiliate Feed Script 1 - Affiliate Feed Script allows Affiliates 
Affiliate Feed Script allows Affiliates to quickly and easily build and maintain multi-page websites directly from Merchant product data feeds. Price Comparison Websites.

AccessDiff 4.0.0 - Compare Access Databases with AccessDiff 
Use AccessDiff to compare the objects and data between two databases. It detects missing objects in either database. AccessDiff includes a command line interface and several report export options. AccessDiff has other advanced features.

Instyler Setup 1.7 - Create MSI files, based on WiX technology. 
Instyler Setup is an application to create Windows Installer packages (MSI files). The application targets everyone who needs a solid Windows Installer based installation for their product or any kind of deployment project.

TSampleDisplay3D 1.5.4 - 3D sample display Delphi component. 
Delphi component for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP/Vista/W7) software. It's purpose is to provide sample displaying functions, displaying the sample in 3D with configurable colors, making a selection, zooming, quick-play from click.

MS Access to Text converter 1.4 - Fast convert for MS Access tables 
This tool allow to save the records from MS Access table (.mdb) to text file. Application don't use any external libraries (no BDE, no ODBC, no ADO etc) All field types supported.

Link Protect 2.0 - Link Protect protects page and image links. 
Link Protect can manage and protect downloads of your pages and images. If the call is not from within your site or an authorised site, a customisable default image is displayed.

E-XD++ Diagrammer Professional 11.06 - E-XD++ Pro Library for MFC by UCanCode. 
E-XD++ Library for MFC by UCanCode.Net Software, an C++ class framework that provides your applications with a drawing surface for diagramming, symbol manipulation, drag and drop, scrolling, zooming, and many other graphics capabilities.

PD4ML.NET. HTML to PDF converter 3.6.0b6 - PD4ML.NET is HTML-to-PDF converter for .NET 
PD4ML is a powerful PDF generating tool that uses HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) as page layout and content definition format. 100% managed code, it allows users to easily add PDF generation functionality to end products.

A1_Sitemap_Generator 2011 - Help search engines index your website. 
Help search engines index your website. Let A1 Sitemap Generator create your HTML and XML sitemaps, upload sitemaps and ping search engines. Automate all sitemap generator tools.

IDAutomation TrueType Barcode Font 6.11 - TrueType Barcode, MICR and OCR fonts. 
The TrueType Barcode Font Advantage package includes easy-to-install and use TrueType versions of the most popular Barcode, MICR and OCR fonts. Barcode examples for use in Microsoft Access, Excel and Word included.

FaceBook2010 1 - Complete Facebook Clone 2010. Ever wanted! 
Complete Facebook Clone 2010. Ever wanted to own your own FaceBook Site? This social Networking script has all the features of the real Facebook and more.

Text to SQL Converter 1.01.00 - Creates set of INSERTS by text file's values 
The converter creates a set of INSERTS based on text file (delimited or fixed width). It is ideally tool to prepare data import to inaccessible database or to system that does not support direct data import. Wizard like GUI, flexible, free demo!

Scroll Image OS 2.0 - Scrolling image viewer for the Internet. 
For exploring a large image from a small window. This new scrolling viewer displays a much larger image in a smaller window.

VintaSoftTwain.NET SDK 8.0 - Control a scanner from your .NET application. 
Control a scanner or camera from your .NET/WPF application. VintaSoftTwain.NET SDK allows you to control the image acquisition process, use automatic documents feeder, save acquired images to disk or SQL databases, upload them to Web or FTP servers.

RFax for .NET 1.1 - .NET component that sends and receives faxes 
.NET component that sends and receives faxes using a fax modem. It has been developed in c-sharp and source code can be purchased.

Ease of use and cost effectiveness for Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) and data warehousing type of scenarios

J4L-Barcode Vision for Delphi 2.1 - Delphi barcode reader component 
Delphi barcode reader SDK for barcode recognition. The library can read (scan) barcodes in images. It supports code128, EAN128, EAN, UPC, Datamatrix, PDF417 and others.

Adeptia Data Integration Software v5.1 - ANY APPLICATION with ANY DATA at ANY LOCATION 
Adeptia Integration Server (AIS) is an enterprise-class software product that is designed to integrate ANY APPLICATION with ANY DATA at ANY LOCATION.

123 JavaScript Slideshow 1.1 - Create JavaScript Slideshow as Easy as 1-2-3. 
123 JavaScript Slideshow is an easy-to-use slideshow builder. It enables you to transfer a group of pictures into online slideshow, rotator, banner or gallery, without any web development experience.

Jnix 1.2 - Jnix Linux Jar Wrapper 
Jnix is a Launch4J compatible utility for wrapping jar files in shell scripts for deployment on Linux and Unix. It can also serve as a launcher script for jar files.

AddFlow for .NET V2.1 - Create flowcharts and workflow diagrams 
AddFlow for .NET is a .NET Windows Forms Custom control that is useful each time you need to display and use relationships between objects in your application

mProjector 4.0.32 M - Flash SWF Projector Tool for Mac and PC. 
mProjector converts Adobe Flash SWFs into desktop apps for Mac and PC. Quickly and reliably build enhanced Flash projectors - powerful connected EXEs and great looking widgets with alpha-channel transparency and 100s of custom desktop APIs.

SecureBlackbox .NET 9.0 - Security components for .NET and Silverlight 
SecureBlackbox.NET is a comprehensive component collection that adds SFTP, FTPS, SSH, PGP, PDF, XML security, S/MIME, SSL/TLS, HTTPS, PKI, ZIP, EDI, Cloud, WebDAV, Office security support to your .NET, Silverlight, Mono or .NET CF application.

Convert String for C++ 1.0 - Convert string for C++ source code. 
You should add quote at the start and end of a string line, and replace quote with slash. Now Convert String for C++ will do the job for you to get the exact C++ string which you can just copy and paste into your C++ program directly.

Secure Voice GSM 1.1 - Gsm call encryption software for Nokia phones 
Secure Voice GSM is a full duplex real time call encryption software, which allows you to talk and listen at the same time. The software is compatible with many Nokia handsets. No hardware modifications required!

.NET RTF2Html/HTML2RTF Component - Nasosoft Transform v2.8 is a .NET component that provides document formts tranformtion for RTF, HTML, TEXT format and more. It supports RTF to HTML, RTF to TEXT, HTML to RTF, TEXT to RTF, and PDF to TEXT.

FFVCL - Delphi FFmpeg VCL Components 3.8 - All-in-one solution of video encoding/playing 
FFVCL is a native VCL components suit including Video Encoder and Player which wrap FFmpeg libraries perfectly. FFVCL is more easy, more flexible and more powerful than the official FFmpeg command line interface for encoding and playing audio/video.

AwC++ 4.0 - Awave Streaming C++ Audio Converter library 
The Awave Streaming C++ Audio Converter library, or AwC++ for short, is a C++ software development kit that provides functions for converting between different audio file formats. It supports a customizable and easily extendable list of file formats.

iPixSoft SWF to iPod Converter 1.3.6 - Convert SWF to iPod Video MP4 
iPixSoft SWF to iPod Converter is a lite version of iPixSoft SWF to video converter. It helps to convert Adobe Flash SWF to iPod Video MP4 format file with rich editing functions such as crop, add watermark.

TX Text Control ActiveX Professional 15.0 - High end word processing component. 
Word processing ActiveX component that offers developers a broad range of word processing features.

MP3 HTML Generator 3.08 - Create MP3 HTML list for your Web pages 
Create MP3 HTML list for your Web pages without writing a single line of code. The page can contain information such as artist, album, title, filename, and more (using ID3v1 or ID3v2 tag With an opportunity of editing of the information).

ED for Windows - A smart power packed programmer's editor. 
ED is a smart language sensitive programmer's editor, with a breadth and depth of powerful editing capabilities you're unlikely to find elsewhere. ED goes beyond editing with its Source Database Engine, unmatched Visual File Compare, Compiler support

ASTC 1.50 - ASTC is a TrayIcon,TrayList, Balloon,Subclass 
ASTC component provides an easy way to enable your VB, VC++, C#, VB.NET, or other COM environment applications to add four strong functionality to your applications [system tray functions, system tray information, subclassing and Balloon Tooltip.

HS X.25 C Source Library 1.0 - HS X.25 C Source Library - ITU X.25 Protocol 
HS X.25 is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements ITU-T recommendation X.25. (with included HsDL (Data Link) and HsSock (Winsock interface) for X.25 over IP applications (XOT))

Floor Fans Article Spinner 1.0.0 - Floor Fans article spinner software 
Floor fans article spinner has thousands of built in synonyms is a simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique content based on some seed articles on the fly.

Excelsior Delivery 1.8 - Create installers for Windows applications 
Excelsior Delivery makes creation of professional installers for Windows applications a no brainer task. Produces self-installing .EXE's which are best for the Internet, supports multiple installation languages. Free for non-commercial use.

SupSubmit 1.00 - Submitter to fill forms automatically 
Supsubmit is a powerful application to submit your websites to directories, search engines or other websites. Supsubmit can fill up most forms using specific or generic keys and submit the data.

Philips 37PFL5522D 1.0 - Philips 37PFL5522D, coupon generator software 
Philips 37PFL5522D, free coupon code generator windows software. Picture processing is via Philips 'Pixel Plus' technology which is designed to enhance picture sharpness, improve colour performance and natural detail.

Databrid 1.6.1 - Oracle & MySql DB data browser & manipulation 
Databrid is a database browsing, retrieval and manipulation tool for Oracle and MySql Databases. Functionality includes sql autocompletion, syntax & word highlighting, sql formatting, auto case adjustment, schema browsing, save or update data in CSV

MP3 Tags ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 - ActiveX (OCX) for MP3 IDv1 and IDv2 Tags. 
MP3 Tags ActiveX 1.0 is an OCX control for software developers and for software authors that can read, write, erase and edit the ID3 tags of MP3 audio files.

Decorating Ideas 1.0 - Never run out of ideas toolbar. 
Never run out of ideas by downloading our decorating ideas tool bar. Toolbar features your favorite home decorating widgets and links to the best resources online. Download our toolbar today.

SqlSpec 6.2 - database spec generator for all major DBMS 
Given one or more connection strings to SQL Server, Analysis Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase ASE, Sybase SQL Anywhere, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Informix IDS, VistaDB, ENEA Polyhedra, or MS Access databases, SqlSpec will generate documentation about all the objects in your database.

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