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Garden Solar Banner Buzzer 1.071 - Garden Solar Banner Buzzer 
Garden Solar Banner Buzzer. This software generates one simple script that displays your banner ad automatically. Set up banner advertisements on unlimited web pages and start seeing more clicks to your offers!

Xyngular 1.0 - Xyngular chmod setter. 
Xyngular chmod setter. Helps set file permissions quickly and easily. Make setting your website file permissions a breeze.

SharpWidgetsUI 1 - A set of Lightweight Components for Winforms 
SharpWidgetsUI offers a set of lightweight Windows Forms components including Office 2007 ribbon and look and feel. SharpWidgetsUI is built on top of an innovative component infrastructure, which results in high performance for your applications.

EAUpload Asp.Net 1.3.1 - File upload component for ASP.NET 
EAUpload is an ASP.NET file upload component that provides expansive functionality for files upload to a web server. It has many features such as: Large files upload; Multiple files upload by one request; Advanced upload status information, etc.

Testing Master 1.7.1 - Web site load, performance and stress testing 
Testing Master is a load and stress testing tool that provides you with an easy to use, consistent and cost-effective way of testing web sites and intranet applications with web interface.

Pocket Programming Language FREE 1.62 - PPL is a FREE, fast programming language. 
PPL is a FREE, fast and easy-to-learn programming language that is fully object-oriented. PPL runs on all Windows Mobile devices using Windows Mobile 2003, 5 and 6. PPL is also compatible with PC desktop computers.

ohio-health-medical-quote-bannert 1.00 - With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text a 
With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site. HIDE affiliate links while visitors do "mouseovers". Also creates text under the banner.

TeeChart for Java 2.0 - Extensive Charting component Library for Java 
Java Charting component Library shipping with 100% sourcecode included. It supports Borland JBuilder, IBM Eclipse, Sun NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA and Oracle JDeveloper and offers 50 Chart styles, 38 mathematical functions and 20 Chart tools components.

Apex SQL Log 2010.02 - A Database Auditing and Recovery Solution 
ApexSQL Log is a transaction log reading tool that shows you the changes made to your database. It decodes SQL Server's transaction log into a readable format exposing information such as what change was made, when it was made, and by whom.

TypingMaster Pro typing tutor 7.00 - Personal touch typing tutor for Windows 
What if you could write your emails and reports with ease and in half the time? Learn to touch type and you can! TypingMaster Pro for Windows is your personal typing tutor featuring 5 typing courses, tests, personalized reviews, games and much more.

affordable-health-insurance-in-bookmrks 1.00 - What are the two most powerful ways to get pe 
What are the two most powerful ways to get people to come back to your site? Get the customer to bookmark your site Capture your customer's email address

Log4VB 1.1 - Trace tool for professional developers 
Unified trace environment consisting of an API plus a trace viewer. A must-have tools for professional developers. All components of all your applications write into the same trace. For development and trouble-shooting at customer sites.

accident-and-health-insurance-softsell 1.25 - quality software with free resell rights 
quality software with free resellQuick Selling Software Offers Quality Software Products You Can Use or Resell To Others For A Profit Get 20 Quick Selling programs you can sell and keep all the profits from. It's so easy, it's like printing money...

blueshell Active Tables for .NET 3.0.9 - Much more than a database grid! 
Use VB 5/6 as well as all the languages of .NET (like C#, VB.NET and J#) to connect to various databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Jet and more using ADO. Develop reliable and easy-to-use database applications in no time at all!

Selector for MS Access 2002 2002.3.1 - MS Access 2002 utility record selection form 
SELECTOR is a configurable, multi-purpose record / value selection form that can be used in your Microsoft Access application to select a record prior to opening a form, or return a value for insertion into a text or combo box.

Visual Localize (NET) 6 - Software localization tool 
Tool to translate/adapt the user interface for software applications incl. XML and . All translations and adaptations can be reused when an updated version of the source application is released. Important localization tasks can be automated.

Exe Stuffer ActiveX Component 1.0.0 - Stuff anything or everything into your EXE. 
The EXE Stuffer ActiveX component allows you to insert anything into an EXE including files, text data, or binary data. An EXE can then easily access the data previously stuffed into it.

Database Manager 2.1 - Manage your databases easily! 
This tool will support you in your database management activities for dBase-compatible tables, especially if you are a user of Vista Software's Apollo Database engine or the Advantage TDataSet descendant or MySQL tables.

typoseo1 1.1 - use our free software for your seo 
use our free software for your seo marketing Create a list of thousands of mispelled keywords in just a few clicks.

auto-owners-insurance-bannert 1.25 - Use Our Banner To Quickly Generate Banners 
With a few mouse clicks, you can turn text and graphics into "clickable" links to your web site. HIDE affiliate links while visitors do "mouseovers". Also creates text under the banner.

Utility Pump Affiliate Maker 1.0.0 - Utility pump promo page generator 
Utility pump promo page generator is a simple desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional promo tools page step-by-step.

Schema Detective - Orbium Software 1.0.9 - Schema Detective - Find sensitive Data 
Schema Detective is an innovative tool for finding sensitive data and referential relations within the database.

blueshell Error Guy 0.2.27 - No more error mines! Make VB error handling 
blueshell Error Guy lets you input error-handling code for each procedure of your modules. With the Guy you are able to find all the error mines in your code and to sweep them with a single keystroke. See for more information.

EZ WAV Tools 1.2 - WAV editing and converting software. 
Complete software solution for WAV audio files. With this software you can convert, split, join, edit, burn, rip and many more operations on PCM/ACM WAV (Waveform Audio File Format) and more audio files.

HQ-DVD-to-iPhone-Converter 1.01 - the easiest to use DVD to iPhone tools 
The HQ-DVD-to-iPhone-Converter is the easiest to use DVD to iPhone converter software available. It can convert almost any type of DVD to play on Microsoft iPhone Video player. CSV2HTML 1.01 - CSV to HTML table converter. 
CSV to SQL converter. Convert CSV files to SQL insert statements.

Flash Heart Beat Effect Component 1.0 - Make flash heart beat effect for Valentine's day. 
Make flash heart beat effect for your Valentine's day design: there is no need for a piece of Actionscript code, just drag and drop the component from the Components Panel onto the scene of your flash movie, and the flash heart beat effect is done.

NativeExcel suite 2.8.15 - Read and write excel files (for Delphi) 
NativeExcel v2.x is a high-performance solution for Delphi that allows writing of new Excel spreadsheets and reading of existing ones. - Convenient object model; - Support for all Excel formatting options; - Pure Delphi source code

no-fax-payday-loan-foramte 2.01 - Make Sure That Your Newsletters Look Good 
Make Sure That Your Newsletters Look Good, AND Get Through The Spam Filters Directly To Your Readers.

Wise Icon Maker 1.5.19 - Icon Creator,GIF to Icon, Bmp Jpg Png to Icon 
Wise Icon Maker can create icons, extract, and convert all graphics to 32-bit color depth Icon.Include comprehensive collection of drawing tools and effects.Have anti-alias and smoothness functions and excellent 3D gradient effects.

ZylTimer.NET 1.21 - High resolution .NET timer component 
ZylTimer.NET is a high resolution .NET timer component which provides a higher precision than the standard .NET Timer component.

Mihov NSIS Helper 3.3 - Creating script files for Nullsoft NSIS 
Mihov NSIS Helper is a program for graphical creating of script files for Nullsoft Install System. It helps with a simple GUI and can create very simple setup files. It is intended for beginners!

News Central Lite 1.0.17976 - News Central is a "news aggregator" 
News Central is a "news aggregator" that runs as an icon in your system tray. It allows you to subscribe to various syndicated news feeds (such as web logs, news sites.) and have news from these sites delivered right to your desktop automatically.

PR Submitter 2.3.1 - Submit press releases to more than 210 sites. 
Press release submitting is one of the important and popular promotion methods. But this is very expensive, submitting once may cost hundreds of dollars. With PR Submitter, you can submit press releases to more than 210 sites free.

VB Grid ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 - ActiveX (OCX) control with Grid/ListView. 
VB Grid ActiveX 1.0 is an ActiveX control for a beginner and advancer visual basic developers, and any other environment that supports the ActiveX technology of Microsoft.

Apex SQL Enforce 2008.04 - Enforce SQL Server Database Standards 
ApexSQL Enforce is designed to allow users automate custom designed database reviews in an objective, unbiased and repeatable way. ApexSQL Enforce empowers end users to design their own internal policies and set their own standards etc.

Coalesys WebMenu for JSP 5.1 - Popup menu web control for JSP 
Popup menu web control for JSP with support for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. Includes complete help system, object reference and sample pages.

Medical Transcription Software 1.0 - Medical Transcriptio keyword generation tool 
Medical Transcription Software keyword generation tool that assists in find the top keywords for your product category. It is very easy to learn and use. Find digital dictation information at

Sharp Zip Wrapper 1.01 - Free .NET Zip Library 
Free .NET Zip Library that wraps Sharp Zip. Easily Zip/Unzip files and directories. A demo form is included in VB.NET and C#. Source code is included in VB.NET and C#.

Cool Music Record/Edit Station - full-featured and easy-to-use application 
The full-featured and easy-to-use application enables you to record, create, edit, filter, and convert audio files with a few clicks. It meets all your needs for audio editing.

Aleo 3D Flash Slideshow Creator 1.8 - Make 3D Flash slideshow. 
Make 3D photo slide show, 3D dock menu, 3D carousel show, 3D image scroller and image roller without knowledge of Flash.

PDF417 Barcode DLL 3.5 - PDF417 Barcode DLL 
PDF417 Barcode DLL retains all the power from Barcode ActiveX while eliminating all the registry dependencies. It can be used in any programming environments supporting plain Windows DLL, such as Visual C++, Visual Basic and .Net. .

Bulk Pagerank Checker 1.0 - Bulk Page Rank Checker 
Bulk Page Rank Checker, fast and free google pagerank checking tool to check PR of 100's of website all with single click.

Macrobject CHM-2-HTML 2007 Professional 2007.13.607.340 - Convert HTML Help to HTML, Convert CHM to MHT 
Convert HTML Help to HTML, Convert CHM to MHT, CHM Converter, HTML Converter, Html Help Convertor. Keep format/style/layout of original CHM. Embed all images into HTML/MHT document and no external files are required.

adformatez1 2.01 - Do you advertise in eZines? 
Do you advertise in eZines? If you answered yes, then I'm sure you already know that using online ads is a great way to market your web sites. But, there are submission guidelines that you'll have to follow which vary depending on the provider.

WMouseXP 2.301 - Mobile Bluetooth Presenter Remote Control 
Wireless Presenter Mouse + Media Player remote on Mobile! Uniquely easy to setup, uniquely easy to use, uniqely smooth mouse movement, uniqely powerful functions. Simple, stable and straightforward.

free-auto-insurance-quotes-ads_rotator 1.00 - Rotate Any Ads That Can Make You Money 
Sick And Tired Of Making Pennies For Handing Your Visitors Over To Your Competition Ads-Rotator is a simple to use website script. You just upload it to your website once and then all management of your ads is done through a user friendly web based a

QuickCRC Windows 3.2 - Software Design with CRC Cards 
QuickCRC is a tool for responsibility driven design of object-oriented software using CRC cards.

AWicons Lite 10.0 - Full-blown feature rich icon creation toolbox 
Creating high-detail true color alpha-blended icons becomes a hard task unless we use the right tools. AWicons allows creating, editing and managing icons and other small imagery. This is the only tool you need to create vivid icons from scratch!

Image Outline - Create in a simple manner image contours. 
Create from your images in a simple manner image contours which are suitable for childrens painting books, as templates for window painting, for comics or as templates for embroidery pictures. The program provides assistance by searching edges.

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