PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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PDF417 Encode SDK/ActiveX 1.5 - Generate PDF417 barcode to image using OCX 
With the SDK/ActiveX,you can encode more than 1100 bytes, 1800 ASCII characters, or 2700 digits to image such as BMP,PNG,JPG,GIF image using C/C++/Delphi/VB with several lines of code. It support 9 error correction levels and more than 5 image styles

AVI Mov Movie Splitter 5.2 - video trimming and splitting program 
Movie Splitter is a fast and easy-to-use video trimming and splitting program. Cut and save your favorite episodes from a series or split a large file into individual segments to burn on CD or DVD.

LinkChecker 2.0.1 - Check website for broken links 
LinkChecker can check website for broken links. It produces a full report on broken links found in all pages on the website.It also can monitor your WEB, POP3, SMTP, FTP server or any TCP port.

Controls4J Library 1.1 - New advanced controls for the Java/Swing. 
Controls4J Library will help you to create truly attractive Graphical User Interface. It also allows you to reduce development time and concentrate on more significant objectives, rather than on construction of new controls.

Docklight RS232 Terminal - RS232 Monitor 1.9 - RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor 
Docklight is a testing, analysis and simulation tool for serial communication protocols (RS232, RS485/422 and others). * Simulating serial protocols * Logging RS232 data * Detecting specific data sequences * Responding to incoming data

Vancouver Restoration Services Theme 1.0 - Vancouver Restoration Services Theme Creator 
Vancouver Restoration Services Theme Creator by who is the leading Vancouver Restoration company in disaster restoration serving Oregon and Washington and surrounding areas. Call us today and let our restoration specialist help you!

csXThumbUpload 1.0 - Select, preview and upload multiple images. 
ActiveX control to select and upload multiple files. Images can be previewed as thumbnails and resized before uploading. Support for both HTTP and FTP. HTTP authentication is supported. Free trial is available with a digitally signed CAB file.

whole-life-insurance-quote-content_shrin 2.00 - Make Your Content Inside an I-Frame Search En 
Make Your Content Inside an I-Frame Search Engine Readable Can you just imagine the possibilities for your Adsense and Content sites if this were possible? Wish No Longer! A New Software Program Creates a Content Box Like an I-frame with one HUGE dif

Box Plans Blog DoFollow Findger 1.0.0 - Box Plans Blog DoFollow Finder 
Box Plans Blog DoFollow Finder This blog finder software offers the fastest way to locate related blogs in any niche you choose which does not have the 'nofollow' attribute. This will help you to compile a list of blogs you can leave comments on

RTF-to-HTML DLL 1.5 - DLL/COM for convert rtf and text in to HTML 
Component for convert RTF and Text in to HTML, XHTML. The DLL component is absolutely standalone and does not require Microsoft Word or other word-processors. Developers my call it from Visual Basic, C#, VB.Net, Delphi, Java etc.

Mirror the VAR - Mirror the VAR - Code mirroring tool. 
Mirror the VAR is a small freeware utility that helps you to mirror a single or a huge number of code that contains assignment operator or a specified custom character.

bookmarker1.1 1.1 - What are the two most powerful ways to get pe 
What are the two most powerful ways to get people to come back to your site? Get the customer to bookmark your site Capture your customer's email address

Granite Kitchen Theme Generator 1.0.0 - Granite Kitchen Theme Generator 
Granite Kitchen Theme Maker is a desktop software which allows you to create unique Wordpress themes by the minute. You can select the preset themes within the software, change the colours of the theme from the colour palette and customize it.

EngInSite Perl Editor Professional - EngInSite Perl Editor-IDE for Perl developers 
If you've used Windows programming tools like Visual Basic, Visual C++ or Delphi, EngInSite Perl Editor's IDE will be familiar to you. If not, you'll find that the innovative visual environment can give you a dramatic productivity boost!

Animated GIF OCX 1.00.20 - an animated GIF ActiveX control for developer 
Animated GIF OCX is an animated GIF ActiveX control for Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder, and other. VB Animation GIF OCX is an animated GIF control for VB, VC, DELPHI, C++ Builder, and so on. It supports most GIF89a standards.

uuStepCount 1.02 - uuStepCount is for analyze the source code. 
uuStepCount analyze source code for blank lines, comment lines, code lines. Can output HTML&CSV file. No matter what extension of files, even newly ways of comment, with your configuration, uuStepCount can analyze it! Also JS, CSS of HTML, JSP, ASP.

debt-management-program-installwizpro 3.25 - Professionally Created Install Program 
In such a simple way that has the Top Marketing Guru's Chasing Their Tails and Struggling to capitalize on! Professionally Created Install Program

low-cost-auto-insurance-shrinkers 1.00 - Make Your Content Inside an I-Frame 
Make Your Content Inside an I-Frame Search Engine Readable Can you just imagine the possibilities for your Adsense and Content sites if this were possible?

Movkit DVD Pack 2.8.0 - Movkit DVD Copy and Movkit DVD Ripper 
Consists of 2 super software: Movkit DVD Copy+ Movkit DVD Ripper, Movkit DVD Copy is a powerful tool to create perfect picture quality DVD backups. Movkit DVD Ripper is an easy to use DVD ripping and copying software which can copy DVD.

Residential Solar Energy Chmod Tool 1.55 - Residential Solar Energy Chmod Tool. 
Residential Solar Energy Chmod Tool. Chmod tool is the most robust calculator of its kind. File Permissions Calculator. Calculate chmod values and chmod strings from file permissions and vice versa.

Setup Installer Creator - Software builds EXE installation setup wizard 
Windows setup installer creator provides proficient way for generating exe (executable) self extracting archive that can easily install/uninstall on any computer or laptop system. Tool generates both 32 Bit and 64 Bit system based installer wizard.

Num2Alpha ActiveX DLL 1.2 - Handy DLL to convert numbers to words 
This is a very handy DLL to convert numbers to words, for instance, if you pass (23.95,"dollar", "cent") to this DLL it will convert it to : Twenty three dollars and ninety five cents.

online-debt-counseling-tablewiz 3.00 - The Table Wizard makes it easy 
The Table Wizard makes it easy to make the perfect table. Extremely easy to use. Fill in the blanks, then generate the perfect code to copy and paste into your site! Choose your settings, pick your colors with the color tool. View and/or create!

Garden Loungers Affiliate Maker 1.0.0 - garden loungers promo page generator 
garden loungers promo page generator is a simple desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional promo tools page step-by-step.

pollcreatesof2 2.1 - use our free software to create website polls 
use our free software to create website polls, Create text polls, image polls or text and image polls quickly and easily.

debt-problems-contact_form_creator 3.00 - Create Contact Forms With Ease! 
Create Contact Forms With Ease! Contact Form Creator is a quick and easy software tool that sets up a php file for creating contact forms with maximum function.

securitydownload1 1.1 - use of free software and protect your downloa 
use of free software and protect your downloads Download Page Protector provides very simple protection from this problem by automatically inserting a special "robots meta-tag" in your download page.

PaseoExpress Community Edition - Your Visual IT Script Generator! 
For over 10 years, PaseoSoft develops freeware for the community, the high-power development tool that lets you control graphically all technologies and applications. Generate your operational scripts in a few clicks

keyword_swiper1.1 1.10 - harvest your competitors keywords 
harvest your competitors keywords with one click! It Complies Massive Keyword Lists in Minutes! without spending a Dime!

Audio CD Burner OCX 2.0 - ActiveX to burn audio CD from MP3, WMA, WAV. 
Audio CD Burner OCX is an ActiveX control for developers. This control can burn audio CDs from MP3, WMA, WAV, OGG, APE audio files. This control works on a low level mode (base on ASPI), and much more...Version 2+ supports VISTA.

Guitar-Online Metronome 2.0 - Metronome for PC/Windows 
This metronome plays tempos from 40 to 340 BPM. It also allows the user to play simple, compound and odd-time meters as well as mixes of measures (ie 13/8=3+2+3+2/8), etc. It plays different tones for accent, intermediate and regular beats.

Cordless Tools 12.09 - Cordless Tools 12.09 is an online reference 
Cordless Tools 12.09 is an online reference for selecting cordless tools. It is an aid in selectinig the right cordless tools for your application. Contains cordless tools from all the major tool manufactures.

VB Watch 2.0 - VB profiler, debugger and error handling tool 
How fast is your Visual Basic code? VB Watch Profiler finds it out! VB Watch also adds power error handling and ensures that no line of code is left untested. Includes Exe debugger.

Real Pic Simulator 1.3 - Microchip PIC microcontroller simulator 
Real Pic Simulator is the fastest software microcontroller simulator targeting the Microchip(tm) baseline and mid-range flash based PIC microcontrollers.

csASPZipFile 2.0 - Create ZIP files from an ASP script. 
This ASP component creates zip files from files on the server allowing them to be saved or streamed to the browser. It can unzip files. It also allows the control of binary file downloads. Some file utility functions are included. Free trial.

Clothes Airer Twitter Tool 1.0.0 - Clothes Airer Twitter Tool 
Clothes Airer Twitter Tool is an effective, easy-to-use desktop application which allows you to make multiple posts on twitter

Yieldmanager Removal Tool 1.0 - Perform removal of Yieldmanager! 
Perform removal of Yieldmanager adware - get rid of annoying advertisements and toolbar in a click using automated Removal Tool. Additionally, 24/7 Support will help you in Yieldmanager adware removal in complicated cases.

Convert DVD to iPod 2.0 - Convert DVD movies to iPod 
Convert DVD to iPod is a fast and efficient software to convert your DVD to iPod video format. Additionally, you can also convert your DVD to other popular video formats such as VCD,SVCD,AVI,MPEG or DivX.

EA Flash Upload 1.0 - EAFlashUpload - flash file upload control 
Client-side flash based files upload control that allows upload multiple file at once without page reload. It has three different type of user interface and many features for graphics style customization.

DataMatrix Encode SDK/ASP Control 2.0 - Make DataMatrix barcode to image using ASP 
With the SDK/ASP Control,you can encode up to 2,335 text, 3116 digits or 1556 bytes to image using ASP or C/C++/Delphi/VB with several lines of code. It support 4 encoding modes , Reed-Solomon error correction s and 5+ image styles

.NET Email Validation Library 1.07 - Robust checking of Email addresses with .NET 
Easy to use, cutting edge Email Validation for .NET Developers. Performs industry standard syntax, MxRecord, and Mailbox Checking. Uses multiple threads across multiple processors for maximum thoroughput. Download a free trial today.

Auction Decorator - Auction Maker Wizard 2.1.10 - Create eBay Auction listings- No HTML 
Write, decorate & publish Auction listings for eBay & other auctions sites. This full WYSIWYG application lets you create professional looking ads that look like Web pages. No special knowledge required, no steep learning curve.

sqlDESKTOP-photo 3.60 - Visually organize photos, videos, audio file 
Easily manage thousands of photo, video or audio files using real album photo, memory box, book shelves .. (you see them). Bring life to photos by telling story in comic style. With a few clicks, share photo on Facebook, Flickr, Picasa

Garden Structures Directory Submitter 1.0.0 - Garden Structures free directory submitter 
Garden structures Submitting to free directories is one of the easiest way to have one way free inbound links to our sites. This directory submission software contains a list of over 200 directories

Free Morphing 2.1.27 - Free morphing program 
Free Morphing creates a sequence of frames which are the transformation of the source image to target image, giving the appearance that the source image "becomes" the target.

PrecisionID Code128 Barcode Fonts 4.0 - Buy Affordable Code 128 Fonts Online Now 
PrecisionID Code-128 Fonts include TrueType, Binary PostScript, and ASCII PostScript Fonts. Font Formatting Components (TM) simplify barcode generation with a Crystal Reports UFL, Microsoft VBA module for Excel, and VB Source Code. Free demo.

Garden SwingsTheme Generator 1.0.0 - Garden Swings Theme Generator 
Garden Swings Theme Maker is a desktop software which allows you to create unique Wordpress themes by the minute. You can select the preset themes within the software, change the colours of the theme from the colour palette and customize it.

QRCode Encode SDK/DLL for Windows Mobile 2.0 - Generate QRCode barcode to image using C/C++ 
With the SDK/DLL,you can encode up to 1,817 Kanji or chinese characters ,2953 bytes, 4296 ASCII characters, or 7089 digits to image such as BMP,PNG,JPG,GIF image using C/C++/Delphi/VB with several lines of code. It support 4 error correction levels.

Fastemailer 2011 - Emailing software 
FastEmailer is a simple and professional software, accessible to all to achieve campaigns of emailing from any address SMTP. Import your data of a directory in a group, to create some subgroups.

RGeneratePassword - Generator of Unique Passwords 
Powerfull, cheap and easy .NET component, that allow to generate any number of unique passwords.

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