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2D/3D Line Graph for PHP 6.1 - Dynamic line graphs for PHP & HTML. Try free. 
This PHP script provides a very easy way to embed dynamic line graphs to PHP apps and web pages. Very easy to use and it's perfectly possible to add professional quality real time graphing to web pages & apps within minutes. Try for free.

csASPNetGraph 1.1 - Draw bar, pie and line graphs in ASP.NET. 
This ASP.NET component draws pie and bar charts and line graphs on the fly. Graphs can be streamed to the browser as GIF or JPG images or saved to file. A wide range of properties allow the customisation of colour, size and text style.

Apex SQL Log API 2010.02 - ApexSQL Log API is a programmable API 
ApexSQL Log API is a programmable API that adds transaction log auditing capabilities to your own applications. It enables you to tap into ApexSQL Log’s auditing capabilities and functionalities eliminating the need to code them yourself.

BasicVideo VC++ 4.5 - VC++ Video Capture & Playback Library 
BasicVideo is a set of Visual C++ components for fast video capture and playback. They allow fast complex video manipulations with zero lines of program code. The library supports large number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use.

MSI to EXE Package Setup Creator - MSI to EXE setup package generator software 
MSI package to exe setup maker application generate executable (.exe) setup file from .NET framework Microsoft installer (.msi) package in few mouse click without affecting the original structure, attributes, functionality of windows based MSI file.

Fast MIDI to MP3 Converter 6.1 - Quality MIDI to MP3 conversion in an instant 
Fast MIDI to MP3 Converter - a compact and effective tool for converting MIDI files into popular music formats with various bitrates and sound quality. Let Fast MIDI to MP3 Converter breathe new life into your music, and you won’t be disappointed!

SMARTbar protein bar 1.0 - Create high converting squeeze pages 
Squeeze Page Builder software offers the easiest and fastest way to create high converting squeeze pages on instant demand.

BeFrugal's Amazon Deal Finder 1.0.6 - Find secret savings & hidden discounts at Ama 
Find secret savings & hidden discounts at! Simply select a category and the discount you'd like and we'll do the searching. In just seconds, we can locate hidden sales and pass the savings on to you.

downloadprosoft2 2.1 - use our free software to protect your downloa 
use our free software to protect your downloads Download Page Protector could stop you losing a significant proportion of your sales.

Flash Info Board DW Extension 1.0.0 - Flash Info Board for Adobe Dreamweaver 
Flash Info Board extension for Dreamweaver is a simple way to add news to any web site!

TeamCoherence - Version Control and Issue Tracking Solution 
Team Coherence is a flexible and cost effective solution that helps to manage projects for all sizes of development teams. Depending on your needs, you can start reaping the benefits of this powerful tool for FREE.

downloadsof2 2.1 - use our free software to monitor your downloa 
use our free software to monitor your downloads Now you can find out! Our new "Download Meter" is a great script that serves 3 purposes.

Flash USA Map 1.9 - Flash Interactive USA Map with XML 
Flash USA map of the United States. This interactive united states map has clickable states that contain information about all 50 states. Map is easily installed using XML and SWF. An ideal solution for dealer locators or displaying statistics.

Search Engine Optimization Specialist 1 - Search engine optimization specialist. 
Search engine optimization specialist software to find niche keywords for SEO. This SEO tool will find keywords and sub keywords based on a main keyword that you input into the sotware. Also displayed search engine searches for Google, Yahoo and MSN.

Advanced PDF Page Extractor - Advanced PDF Page Extractor split PDF merge. 
Advanced PDF Page Extractor Software merging Splitting break PDF documents divide large files into smaller documents. PDF merger extract multiple Pages from PDF. PDF splitter is effective windows utility tool for divide insert cut split PDF files.

debt-consolidation-companies-favicon1 3.01 - Exposure Through The Use Of Favicons 
Nearly all of the top websites use "favicons" to help enhance their bookmarks. In a massive list of 200+ bookmarks, your link can quickly become forgotten unless you're using a "favicon".

get_traffic_as 1 - Completely Free Article Creator Tool 
Completely Free Article Creator Tool courtesy of where you will find the one key ingredient required to make money with your website. Rank your website in the top "10" of the search engines with

popup_subscribe1.1 1.1 - Lets you sign up subscribers in an instant. 
Can be used together with an autoresponder to put your list building on autopilot.No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant popup subscriber does the rest for you.

Cygnus Hex Editor 2.50 - The fastest and easiest hex editor available. 
This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere! Tabbed MDI interface, multi-level undo & redo, extensive drag & drop support, blazing search/search & replace, file comparison, delete and insert characters like a word processor, more.

QuickUML Windows 3.1 - UML Modeling Tool for Software Design 
QuickUML is a software design tool that tightly integrates a core set of UML models with code generation. A project is presented through a tabbed window of use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code and saved as an XML file.

Demo toolbar for Microsoft Outlook (MSODemoToolbar). 1.1 - Demo toolbar for Microsoft Outlook 
This demo program allows to add a toolbar into Microsoft Outlook. Developers can use the source code as a framework for their own toolbars.

Barcode Assembly for Microsoft Reporting Services 1.0 - Custom assembly formats barcode data 
IDAutomation's custom assembly formats the data specifically for use with our linear barcode fonts, and to meet the specifications of the symbology laid out by the AIM and/or ANSI standards.

Theme Buzz 2.45 - Theme Buzz Software 
Theme Buzz Software for your desktop to motivate your clients. Create beautiful wordpress themes and marketing pieces.

RADvolution Designer - Professional 2005 - Rapidly build applications without coding. 
Rapidly build applications without coding and with a high level of maintainability. Includes a unique Layout Engine, Quick Design, Menu management, Control State Designer, RadioButtonGroupBox, LookupButtons and more ...

Visual Day Planner 7.3 - Network calendar planner for the busy office! 
Fully customizable network capable calendar that allows real-time updates by workgroup users. Powerful network features allow users to synchronize and view everyone

Eltima Serial Splitter CE 2.6 - Split one serial port into many virtual ones 
Serial Splitter CE splits real serial ports into virtual ones on your mobile phone. It is needed when several applications work with one serial port on your mobile device (like several applications read from one GPS device).

GoDiagram 4.1 - Interactive Diagram .NET Component 
Add custom interactive diagrams to your .NET user interfaces, including networks, workflows, flowcharts, org charts, design tools, and more. Flexible, powerful, extensible. Optional automatic layout & instruments.

Wooden Benches Theme Generator 1.0.0 - Wooden Benches Theme Generator 
Wooden Benches Theme Maker is a desktop software which allows you to create unique Wordpress themes by the minute. You can select the preset themes within the software, change the colours of the theme from the colour palette and customize it.

TAS Professional 7 Powered by CAS 7.7.1 - TAS Professional 7 is an easy to use IDE 
TAS Professional 7 is designed to be a complete application development tool for graphical operating systems. It provides application building tools for the programmer new to application development, as well as the seasoned developer.

ValidInstaller 1.0.2009.1 - Setup Creator for Windows Software 
Creates professional Setups for Windows software: multilingual installations, shortcuts, file associations, standard licence texts, detailled documentation for each project, secure test mode

42 Panasonic Plasma TV 1.0 - 42 Panasonic Plasma TV, affiliate software 
42 Panasonic Plasma TV, free affiliate page generator software. Anyone looking to buy a 42 inch plasma wants the best money can buy, a high performance picture at the best possible price look no further than the plasma televisions from Panasonic.

HelpBuilder 4.01.000 - Windows Help File Authoring Tool 
HelpBuilder provides a quick and easy method to create and maintain Windows Help files. Using a familiar point-and-click interface, help files can be created with advanced features as standard.

Flex/Flash components,RIA applications 2 - Flex BI Flash components and services for RIA 
Flexmonster provides Flex/Flash components rich internet application(RIA) development services. Business intelligence tools, data analysis solutions, music/video streaming solutions,Flex/Flash AIR components: Pivot table,Online design solutions,BI)

conaito FTP SDK for .NET ASP.NET COM 1.0 - conaito FTP SDK for .NET ASP.NET COM 
The conaito FTP SDK for .NET allows you to easily transfer files using directly access the data connection for unprecedented levels of control. The conaito FTP SDK for .NET was written entirely in managed code.

Mihov Gallery Creator 0.9.2 - Create and upload your image galleries! 
This freeware program creates your own on-line galleries with your favorite pictures. Just select the images and the software will make a nice gallery with thumbnails and upload it to the internet to your web page! Now with gallery preview!

AquaSkin.Net 1.1 - Skinning component for .NET developers 
AquaSkin.Net transforms your.NET applications GUI to look like the popular Mac OS-X Aqua styles. It will automatically skin all of your .NET application forms, controls , scrollbars, common dialogs and message boxes.

NetColor OCX 1 - NetColor OCX converts colors easily 
April16 has released NetColor OCX, a control for visual basic which makes converting different color formats easy. Primarily aimed at those designing web design, paint or editor applications, NetColor OCX will make a useful addition to VB.

ZylIdleTimer 1.33 - Idle Timer 
ZylIdleTimer is a Delphi / C++Builder component which lets you to take actions after a specified system-wide or application idle time or to check the time interval of user inactivity.

used cisco routers 2 - used cisco routers, 2600 router, 
used cisco routers, 2600 router,, Offer the best used Cisco routers, Save up to 80% to 90% on refurbished Cisco routers and used Cisco switches.

Website Submitter 4.0 - The easiest web semi-automated promotion tool 
The easiest web semi-automated promotion tool. With our software you will never need to search for places to advertise again. Now you can quickly and safely promote your web site for traffic-driving results!

Wooden Sheds Theme Generator 1.0.0 - Wooden Sheds Theme Generator 
Wooden Sheds Theme Maker is a desktop software which allows you to create unique Wordpress themes by the minute. You can select the preset themes within the software, change the colours of the theme from the colour palette and customize it.

Steamer Chair Article Spinner 1.0.0 - Steamer Chair article spinner software 
This article spinner has thousands of built in synonyms is a simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique content based on some seed articles on the fly.

car-insurance-for-females-meta_manager 1.00 - EASY software solution for managing your webs 
Meta Manager is the EASY software solution for managing your website's meta tags. Meta Manager offers an administrative panel where you can easily change each individual pages' meta tags. It also offers a convenient way to implement your meta tags

XML Banner Rotator DW Extension 1.0.0 - XML Banner Rotator for Adobe Dreamweaver 
The XML Banner Rotator is a unique banner...!

Neoxen Qwined 2008 - Fully-featured Embedded Technical Editor 
Fully-featured Embedded Technical Editor supporting syntax highlighting for nearly hundred programming languages and configuration file formats. It has a built-in and customizable word and symbol auto completion for Windows and Web development.

Echoview Pro 6.0 - A suite of music calculating tools. 
An integrated suite of powerful, interactive music calculating tools for musicians, sound engineers and producers. With Echoview Pro you can calculate beat times, perform sample calculations, tap tempo, tuner, MIDI chord analysis, metronome and more.

Audio Encoder Decoder ActiveX (OCX) 1.0 - Audio encoder decoder ActiveX (OCX). 
Audio Encoder Decoder ActiveX 1.0 is a collection of audio converter OCXs (ActiveX) for software developers.

Roughneck Jobs Twitter Tool 1.0.0 - Roughneck Jobs Twitter Tool 
Roughneck Jobs Twitter Tool is an effective, easy-to-use desktop application which allows you to make multiple posts on twitter

Run Car On Water Article Submitter 2.01 - Run Car On Water Article Submitter 
Run Car On Water Article Submitter. This tool allows you distribute articles. As keywords become more saturated. It is good practice to continue your article submissions as fast as possible. This tool allows you to store article site information.

Make money online big ticket to wealth 1.0 - Make Money Online with big ticket to wealth. 
Make Money Online with big ticket to wealth and show your friends how. You can have an international team of followers.

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