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Linear barcode Encode SDK/ActiveX 1.5 - Generate 30+ 1D barcodes to image using OCX 
With the SDK/ActiveX, you can encode more than 30 linear barcodes to image such as BMP,PNG,JPG,GIF image using C/C++/Delphi/VB language with several lines of code. It support several image styles such as background color, bar color,rotation angle.

Arm Icon Extractor 2.8 - Extract Windows Icon from inside of files. 
Arm Icon Extractor allows you to explore or extract Windows icons from inside of EXE, DLL, DRV, SCR files and save to ICO and Icon Library file. An extra tool is provided for BATCH conversion of Icon to Image with many filtering effects.

.NET Matrix Library 32-bit Developer 5.0 - Object-oriented linear algebra for .NET. 
The Bluebit .NET Matrix Library provides classes for object-oriented algebra. Solves systems of simultaneous linear equations, least-squares solutions of linear systems of equations, eigenvalues and eigenvectors problems, and singular value problems.

PPT2Flash 1.4 - conaito PPT2Flash SDK for .NET, ASP.NET, COM 
conaito PPT2Flash SDK for developer of professional PowerPoint-to-Flash solution, such as Online Collaboration, Online sharing of PowerPoint presentations, Application for presentation of PowerPoint slide shows (converted to Flash), LMS and Authoring

Snosh 2.1 - Convert video, audio and images into Flash 
Snosh lets you convert your video, audio and images into Flash 8 (SWF/FLV), Flash MX (SWF/FLV), Flash Vector (SWF), HTML, MP3, WAV and Windows Projector Executables

Chilkat S/MIME Encryption ActiveX Component 2.2.0 - S/MIME encrypt, decrypt, sign, authenticate 
S/MIME ActiveX component providing the ability to S/MIME encrypt or digitally sign files or data. Also decrypt and validate / authenticate S/MIME messages, data, or files. Also provides general MIME message building and decomposition capability.

OstroSoft ICMP Component 1.0 - ICMP COM library for Visual Basic 6 
COM library for Visual Basic 6, allowing to create custom ping and traceroute implementations.

Flow Pro 2.1 - Visually design open channels and weirs. 
Easily design open-channel waterways, culverts, irrigation channels, sluiceways, and flumes with Flow Pro. Saves time and money by comparing multiple hydraulic design alternatives and exporting the results to Word or Excel.

Code Keeper 1.3 - Code Keeper helps develpers keep track of the 
Code Keeper helps develpers keep track of the registration codes that they put in their programs. In addition, it gives the developer two MD5 hashes and three SHA hashes that can be used inside their programs to represent the code. The first MD5 Hash

QRCode Encode SDK/DLL 2.0 - Generate QRCode barcode to image using C/C++ 
With the SDK/DLL,you can encode up to 1,817 Kanji or chinese characters ,2953 bytes, 4296 ASCII characters, or 7089 digits to image such as BMP,PNG,JPG,GIF image using C/C++/Delphi/VB with several lines of code. It support 4 error correction levels.

QVCS-Pro 3.10.19 - QVCS is an affordable version control system 
QVCS is an affordable version control system for the Windows developer. It matches more expensive products in features useful to small development teams, and is easy to use and administer. QVCS includes an explorer style GUI and extensive help.

Z-Up Maker 5.3 - developing complex setup packages 
Create setup packages in various languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Brasil) and allow your users to properly remove your application and all its components through an integrated uninstall function.

Coalesys PanelBar Studio 4.0 - Visual DHTML slide menu designer 
Visual DHTML slide menu designer with support for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and others. Includes complete help system, object reference and sample pages.

Cub Editor for MS Access 97 97.20 - MS Access 97 report formatting wizard 
Cub Editor is an MS Access Report formatting wizard that allows MS Access developers, or end-users to easily create or modify attractive report layouts based on existing tables or queries. Looks like the MS Access report wizard, only it's better.

AS3Obfuscator 1.1.1 - ActionScript Obfuscator, Flash Obfuscator 
Protect Flash AS3. ActionScript 3 obfuscator for Flash source code,protects Flash actionscript source-.AS and .FLA files,makes them very hard to understand,if decompiled. It's the only utility that can protect FLA files.Encrypts identifiers, strings.

bookmarksof2 1.2 - use our free software for social bookmarking 
use our free software for social bookmarking, Get the customer to bookmark your site

BasicVideo VCL 4.5 - Video Capture & Playback Library 
Delphi/C++ Builder VCL OpenWire components for fast video capture and playback. Allows implementing capture and playback with zero lines of program code. The library supports large number of formats and technologies. Free for non-commercial use.

monitorsoft1 1.1 - use our free software to monitor websites 
use our free software to monitor websites Easy to use interface lets you add tons of webpages to be monitored at one short!

Free Black Dating 2 2.01 - Article Submitter Software 
Article Submitter Software for article directory submission that is automated.

Affiliate Marketing Software 1 - Affiliate marketing software link cloaking. 
Affiliate marketing software and link cloaking tool. The GC Affiliate Cloaker allows you to hide your affiliate link using a simple desk top application. There are two options a simple cloaking and an advanced cloaking option.

Qedoc Quiz Maker 2.60 - Teaching tool for interactive lessons & quiz 
The Qedoc Quiz Maker is a programme designed for developing interactive learning content. About 100 different questions types are available, including multiple choice, multiple response, matching, gapfills, drag-and-drop, sliders, mystery words...

Flash Banner Maker 6.4 - Easy Flash Banner Maker with 60 Flash Effects 
Sothink Flash banner maker - SWF Easy creates attractive banner designs with multi-style templates, hundreds of resources and 60+ animated Flash effects. It provides full customization features and can extract resources from SWF files to reuse.

Docklight Scripting 1.9 - Automated testing for serial COM, TCP and UDP 
Docklight Scripting is an automated testing tool for serial communication protocols via COM, TCP and UDP. It is an extended edition of Docklight RS232 Terminal / RS232 Monitor, including an easy-to-use script language to create automated test jobs.

pay-off-bills-affilaite-masker 3.25 - Instant Affiliate Link Masker 
Instant Affiliate Link Masker - Stop losing you hard earned affiliate commission A simple and easy way protect your affiliate links No HTML coding! Just click 'Generate Code' and Instant affiliate link masker does the rest for you.

Dog Leads Pic Ads Software 1.0.0 - Dog Leads Picture Ads Generator 
This Picture Ads Generator is a software tool that allows you to create and manage your picture ads for your web page. You can install picture ads scripts to as many web sites as you want and you can easily setup your picture ad within a few minutes.

ActSoft DVD Tools ActiveX 3.8.8 - Convert any DVD to VCD,SVCD,MPEG4, AVI, DivX 
It allows you to convert any DVD to VCD, SVCD, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, AVI, DivX, and XviD. Extract your favorite DVD's audio track and movie to MP3, and WAV. Also capture a movie frame to bitmap image. Ability to select language track & subtitle.

FileCase - Change Case of Filenames 1.0 - Change case of filenames and extensions 
A Windows Console program to simplify mass changes to text case of the names and/or extensions of sets of files. Allows programmers, web designers and system administrators to enforce uniformity in the names or extensions of large groups of files.

SWF to MP3 Converter - Convert SWF to MP3 and WAV formats. 
SWF to MP3 Converter is a SWF audio converter. It can convert SWF (Adobe Flash Movie File) to MP3 and WAV quickly and easily. And it supports all versions of SWF files. The software supports batch conversion.

Software Install Builder - Setup builder software makes exe install file 
Setup creator application facilitate users to add all basic information of product like product name, title, registry value, shortcut path etc during exe setup creation. Software install builder generate both 32 bit and 64 bit system based installer.

Granite Article Spinner 1.0.0 - Granite article spinner software 
This article spinner has thousands of built in synonyms is a simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique content based on some seed articles on the fly.

DISLIN for Absoft Pro Fortran v8, v9 10.1 - DISLIN is a high-level data plotting library 
DISLIN is a high-level and easy to use plotting library for displaying data as curves, bar graphs, pie charts, 3D-colour plots, surfaces, contours and maps. Several output formats are supported such as X11, VGA, PostScript, PDF, CGM, PNG and TIFF.

BacklinkSpeed 2.3 - Gain Automatic Backlinks to Over 3,150 Sites 
Gain Automatic Backlinks to Over 3,150 sites, instantly increase web site backlinks and boost your search engine visibility.

PHP for Outlook 1.0 - Use PHP with Microsoft Outlook 
PHP for Outlook allows you to use PHP Scripting directly in Microsoft Outlook. Including powerful MySQL database controls, toolbars, advanced scripting and processing. PHP Email can now be sent right from Outlook, and includes a full PHP Editor!

Aztec Encode SDK/ASP Control 1.5 - Generate Aztec barcode to image using ASP 
With the SDK/ASP Control,you can encode up to 3832 numeric or 3067 alphabetic characters or 1914 bytes of data s to image using ASP or C/C++/Delphi/VB with several lines of code. It support 36 error correction levels and 5+ image styles

OraPiper 1.00 - OraPiper, the tool for Oracle pipes working. 
OraPiper is a useful tool for Oracle pipes working. Using OraPiper you can obtain a monitoring of any Oracle pipe you've chosen. And also you can send a messages through Oracle pipes.

Picture Collage Maker Free 2.0.7 - Create photo collages from your digital image 
Picture Collage Maker Free is a simple-to-use Windows freeware that turns ordinary photos and pictures into stunning keepsakes to share with family and friends.

AthTek Code to FlowChart 1.2 - Automatically create software flow chart. 
Code to FlowChart is an advanced source code to flowchart converter for software engineer and document writers. It automatically generate flow chart/NS chart from source code, and help user to understand complex program structures by visual diagrams.

Base64 De-/Encoder 1.2.2 - Base64 De-/Encoder 
Base64 De-/Encoder is a command line utility that decodes/encodes files using the Base64 algorithm.

ChmDecompiler 3.60 - A batch decompiler for *.CHM 
A batch decompiler for Compiled Windows HTML Help files (*.chm). ChmDecompiler can extract all/any source files in a MS .chm file or ebook easily and quickly,ChmDecompiler is also a easy-to-use .chm file viewer.

Aniosoft iPhone Disk Manager 1.0.6 - iPhone disk manager 
Aniosoft iPhone disk manager, upload and download files with iPhone.

debt-consolidation-organization-linkswit 3.25 - Spread Traffic Across ALL Of Your Websites! 
Spread Traffic Across ALL Of Your Websites! Link Switchboard will allow you to add links to your website that when clicked, will rotate the traffic to various web addresses. The software is EASY to use and setup.

WinSesame 10.1 - Professional security software. 
Professional security software enabling you to password protect folders and files with encryption. Maximum efficiency with 6 encryption algorithms available

RSS Evolution 1.24 - RSSEvolution creates completely unique sites 
If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to build quality websites, RSSEvolution is your ticket. RSSEvolution takes the guesswork out of internet marketing by following the 3 truisms of building new websites.

Frother Article Spinner 1.0.0 - Frother article spinner software 
Frother article spinner has thousands of built in synonyms is a simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique content based on some seed articles on the fly.

Votum-edu 1.3 - Interactive Voting System 
Interactive Voting System

Free Counter 1.0 - Create a custom counter ( choose colors to ma 
Create a custom counter ( choose colors to math your site design ) is possible display total visitors , today visitors and yesterday visitors choose unique counter ( count unique visitors ) or pageviews ( count all pageviews ) , in stats page display

Qwined Multilingual Technical Editor 2008 - Multilingual Technical Editor for Windows 
Qwined is a Multilingual Technical Editor supporting nearly 100 Programming Languages and Configuration File Formats out of the box. It is localized for nearly 30 languages covering all the continents.

Kontinuum 2006 2006.0 - Web Based Workflow Software Design Studio 
Kontinuum is a 100% Web Based Workflow Software Design Studio and End User Environment. With Kontinuum you can design and model the process and then create Web Based Workflow Applications to Automate the Process and increase efficiency.

Site Submit 1.0 - run your own url submitter company. 130 + eng 
run your own url submitter company. 130 + engines in database , today is very important submit your site in engines no lost your time one click and your site in all engines !

scrollpopsoft1 1.1 - use our free software for scroll you webpage 
use our free software for scroll you webpage Can Specify Trigger location Can Specify Border Style, Color and Thickness Can Specify Background Color

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