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FileRow Soft Archive 1.1 - Software archive template sources 
FileRow sources are a PAD enabled software archive template. The template will help you setup a simple software downloads site. To see an example of work visit the main page of the site:

MoneyToys Flash APR Calculator 3.0 - Flash APR Calculator 
The MoneyToys Flash APR Calculator allows you to quickly enhance your web site by adding a financial calculator which visitors can use to calculate annual percentage rates for mortgage loans without leaving your web site.

1st AVS Video Tools 5.5 - 1st AVS Video Tools 
1st AVS Video Tools packs 4 tools that are designed to meet your most various video tasks!

collector-car-insurance-rotoad 1.00 - Rotate Any Ads That Can Make You Money 
Rotate Any Ads That Can Make You Money While Keeping Your Visitors Wouldn't it be great if you could have full control of the ads displayed on your website?

XML Escape Tool 1.0 - escape & unescape XML characters 
In XML text and attribute values, we need to escape ASCII characters like the angle brackets/semicolon/single quote/double quotes. XML Escape Tool can escape/unescape XML characters easily and quickly.

Atom feed builder 1.0 - You build Atom valid feeds in a few clicks. 
You build your Atom valid feeds in a few clicks within this Internet marketing software, which helps you to build your xsl files, to access feed building tutorials and Atom scripting resources as well.

Domain Search Tool 1.2.8 - Research & find available domain names. 
Find domains with type-in visitors, search engine traffic, backlinks, PageRank, Alexa™ rank, whois details and more. CSV2SQL 1.01 - CSV to SQL converter. 
CSV to SQL converter. Convert CSV files to SQL insert statements.

autodeadlnk1 1.1 - our free to you software to check for deadlin 
our free to you software to check for website deadlinks This bloodhound can sniff out as many broken links as you can throw at him!

sellsoft1 1.1 - use our free softwarefor multiple uses 
use our free softwarefor multiple uses A great tool that sets up a php file for creating quick and easy contact forms with maximum function Spam is a huge productivity drain on business.

Locksmith San Jose 1.1 - Locksmith San Jose Toolbar 
Locksmith San Jose and associates provide complete lock & key services: key replacement, lock rekey, unlock door, locked out services, lost key solutions and more!

.NET ZIP Component for CS VB.NET ASP.NET 2.0.420.1633 - Compress and decompress files and folders 
A high-speed, reliable Zip library with affordable price which lets you add zip/unzip functionality to your .NET applications with only few lines of code.

A-Z Directory Submitter 1.0.0 - A-Z free directory submitter 
A-Z Submitting to free directories is one of the easiest way to have one way free inbound links to our sites. This directory submission software contains a list of over 200 directories

ActiveX Easy Compression Library 1.00 - Fast compression toolkit with encryption. 
This easy-to-use toolkit includes both fast and high-ratio compression (better than ZIP) with strong encryption. It has everything you need to compress and encrypt files, memory buffers and strings.

ErezPP1LTR Print Preview ActiveX Control for VB6 1.4.1 - Print Preview Control, FREEWARE, for VB6. 
ErezPP1LTR OCX is a FREEWARE Print Preview ActiveX Control, Left To Right direction, for Visual Basic 6. It gives developers an easy tool to make print and preview of their softwares.

FTP Client Engine for Visual dBase 3.0 - FTP client dBASE component DLL library 
FTP component dBASE library that provides direct and simple control of the FTP client protocol from a dBASE application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Supports proxy servers. Royalty free.

Tuscan Kitchens 1.0 - Make your kitchen swanky and classy 
Several sure-shot ways that ensure your kitchen is the swankiest in the neighborhood. Ingredients required to create a simply delectable kitchen, about recreating the splendor of Tuscanny outside your home, about Tuscan Décor and more.

PhotoPrint 3.4 - Images managing and printing utility. 
PhotoPrint makes large graphics collections management easy and creates ready-to-print photo albums. Page header and footer macros, image comment macros, autoarrange mode, flexible image frame and shadow size make PhotoPrint handy software.

Softick jApploader SE 1.0 - Uploads applications to Samsung phones 
Softick jApploader SE allow you to upload Java applications and games (J2ME) to your Samsung phone using USB data cable.

clickmagsof2 2.1 - use our free software for create a no pop up 
use our free software for create a no pop up marketing material You can choose text or image ads and link to any page or site.

Theme Maker 2.45 - Theme Buzz Software 
Theme Buzz Software for your desktop to motivate your clients. Create beautiful wordpress themes and marketing pieces.

Garden Swings Coupon Maker 1.0.0 - Swings coupon generator 
Swings coupon code generator is a simple desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional coupon codes step-by-step.

Froogie Froogle Submit 1.8 - Submit your products to Froogle data feed. 
Froogie is the fastest way to submit your products to Googles online store Froogle. Froogie lets you create and manage Froogle data feeds containing your product information. Easy Wizard style interface.

health-insurance-quote-adrotate 1.00 - Rotate Any Ads That Can Make You Money 
With the help of Ads-Rotator you could be earning more than just pennies a click! This script can easily pay for itself with a few affiliate sales. But you don't have to rely on affiliate sales,

Outdoor Playset Directory Submitter 1.0.0 - Outdoor playset free directory submitter 
Outdoor playset submits to free directories is one of the easiest way to have one way free inbound links to our sites. This directory submission software contains a list of over 200 directories

wodSSHpackage 2 - Our bundle package with SSH, SFTP, wodTunnel. 
SSHpackage is our bundle package that includes popular wodSSH, wodSFTP, wodSSHServer and wodSSHTunnel. SSHpackage will help you implementing complete solution for secure (encrypted) communication in your project.

Pedal Bin Affiliate Maker 1.0.0 - pedl bin promo page generator 
Pedal bin promo page generator is a simple desktop application that will guide you through the process of creating professional promo tools page step-by-step.

Autorun CD menu tools - AutoRun Pro - Create autorun CD menu 
AutoRun Expert, AutoRun Pro, AutoRun Pro Enterprise and AutoRun Pro Enterprise II are autorun CD menu tools for creating autorun CD menu for CD, DVD and USB stick.

Bed Bugs How To Banner Tool 2.0 - Bed Bugs How To Banner Tool. 
Bed Bugs How To Banner Tool. Increase your sales made at your website naturally. Set up banner advertisements on unlimited web pages. Promote complimentary products using our special banners on your sales pages.

Virtumonde Removal Tool 1.0 - Remove Virtumonde trojan infection now! 
Remove Virtumonde trojan infection (also known as Vundo) and remove advertisements appearing everywhere in one click with this automated Removal Tool. The program cures all known modifications of Virtumonde trojan and fixes associated problems.

wodCrypt 2.1.3 - component that provides strong encryption 
Lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications. It provides supports for most common crypto algorithms, such as:AES, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Cast, RC2, RC, RC5, etc...

2-Minute PDF Designer 1.0 - 2-Minute PDF Designer creates PDF on the fly. 
2-Minute PDF Designer creates PDF documents programmatically from the template created by its designer. You can use it to create PDF document in 5 simple steps. It can also create documents in HTML, BMP, JPEG and other image formats.

ShareIgniter 1.0.1 - "ShareIgniter" is a video sharing application 
"ShareIgniter" represents a powerful Web application that offers a complete solution for those who wish to create a video-centric community website, with similar functionality to presences such as YouTube.

Mofiki's SEO Analyzer 1.0 - SEO Analysis of any website. 
Analysis of any website to find where you need to do SEO. You will get a report of where you have backlinks, inlinks, Page Rank, and other General rankings.

Bluetooth Marketing Device 1.0 - BlueMagnet BX28 Bluetooth Marketing Device 
BlueMagnet BX28 is a Bluetooth Marketing Device and Bluetooth Advertising Device that is ready to use out of the box. Configuration is very easy and it covers a very good range thanks to its strong Bluetooth transmitters.

Strong HBar 1.10 - Build CSS-based Horizontal Bars with ease! 
Use this tool if you want to add a horizontal navigation bar consisting of many tabs to your site. Such a menu has a very user-friendly interface and makes it considerably easier to navigate through the website.

dirt-cheap-medical-insurance-filebuddy 1.25 - split your files the easy way 
split your files the easy way SuperGlue is A great tool for splitting files to fit onto disks or use in emails. Can't send a file through email without your account timing out?

Graphics to PDF Converter - Graphics to PDF converter changes PDF2GIF 
Graphics to PDF converter is quick and easy to operate PDF program that is make for converting in group of GIF format photos pictures images into an adobe acrobat PDF file. GIF2PDF conversion program convert all GIF format picture into PDF file.

online-life-insurance-quote-pole-maker 2.00 - Find Out What Your Website Visitors Think! 
Find Out What Your Website Visitors Think, Like, Need & Want! Create Your Own Branded, Fully-Customized, Attractive (Text/Image) Polls, Easily... in Minutes! Major Online Players Use Polls on Their HOME Pages! Easy Poll Creator - Create Amazing

ebayadbuildertool 2.11 - make your eBay ads easy, fast and simple 
if you life ebay and want to sell your products on a great platform but dont know how use this free software. Includes over 40 backgrounds, will make your eBay ads easy, fast and simple...

Advanced MID Converter 1.89 - Batch convert MIDI files into WAV, MP3 or WMA 
The handy tool that allows you convert MIDI (MID, MIDI), RIFF MIDI (RMI, RMID) and KARAOKE (KAR) files into popular audio formats (WAV, MP3, WMA, Ogg-Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, WavPack, Monkey's Audio, True Audio) using SoundFonts. High quality output!

debt-consolidation-companies-installwiz1 1.10 - Professionally Created Install Program 
Using a Professionally Created Install Program For Branding Yourself, Branding Your Product and Branding Your Business Name. IS the fastest way to becoming a well known Authority in Your Niche Market!

ScrollerII 2.0.0 - Controls to provide Scrolling functionality 
The ScrollerII library has two Controls that provide automatic Scrolling functionality. The FormScroller makes an entire Form Scrollable, whereas the Scrollable Container Makes Part of a Form Scrollable. No need of any code to write.

Koobface Removal Tool 1.0 - Remove Koobface virus in 1 hour! 
Eliminate Koobface virus infection and get rid of irritating alerts appearing in one click with this automated Removal Tool. Additionally, 24/7 Support will help you in Koobface virus infection removal in difficult cases.

SurfStatsLive Professional Edition 2011.1.1 - Real-time website analytics reporting server 
SurfStatsLive Reporting Service is a Windows 2000/2003/2008, Vista or 7 server-based web analytics product. Web Hosts and Service Providers can provide browser-based on-demand Website Statistics reports for clients

AddressGrabber Suite 2011 - 4 best Addons to help ACT! user productivity 
AddressGrabber Suite for ACT! includes the following time saving add-ons: AddressGrabber, Time Lookup, Turbo lookup and Quick Scheduler

Advanced Find & Replace for Excel - Find and Replace in all opened workbooks 
This handy add-in for Microsoft Excel 2010-2000 enhances Excel's built-in Find with simultaneous search in values, formulas and comments in all opened or selected worksheets and workbooks. The add-in works in Excel 2000 - 2010.

Newfolder Removal Tool 1.0 - Remove New Folder virus in one click! 
Get rid of New Folder virus infection (also known as Iddono) and remove malicious folders appearing everywhere in one click with this automated Removal Tool. Additionally, Live Support will help you in deleting Newfolder infection in difficult cases.

Sirid for Windows 1.22 - Professional project management software. 
Sirid is designed for managing software projects. It lets you easily assign tasks between the personnel, report bugs, manage specifications and record feature requests, altogether helping you to meet the deadlines and come up with better products.

Luxena Informix Data Access Components 2.6.3 - Informix access components for VCL 
allows you create Informix access applications in common BDE fashion. IDAC ensures reliability as well as usability. It is excellent for BDE migration and for rapid client-server and/or n-tier development. Is a very good alternative to BDE and ADO

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