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Visual Importer ETL Standard - Visual Importer loads data into any database 
Visual Importer loads data into ANY Database from ANY Database or file. Full support for Excel, Access, DBF and Text files, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Interbase/Firebird, MySQL, PostgreSQL or any ODBC compliant database. Thousands of records per second.

Flip Powerpoint 3.1 - Create online flip Books from PPT 
Flip PowerPoint to allows you to create professional flash flip Books from PowerPoint slides or scanner with the "page turning" effect for both online and offline use in minutes.

Universal Code Lines Counter 1.1.4 - Free tool for counting source code lines. 
A fast and easy tool for counting source code, blank and comment lines of software projects. Many programming/script languages are supported by default and further languages you can add easily by yourself!

Menu Builder 1.0 - Navigation button for menus. 
Menu Builder can be used for navigation buttons or to display an image at any size. It was designed to overcome problems found with using JavaScripts for rollovers in page inserts.

AntiDuplicate 4.4.0 - Converts USB flash drives to key dongles 
Make hardware keys for anti-piracy protection - using your ordinary computer! Software developers can now prepare a hardware key (dongle) from standard USB flash drive. The result is the media for software distribution and USB token at the same time.

GOGO Webcam Capture ActiveX Control 1.89 - ActiveX for caputre video from webcam 
GOGO Webcam Capture ActiveX Control helps application developers and programmers create applications with video capture capabilities from any webcam devices & output AVI, DIVX, XVID & WMV video.

Dr.Explain 4.2.477 - CHM, PDF, RTF, and HTML help authoring tool. 
A software help authoring tool. Dr.Explain captures windows from live application, makes screenshots and automatically adds references to all controls. Dr.Explain makes CHM, RTF, PDF, and HTML help files.

SWF Protection 2.4 - Encrypt and Protect SWF from Decompilers. 
SWF Protection is a strong and easy to use Flash SWF encryption tool which helps you protect SWF files from Flash decompilers. The program protects not only Actionscripts, but also all images, sounds, buttons and sprites resources in your SWF files.

.NET code security tool 4.04.18 - .NET code Security Tool 
.NET code Security Tool is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. It implements all known software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms.

Snappy Spy - Keylogger Spy Monitoring Computer Software 
Computer Keylogger Spy & Internet Monitoring Software Program. Secretly Monitor & Record: Keystrokes, Screenshots, Email, Instant Messenging, Chatting, Websites Visited, Passwords & Usernames, Programs Run and much more... Windows 7, Vista, XP

UnHackMe 5.99.385 - First BootWatch Antirootkit 
UnHackMe is specially designed to detect and remove Rootkits. UnHackMe is the first BootWatch Antirootkit, that uses unique detection method.

.NET Linker 4.04.18 - .NET Linker - link .NET dll assemblies 
.NET Linker is the utility that can link multiple modules into a single file for deployment. The Linker interface intended for linking multiple managed executables or assemblies into a single module or assembly.

FlexCell Grid Control for .NET 4.0 4.1.0 - FlexCell is an easy to use .NET grid control. 
FlexCell is a flexible and easy to use grid control, it provides comprehensive functions, such as exporting to Excel/CSV/PDF/HTML/XML, importing from XML, printing, preview, sorting, charting, cell merging, virtual mode, ownerdraw mode, etc.

BetaDLL (Deutsch) 2.01 - DLL with BeTA2007 coordinate transformations. 
BetaDLL contains precise functions for coordinate transformations and datum shifts using the German NTv2 standard BeTA2007. The Functions of the 32 bit / 64 bit DLL can be easy called from own applications.

FC-Win 4.00 - Front-end program 4 Fortran Calculus Compiler 
FC-Win (tm) is a front-end program for Fortran Calculus (tm). The Fortran Calculus (FC) language is for math modeling, simulation, and optimization. FC is based on Automatic Differentiation that simplifies computer code to an absolute minimum.

Serial Monitor Professional (DMS) - Software serial port monitor, Rs232 sniffer 
Software serial port monitor Rs232 sniffer with protocol analyzer and packet data logger. This monitoring utility can spy, capture, view, log, analyze test com ports activity performing com port connection and traffic analysis with data acquisition

Automatic Email Manager 4.40 - Receive your emails directly on your printer. 
Automatic Email Manager monitors your e-mailbox and automatically detect new emails and applies actions like printing email and/or attachments, deleting email, backup emails and attachments, Convert email to PDF, and much more...

ExamXML 5.12 - Visual XML comparison tool 
ExamXML is the best visual XML differencing tool for comparing, editing and merging XML documents. It has a comfortable and intuitive interface both for beginners and advanced users.

ASP.NET Video Starter Kit 5.6 - ASP.NET Social Media Sharing Web Solution. 
ASP.NET Video Portal (Video Starter Kit) is an ASP.NET web application and starter kit solution with all basic and advance features for uploading, publishing / encoding, managing, sharing and streaming videos from single to multiple servers.

PC Guard for Win32 5.06.0600 - Professional software protection system 
PC Guard for Win32 (.NET) is a professional software protection and licensing system for Windows 32bit and .NET framework applications.

GeoDLL (Deutsch) 12.04 - DLL with coordinate transformations and more. 
GeoDLL supports the development of geodetic software on various platforms by providing geodetic functions. GeoDLL contains precise calculations on the themes 2D and 3D coordinate transformation, geodetic datum shift and reference system and more.

Advanced XLS Converter 2.25 - Convert XLS, XLSX to DBF, CSV, SQL, XML, HTML 
Advanced XLS Converter converts excel (xls, xlsx) files to DBF (Dbase III/IV, Visual FoxPro), TXT, HTML, XML, CSV, SQL, RTF. Excel Converter has a wizard-driven interface, command-line support, automatic duplicates removal and batch mode.

VentaFax Business - A Color Fax and Answering Machine Software. 
VentaFax is a powerful fax and answering machine software with color fax support. It sends and receives faxes and turns your PC with a fax modem into a versatile answering machine with remote control and email integration. Easy-to-Use Interface.

Mystery Games article rewriter 1.1 - Mystery Games article rewriting 
article rewriting software is a simple desktop application that will help you spin and create unique content based on some seed articles on the fly.

UltraSearch 1.4.1 - UltraSearch searches files on NTFS very fast 
UltraSearch searches files on local NTFS drives and provides the results within just a few seconds. No indexing or background process. Use patterns or partial file names and see the results almost while you are typing.

UEStudio 11.00 - Development environment:Build, Compile, Debug 
UEStudio offers all the functionality of UltraEdit plus many additional programming features! Whether you are editing text, building applications, or constructing websites, UEStudio's offers the functionality of a bonafide IDE at an unsurpassed value

Graphics4VO Examples Program 5.20 - Graphics Library for CAVO 
Graphics4VO is the graphics interface for the programming language Visual Objects with classes, methods and functions for the integration of graphics, images, charts and presentation for the display, printer, plotter, file and memory.

TextPipe Engine 8.9.4 - Industrial strength text transformation DLL 
Fast text manipulation and data extraction engine. Fix websites, database data and electronic text with pattern match,convert DOS/Unix end of line characters,ASCII-EBCDIC,add/remove lines/columns,sort,split,join,database extracts,JScript/VBScript

Screen saver Maker 2.2 - Make incredible screen saver in minutes. 
The Screen saver Maker V2.2 is an easy-to-use but powerful screen saver maker. Over 1000 flash animations, music clips, backgrounds, Video players and even buttons and hyper links. Flash can also be imported. Can install, copy files or add to a zip.

HTML Button Maker 4.7 - Make a Variety of Feature Rich HTML Buttons 
Make a Variety of Feature Rich HTML Buttons Fast and Easy! Preview your HTML button design within the application, in the browser, and in your webpage while you work and more.

XML Converter 6.2.31 - XML Converter is data conversion software 
XML Converter is a data conversion software lets to interactively create data transformation. Converter features XML output in four interface pages: XML View, XML Tree, XML Grid, and XML Script.(Excel to XML, mdb to XML, csv to XML, Oracle to XML)

Flash Slideshow Wizard 3.0 - Flash Slideshow Maker 
Flash Slideshow Wizard is a powerful and easy to use application which helps you create Flash photo slideshows, Flash 3D Slideshow, Banner Rotator, Image Scroller, Image Roller without any Flash knowledge and skills.

MainMedia Image Converter ActiveX SDK 3.15 - pdf tiff jpeg image converter activex 
Image Converter ActiveX Component can convert, resize to different image formats. It include convert to bmp, jpg, tif, png, gif, pcx, jp2, ico, jpc, pgx, pnm, ras, tga, wbmp and also it support input PDF file.

Mainmedia FLV Directshow Source Filter 1.28 - FLV Directshow source filter 
FLV Directshow source filte allows playback FLV Flash Video.

Freeware XMLFox XML/XSD Editor 4.0.53 - Freeware XML editor and XSD editor XMLFox 
Freeware XML editing and validation tool XMLFox is a freeware editor for creating valid well-formed XML documents and/or XSD Schema.

ESBPCS-Stats for VCL 5.6.0 - Statistical and Matrix/Vector Components. 
ESBPCS-Stats is a subset of ESBPCS containing Components and Routines for Statistical Analysis and Matrix/Vector Manipulation in Delphi and C++ Builder. Includes Data Aware Components and full source, as well as a good subset of the controls.

GOGO Media Player ActiveX OCX (Twice Developer) 2.58 - activeX,ocx,play videos,avi,mov,mpeg,wmv,rm 
GOGO Media Player ActiveX Control helps application developers to fully control the audio and video stream. Play, pause, resume, stop, loop the stream. It allows you to control the playback rate and adjust the volume and balance, or mute the audio.

Ultra Core Protector 6.8 - UCP Anti-Cheat for multiplayer online games 
UCP Anti-Cheat for multiplayer online games

UK Free Bluetooth Advertising - UkFreeBluAds Bluetooth marketing software 
UkFreeBluAds is a Bluetooth marketing software (Proximity Marketing System). By using UkFreeBluAds, you can send promotions to your customers or your potential customers easily and for FREE

Miraplacid Publisher SDK 6.6 - Generate virtual printer driver solution 
Generates virtual printer driver to converts any printable documents to images (TIFF, JPEG, TGA, BMP, PNG, PDF) or web presentation, then save to file or upload to a server. You can customize it with interactive wizard and embed into your application

Skater .NET Obfuscator Professional 4.04.18 - Skater .NET Obfuscator 
Skater .NET Obfuscator is an obfuscation tool for .NET code protection. It implements all known software protection techniques and obfuscation algorithms.

Altova StyleVision Professional Edition 2011 - Graphical XSLT 1.0/2.0 stylesheet designer 
Altova StyleVision 2011 Professional Edition is a powerful visual XSLT 1.0/2.0 stylesheet designer for designing templates that render HTML and RTF output from XML or database content and produce electronic forms for use with Altova Authentic.

Gnostice eDocEngine VCL - Generic electronic document creation VCL 
eDocEngine is a document creation component suite for Delphi and C++Builder. It can create content in nearly 20 word, spreadsheet, text, web, and image formats. It can also export reports from Delphi reporting tools such as ReportBuilder.

GOGO Picture Viewer ActiveX OCX (Team Developer) 4.68 - activeX,ocx,view images,bmp,gif,jpeg,png,tiff 
GOGO Picture Viewer ActiveX OCX help you to view and save images of different formats include Bmp,Gif,Jpg,Jpeg,Png,Tif,Tiff,multipaged Tiff.You can rotate,flip,zoom,resize,draw text,print,convert color to grayscaled or black-white to the image.

Code-it Audio Editor 2011.8 - Code-it Audio Editor 
Code-it Audio Editor is a very advanced audio editor. The Audio Editor makes editing audio files as easy as editing text with its clear user interface and powerful effects.

RadarCube ASP.NET for MSAS 2.60.3 - ASP.NET OLAP control: client for MS Analysis 
RadarCube is an ASP.NET and Silverlight controls (OLAP Grid and OLAP Chart) providing you with a unique chance of supplying the web site with the MS Analysis 2000, 2005 or 2008 client abilities. It can be an excellent substitute for OWC PivotTable.

DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly 1.4.55 - DataGridView Columns .NET assembly 
DataGridView Columns .NET 2.0 assembly is a DataGridView Columns software package specifically designed for Windows Forms .NET developers.

Odin Windows Mobile DVD Converter 6.5.1 - Convert dvd movie to windows mobile converter 
Don't worry,Odin Windows Mobile Ripper can help you solve the problem.It rip dvd movies to videos playable on windows mobile phone including Nokia phones,General mobilephone,Pocket PC,BlackBerry phones etc.

GXNet - Easy and fast Internet communication! 
GXNet offers an easy way to build multithreaded, Internet communication applications. GXNet is made on the Windows API interface, is very efficient and does not require external libraries or DLL files to operate. A Visual Basic sample included.

MemoCode 5.2 - Code snippets manager for developers. 
MemoCode is a powerful tool useful for storing code snippets, sequences of commands and various notes produced by programmers and ICT operators. The software is also a great integrated manager for tasks, passwords and bookmarks.

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