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Internet Security Filter - Secure your PC from web-based threats 
Internet Security Filter is your personal internet filtering utility. It controls all the data being transmitted and received through any internet application - such as web browers, chat programs, email clients, news readers, etc.

Trouble Ticket Tracker 2.0 - Enterprise Issues Tracking Software 
Trouble Ticket Tracker is an enterprise software system that tracks and manages support issues. A Web-based help desk solution for e-business support management

MMS Digital Video Recorder 1.6 - Digital Video Recorder 
Intertraff MMS-DVR is a professional Network Digital Video Recorder, that works with IP and analogue cameras to provide video monitoring, recording and event management functions for up to 16 cameras. It sends alarm messages via MMS, SMS and Email.

CHMOD Calculator | Datingsite 1.0 - chmod calculator 
CHMOD refers to the actual setting of the access permissions for a file. The two most common settings are 755 and 777. CHMOD 755 is a read and execute permission. Owner, Group, and Other.

Website Promotion - Website SEM SMO SEO Services by 
Best organic SEO SEM and SMO web services by DDIPRO. Organic and Manual Website Promotion Packages start from as low as $38. Explore more on our website or contact us at to start promoting your business today

Smart Oscommerce 1.01 - Smart Oscommerce - Open Source 
Smart Oscommerce is a custom made shopping cart, having multiple addons installed, code fixes, seo links and many more options inside the administration panel, saving to administrator from known security problems .

Javascript Popup Window 3.3 - - create popup windows! 
Using Deluxe Popup Window, anyone can add popups to their web site in a couple of minutes. You don't need any in-depth knowledge of HTML or Javascript to develop popup windows with Deluxe Popup Window.

CodeThatScroller 1.2.6 - Displays the texts using scrolling effects. 
CodeThatScroller provides to the user with the easy way to achieve many various tasks including but not limited to creation of the presentations, text or image slides, image slides with or without the comment field, demonstration of the photo albums

GRKda - Keyword Density Analyzer 2.2.10 - GRKda: Keyword Density Analyzer for Windows 
GRKda runs on Windows Vista/XP/2000/NT/Me/9x and assist you in achieving high relevancy scores for your Web Pages in regards to the various search engines by allowing you to analyze and duplicate the Keyword Density "mix" of the top scoring pages.

Automated Article Submitter 2.0 - Blast Your Articles To Multiple Directories 
Download This Article Submission Software and Easily Blast Your Articles To Multiple Directories In Just Seconds! This Cool Software delivers your article to the top article directories in less then a minute. Imagine the amount of exposure!

Pageville shopping cart plug in for EasyWebEditor 1.5 - Shopping cart and secure credit card payments 
Add a shopping cart and secure credit card payments on your Web site with this easy to use visual plug-in for EasyWebEditor and 1SITE. Works also for PayPal. No programming skills needed, fast and easy set up, free demo - you can test all functions.

iNetMail Demo 1.0 - iNetMail is a web based mail client. 
iNetMail is a convenient web based solution for online e-mail management. It helps you check and organize any Internet mail account that uses POP3 services through your Web Browser. This is a perfect web tool for any ISP or regular internet user.

OptiPerl 5.4 - Create and debug visually CGI scripts offline 
OptiPerl will help you make CGI scripts in Perl, offline in Windows. It is a fully integrated visual environment and editor for creating, testing, debugging and running perl scripts, directly or through associated html documents. Includes many tools.

CF Project Cleaner 1.0 - Cleans Cold Fusion projects from unused files 
CF Project Cleaner is an application that checks for unused file in your Cold Fusion project. It scans your project directory for all file dependencies and can clean it up for you. Helps you manage your scripts better.

PG Community Software 2008 - PG Community Software 
PG Community Software for your Social Network. Multi-Admin system! SMS payments, Currency converter, Chats, IM, Banners, Galleries, Multilanguage, Classifieds, Linked profiles, Account, Friends lists. Support. Hosting. Customization. Updates

MetaCompress 2.4 - MetaCompress - ISAPI compression filter. 
MetaCompress packs requested content of a web site on-the-fly. This increases your site's accessibility for users who have a slow dial up connection and speed ups the loading of pages on your site in general.

MP3 to SWF Converter - Convert MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, and M4A to SWF. 
MP3 to SWF Converter converts MP3, WAV, AAC, M4A, WMA, OGG files to SWF (Adobe Flash Movie). It can also record your voice via microphone and convert to SWF. The software supports streaming and event sounds, and supports batch conversion and Vista.

Quick PDF Library Lite 7.21 - Quick PDF Library Lite is a free PDF API 
Quick PDF Library Lite is a completely free PDF SDK you can use to convert images to PDF, add links to the web, get and set document properties, rotate pages, analyze document security and add images & text to documents - to your applications.

Landing Page Response Tool 1.0 - Provides javascript code to ask a question 
Simple desktop app that creates the javascript code to ask a question on a web page and load different content depending on which answer the visitor selects. Proven to increase response rates by as much as 75%. Engages visitors and increases response

Fun Morph 8.69 - Turn Your Photo into Funny and Morphing Movie 
Zeallsoft Fun Morph is funny and easy to use photo morphing and warping software. Morph and warp face or image of friends, family, celebrities. Turn them into a cat or a pig or any jokes!

Icons for Windows 7 and Vista 2011.1 - A set of high-quality Vista/7 style icons 
Icons for Windows 7 and Vista is an ultimately comprehensive collection of top-quality interface icons that will be a perfect fit for any modern website, online service, mobile or desktop application.

Mihov Website Merger 0.5 - Program for merging parts of sites together. 
Mihov Website Merger is a program for web developers who need to be able to update big sites with ease. The program compiles parts of a web site together to a single set of files.

Mihov Active 800x600 3.0 - Resizes any program window to desired size. 
Mihov Active 800x600 is a program for web and software developers. It helps you see how large a program or browser window would be if resized to a screen size of 800 x 600 pixels or any other size.

Creative Flash Scroller 1.5.5 - Creative Flash Scroller - Scroll component 
Multipurpose Flash scroller that can scroll any kind of Flash content, can be placed anywhere in the Flash project, can work with dynamically loaded content, can be customized to suit the design ( easy stilling and skinning).

Kijiji Bot Pro 2.3 - Auto Poster for Kijiji Ads 
KJ Auto posting tool for ad placement automation makes posting Kijiji ads easy! Post ads to Kijiji automatically

RFileUpload - Easy file upload ASP.NET Control 
RFileUpload is a control that allows to clients easily upload files on server with the web browser, where application is started. This control is easy to use and can considerably reduce the amount of code necessary for standard file uploading

SunRav TestOfficePro.WEB 2.3 - Comprehensive solution for online testing. 
Are you considering implementing online testing system? With SunRav TestOfficePro.WEB you can create, administer and process tests and exams via Internet or corporate intranet. Store test results in MySQL database or separate files. Try it free now!

Flower 2 Web Elements 1.0 - Flower themed web elements, HTML, graphics 
Flower themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a floral theme, stock photos of flowers and landscaping. Great collection for florists, landscapers, gardeners or others in the floral industry.

RSS Channel Writer 2.0.0 - Create, edit and submit RSS feeds. 
RSS Channel Writer is a powerful RSS feed generator, editor and submitter. With this program you can easily create general RSS feed, iTunes RSS feed and RSS for Google products for your web site in seconds.

Advertise With Pleasure, AWP PRO 6.3 - Sell your advertising spaces 
This program the best for all websites owners, who would like to make money by selling advertising spaces on their websites.

iPhone app maker 1.0 - Create your own free iPhone & iPod apps 
Making it easy and cost-effective for people to create their own applications for Apple's iPhone, iPod and all-new iPad.

PayPal Shop Maker 4.0 - Sell your products with PayPal now! 
With PayPal Shop Maker you can build your online shop without the need of learning how to integrate PayPal.

Kyb Web Log Analyzer by Keyword 3.1 - ~~ Get keywords and phrases from log files ~~ 
Reports by words and phrases within Search Term, Start Page and more. Advanced robot - crawler filtering. Define your own filters. See plots of trend against time. See breakdowns of other pages viewed.

Atlantis Schema Surf 1.0.243 - T-SQL Database Schema Visualization Tool 
Atlantis Schema Surf is our SQL dependency & live entity ER diagram tool - it is a free animated graphing tool which allows you to easily visualize the dependencies between the objects in your SQL Server databases in a live entity ER diagram.

IconEdit2 5.5 - Create and edit your icons. 
Create and edit your icons with easy-to-use TrueColor Icon Editor. IconEdit2 allows you to paint, search for icons in your files and capture screen areas. Supports 256x256 PNG-compressed Windows 7 icons. Allows creating multi-image icon files.

More than 30.000 vista icons 1.0 - Windows© Vista inspired icons. 
This new collection is totally made from the look of the Windows© Vista. It has 1040 icons that combine photorealistic 3d style, crystal soft tones and appealing images. The vista stock is suitable for carefully developed applications and web sites w

pssRecruit 2.53 - pssRecruit is a Web-based job board 
pssRecruit is a Web-based job board, a smarter way to manage your recruiting. Copy three files to Web-enable your recruiting efforts. With a one-time cost and Just-Copy-It installation requiring no client software, pssRecruit is the best value in Web

Invoicer Mobile 1.560 - invoicing web-based application 
Invoicer Mobile is a program available through a web browser. It enables employees to work outside the company’s office. INVOICER is an invoicing application designed for small to medium sized businesses without warehousing facilities.

Towey WebSurfer 3.0.0 - A Free Windows PC Web Browser 
A Free Windows PC Web Browser known for its simplicity and browsing speed.

Excitic Website Localization Tool 6.0 - Excitic website localization tool 
Excitic is a powerful website localization tool that empowers you with all means required to create multilingual sites. Visual editing, validation tools, translation reuse and version control is only part of its functionality. Try it now for free.

The Billion Dollar Headline Generator 1 - Automatically Create Billion Dollar Headlines 
Now you can quickly generate eyeball grabbing headlines without a degree in copywriting! If you've wasted countless hours -- sometimes even days -- on brainstorming and writing headlines this IS for YOU. From greatest headlines ever written.

CiAN Text Replacer 3.87 - CiAN Text Replacer v3.87 New Release! 
Save time with this powerful and easy-to use Mass Text Replacement tool. If you need to replace text Blocks on hundreds of files, and batch it on a single process, then this is the time-saver that you are looking for!.

Easy Website Photo Gallery 1.1 - This web album generator saves time. 
A web album generator, Easy Website Photo Gallery is designed to save time for anyone who wants to upload large numbers of photos to their website, creating professional-looking galleries quickly and easily.

Spinning Earth 7.0 - Flash animation of spinning earth 
This is a free Flash animation of our spinning planet, very small in file size, yet with excellent graphics. The earth can be scaled to any size and will enhance your website. Please visit us at for more info and a fun competition.

AdWords Clever Wizard 2.2 - Easy to use AdWords research & analysis tool. 
An extremely easy to use AdWords suggestion and research software. With it, you will quickly discover your target keywords with low competition and high demand. Such information is essential for everyone who use Google AdWords.

Shultc table 04 011 - Wide eyes develop speed reading 
Wide eyes develop speed reading. Our eyes have their clearest vision in the central zone of view. Everything that lies outside this central zone is seen as a frog would see it. This broad field of vision makes the searching process shorter. It is pos

SpellServer.NET 2.0 - A tool for ASP.NET spell checking. 
A lightning-fast spell checking .NET object, packaged with two complete ASP.NET applications (one in C#, one in VB.NET), SpellServer.NET has built-in customizable dictionaries for US English, UK English, French and Spanish.

Mastering PHP 1.02 - Rapidly Master PHP and object coding. 
Mastering Php is a life skill and can provide a full time or part time income. Developed by professional developer's Mastering PHP will Show techniques on every day php development and how learning php can be fast and efficient.

Icons-Land POI Vector Icons 1.0 - Enhance your maps with ready-made icons 
POI Vector Icons can be used in Tourism and Entertainment industries, as it joins points of interest icons such as Gas Station, Restaurant, Bank, Hospital, etc. All icons are provided in AI (Adobe Illustrator) format in different color variations.

FormArtist 3.0 - Create sensational web surveys and forms. 
Create sensational web forms and surveys at an incredibly low cost. Visually and technically in a class of its own. Great for business users, web designers and web developers.

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