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ASPPowUpload 1.0 - File upload component for ASP 
ASPPowUpload is an ASP control that enables an ASP application to capture and save files uploaded to the web server by a browser. ASPPowUpload is fully compatible with the standard files upload protocol defined in RFC1867 for the HTML POST Form.

CamControl (Mobotix) 1.001 - A control program for Mobotix cameras 
Cam Control is a control program for Mobotix cameras without interfaces for direct positioning. The system use either the serial or the web-interface.

JWTM (Web Tree Menu) 1.1.003 - JWTM is a Tree Web menu 
JWTM is a professional java tree Web menu applet. JWTM lets you generate tree menus with unlimited number of nested pop-up submenus, various color schemes, buttons, fonts, icons and sounds.

Web Hosting Reviews Best 4.6 - web hosting reviews for best companies 
web hosting reviews by real customers for best web hosting companies PLUS discount coupons and promo codes. Unbiased reviews and ratings of top 10 web hosting providers and many tutorials explaining web hosting definitions.

Palestras Motivacionais WebTool 1.0 - A very useful web tool - Finder, world radios 
A very useful web tool - Finder, world radios, twitter reader, world TV and much more!

WebClickGo - Easy Online Website Creator 1.5 - Create a professional website in minutes 
Registration is FREE! Create a professional looking website in minutes. Simple and intuitive content management system. All for the price you would normally pay for hosting alone.

Cache View Plus 1.7 - Advanced viewer for web browser cache. 
Cache View Plus is an advanced, easy to use viewer for web browser cache. You can view and extract any video clips, audio tracks, pictures and other files from the Internet Browser cache with categorized review list.

Creative FL Vertical Menu 1.0.0 - Creative FL Vertical Menu - FLASH Component 
The menus can be created in minutes from the authoring environment, can be customized to suit the design (easy stilling and skinning – almost everything can be customized), and it comes with over 30 customizable skins and more than 35 menu effects...

MyUploader 1.14 - Java file uploader 
MyUploader is a Java applet for uploading files to a web server. The uploader has a progress bar and can upload a file tree. Other features are image / photo resizing, drag and drop and thumbnails. The tool can be used with PHP, ASP.NET, C# or Java.

Animated jQuery Menu Style 08 1.5 - Make a Mega Drop Down Menu with jQuery! 
Animated jQuery Menu is a jQuery plugin that lets you add a multi level drop down menu to your website. Extremely light weighted Lavalamp menu packaged as a plugin for the amazing jQuery javascript library.

FusionCharts 3.1 - Interactive Flash Charts for dynamic web apps 
FusionCharts v3 helps you create animated and interactive Flash charts for web and desktop applications. It livens up your applications by converting monotonous data into exciting visuals.

Health Web Elements 1.0 - Health themed HTML,and web graphics 
Health and medical themed graphic images and web elements, including HTML web templates with a medical theme, stock photos of health and medical equipment and situations. Great collection for hospitals and medical professionals.

Advanced RSS2Web Enterprise 3.1.58 - Convert RSS and XML files to HTML 
Advanced RSS2Web allows you to automatically publish aggregated news pages or articles on your website.

Web Designer in Los Angeles 1.1098 - Professional Website Design Screen Saver 
Professional Website Design Screen Saver. Beautiful Screen Saver. Free download.

Spider SEO 1.0 - Free meta tag generator and report. 
Spider SEO is a meta tag generator and report program, graphical and at command line. Keywords, description, are extracted from the content of the page. Previous content may be preserved. Sources available. PDF tutorial included.

Free Web Link Box 1.0.00 - Free Web Link Box 
Free Web Link Box is a cost-effective text-link Ads suite based on 200 different business websites (which has over 5,500,000 unique visitors per month).

Free Website Icons 0.1 - Free Professional XP Style web icons 
Professional XP Style web icons for use in websites and software. Download has icons in four formats, four sizes and two colors. Visit to get 185 icons completely free of cost.

PG Scorm e LMS Pro 2008 - SCORM compatible Learning Management System 
eLMS Pro is a comprehensive learning management system. It allows organizations and education formations to deliver quality e-learning without any worries. User friendly, multi-lingual, SCORM compliant, fully customizable and adjustable to own needs.

Enigma-X 1.00 - A fast paced reflex puzzle with 2-Player 
Do you have what it takes to master the Enigma-X? You've got 5 minutes to rack up as many points as you can. You've got to think fast and efficient to win. If you're reall up for the challenge go head to head with another player using identical

CodeCharge Studio 3.0 - Web Application Development and Web Reporting 
Visually create database-driven Web Applications and Web Reports. Includes Web Application Builder, Web Report Builder, Web Calendar Builder, IDE, code generator, and more. Supports ASP/VBScript, C# VB.NET, ColdFusion, JSP, Java Servlets, PHP, Perl.

CI Web Video Grabber - download video files from video sharing sites 
Web Video Grabber is an easy to use program to download video files from google, youtube, ifilm and other sites You can download using grab and keep flash movies or videos and you can thereafter burn them to CD or DVD for offline.

Beginners Guitar Lessons Chmodget 1.0 - Free CHMOD tool for web developers 
Chmodget is a free CHMOD tool for web developers from Beginners Guitar Lessons designed to help you set the correct permissions for your website. Simple to use, Ccmodget ensures the security of your files by giving you the correct permissions setting

RImageOrFlashControl - ASP.NET RImageOrFlashControl 
ASP.NET RImageOrFlashControl makes it possible to show a picture or a flash on your web-page depending on the file type. If a file extension is swf, then <object> tag corresponding to the flash, or <img> will be rendered on the page.

SimpleIPCExpress - Keeps unstable code from crashing your app 
SimpleIPCExpress lets you host unstable code in a separate process. You can write most of your code in scripting. Your client can be Java, so its an easy way to interop from Java to .NET. It also helps you add multithreading to MS Office apps.

WSOP 2.0 - Website Load Time Testing and Optimization 
WSOP is a program for website load time testing and optimization. It makes the complete analysis for all web page elements and provides a set of reports and suggestions to improve your website load time and performance. MS Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME/XP.

IQ training 8.0 - Measure your IQ in a Flash 
Measure your IQ in a Flash! A precise Culture-fair test. Tests, Matchmaking and Social Networking Our Classic IQ Test is the most thorough and scientifically accurate IQ Test on the Web. Previously offered only to corporations, schools, and certified

ColorPic 4.1 - The Free Professional Color Picker 
ColorPic is the Free Professional Color Picker. Powerful color adjustment tools let you change individual colors with ease. Adjust RGB, HSV and CMYK with four graphical mixers, use the screen magnifier for perfect accuracy and save multiple palettes.

Happy Scroller Menus 1.11 - Scrolls messages with hyperlinks attached 
This is a scroller java menu applet suitable for a sidebar navigation layout with the menu positioned at the side of your page. Messages of your choice display one after the other, and each message can be hyperlinked as a menu item.

PM Toolkit 1.0 - Project Management Templates 
This complete set of over 25 Project Management Templates - designed for Office 2007 and compatible with older versions - will save you hours of work and increase the quality of your project planning documents.

Meditation 01 11.05 - Free meditation online 
Be Here Now! When you notice your thoughts wandering astray, say to yourself "Be here now" and gently bring your mind at the point where you want it.

TierDeveloper 6.1 - Develop Database Apps with TierDeveloper 
TierDeveloper is an object to relational mapping (O/R mapping) code generator that lets you develop extremely high performance .NET applications in record time.

File SyncForce Pro 4 - File sync/backup/versioning (PC/FTP/PB) 
File SyncForce (PC, FTP, PB) performs file synchs between PCs, hard drives, client/server/ftp networks, and laptops. Automatic scheduled syncs and backup operations. File Zip Versioning/archiving for c,pascal,java,delphi,VB,C#,C

Compresso 1.2 - Optimize the HTML code 
Compresso program has features that optimize the HTML code faster loading site, transfer and reduce the load on the site. Effects of the program are scored by Google, Yahoo and have a huge impact on the occupied site in the search results.

SQL Data Examiner 2010 R2 4.1.0 - SQL compare and synchronization for databases 
SQL Data Examiner 2010 R2 is an SQL compare tool allowing developers to synchronize and compare data in SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Azure, Access. Making cross-platform data migration easy, the tool also works with backup files.

Free Privacy Eraser 3.0 - Erase all traces of your Internet and PC. 
Free Privacy Eraser allows you to erase all traces of your Internet and computer activities, including browser cache, cookies, visited websites, typed URLs, recent documents, index.dat files and more.

Free Cache View 1.0 - viewer for web browser cache. 
Free Cache View is an easy to use viewer for web browser cache. You can view and extract any video clips, audio tracks, pictures and other files from the Internet Browser cache.

Mortgage calculators collection 2.1 - Collection of online mortgage calculators. 
Comprehensive set of mortgage calculators allows your site visitors to easily perform complicated real estate math. It features PDF generators, amortization tables, template-driven design and can be easily integrated with any web site in minutes.

Omnistar Forms 3.2 - Omnistar Form Builder 
The Omnistar Form Builder software is a dynamic web form builder for creating and managing forms on your site. The Omnistar Form Builder software allows you to create an email list campaign, customize html email templates, and manage mailing lists.

Insofta 3D Text Commander 3.0.2 - Design banners and buttons with 3D text 
Empower your Web site or software with realistic 3D text. Generate impressive banners or navigation buttons with ray-traced 3D text complete with shadows and reflections. Design flyers and brochures with high-resolution 3D text.

Esite++ 1.0.9 - A Website creator software 
Esite++ is an easy-to-use Website creator software. You will build websites much easier, with powerful tools like Syntax highlighting code editor, WYSIWYG designer, built-in FTP client...

Icons-Land Base Software Vector Icons 2.0 - Vector Icons for Software, Web, Presentations 
Base Software Vector Icons contains vector icons in .AI (Adobe Illustrator) format suitable for every type of software, web, presentations, printing materials. Base Software Vector Icons offer icons that mean actions, objects and states.

Discount shopping 1.0 - Discount shopping - discount hypermarket 
Discount shopping portal by discount hypermarket to provide free discount codes, discount vouchers and coupons for online shopping in the UK and the world. It is a great way of saving money for discount shopping online in the comfort of your own home

Aobo Web Filter 3.12 - Block unwanted websites and filter porn sites 
Aobo Website Blocker - Porn Filter. Block unwanted websites and filter porn websites. Aobo Porn Filter, Protect your Family from Internet pornography! Block porn web sites Now!

Keyword Research Pro 1.0.3 - Keyword Research Tool 
Keyword Research Pro is a keyword research tool that gets data from Google, Wordtracker, and more. Gets search counts directly from Google. Checks competition in Google, Yahoo, and MSN. One-click brainstorming and LSI keywords.

Webpage Scripting Tool 9.51 - Webpage scripting tool validate web scripts 
HTML editing software provides language browser to list all object classes, properties, methods and events. Web script editor is featured with bracket highlighting function to visually mark pair of brackets to explore codes written inside.

How to change folder icon 1.4 - Change folder icon by one mouse click! 
This utility lets you change folder icon (mark folders) by priority (high, normal, low), project completeness level (done, half-done, planned) and type of information stored in them (work, important, temp and private files). Change folder icons.

webaudiocode1 1.1 - our free to you software for websites 
our free to you software for website audio files to your webpages in no more than a few mouse clicks

1st Simple HTML Editor 2.1.6 - A text-based HTML editor. Web pages generator 
1st Simple HTML Editor is a text-based HTML editor, allowing quickly changing webpages, containing repeating code blocks. You only need to edit the repeating block once, and the changes will automatically apply to the necessary blocks on all pages. - Record & publish audio to flash, html and MP3 allows you to record, playback, and publish to flash and HTML your voice or any MP3 in 3 easy steps. Unlimited use, no monthly fees, and one click publishing of your files to the internet. No players or plugins required to playback!

web page monitoring 1.0 - web page monitoring 
Free screensaver inspired by web page monitoring at with themes ranging from spying, robotics, exploration, time and cameras. Includes 36 images with almost a dozen different transition effects.

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