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RVB 2011 - SoSoftware of help by choice of colors 
This software is an utilitarian kid facilitating the choice of the colors among others for the creation of pages web. He/it contains a certain number of color, as well as a palette of color.

Block Web Site Buddy 3.35 - Reliable software to block unwanted web sites 
Award-winning software to block web sites that have unwanted content. Stop downloading advertising banners and get rid of undesired web sites to keep your privacy and reduce internet traffic. Fully compatible with all popular web browsers. Enjoy!

Creative DW Drop Down Menu 1.0.0 - Creative DW Drop Down Menu - DW extension 
Drop down menu extension for Dreamweaver that improves your site`s search engine optimization. The menus are SEO Friendly, 100% customizable and it comes with over 30 customizable built in skins and more than 35 menu and button effects.

Mailing List Deluxe 6.80 - Send personalized emails to a whole list 
Mailing List Deluxe is designed to create and support mailing lists for your clients and subscribers. All you have to do is draft one message and it will be sent to an entire list of mail recipients.

jQuery Navigation Menu Style 10 1.5 - Create cool menu with jQuery plugin! 
jQuery Navigation Menu makes adding the menu to your website super simple. Select the color scheme you like, change items' text, specify target links and add the menu to your website. For users without javascript, it falls back on a CSS menu system.

Air TV for iPhone/iPod Touch (Windows Version) 1.1 - View real TV from iPhone/iPod Touch 
Air TV lets you watch your TV programs received at your home while you are on the road. Air TV works by connecting your iPhone/iPod Touch using 3G/Wi-Fi networks with a host computer at your home.

Higosoft Web Player Basic 3.01 - Higosoft Web Player is a web video player. 
Higosoft Web Player for Basic is a web video player and flash video player, which could help you publish and embed various videos on any website. Higosoft Web Player is able to publish videos in professional web player and embed web player online.

WebQuiz XP 2.0.84 - Create quickly web-based tests and quizzes 
WebQuiz XP is the new software product which allows you to create interactive HTML quizzes, tests and assessments that you can immediately answer on-screen or publish to the Internet. It includes several ready-to-use professional templates.

Fantasy Flash Girls 1 - Animated Flash Girls for your Fantasy Site 
Enchant your web site: Fantasy Beauties are waiting for you in DragonLeaves Flash Animations collection. They are Free, Animated, Transparent, have Settings, load fast, and are a great contribution to any Fantasy Theme site.

GetWebPics Pro 2.9 - Download pictures,music,movies from Internet 
GetWebPics is media files download manager. It will allow you to download pictures,movies,music (like mp3),flash from Internet. Features: search by keywords;batch pictures downloading;web authorization support;filters to reject unsuitable pictures.

Bookmark Publisher 1.05 - Convert favorites and bookmark to html page. 
Do you already have great bookmarks in your Favorites menu? Export them to a HTML page and publish it on the Net or send it to your friend! Bookmark Publisher will easily and quickly create such an HTML page.

AmazeCopy - Save web page instant 
AmazeCopy enables you to save web pages for offline use. Permanently Save all the Valuable information you see on the Web.

Advanced Replace Tools 4.3 - Utilities for search and replace. 
Multifunctional manager for performing text replacing operations in plenty number of documents and html files.

Querybot Web Knowledgebase/FAQ 1.3 - Interactive FAQ/Knowledgebase for Websites 
Querybot adds a powerful knowledgebase/interactive FAQ to any website almost instantly. Querybot is your 24-7 customer service front line. Querybot will instantly answer repetitive customer questions while forwarding unresolved issues to you by email

Shultc table - notice changing 005 - Shultc table - notice changing 
First left click on the red Go arrow in the lower right corner of this window and the Shultz Table will appear. Your main strategy is to softly look at the red dot in the center of the table and continue to see this cent

Just Banners 4.01 - Create web banners for anything! 
Just Banners has a built-in studio that lets you create banners for any use. Add frames and make your banner animated or generate static banners, any size you need. Add text and other objects as well as skinned Windows controls for realism.

.NET FileManager 1 - Multi user web based file manager (ASP.NET). 
.NET FileManager is a handy tool for developers and web administrators. With .NET FileManager you have a complete file manager ready to manage the files and folders of the web sites on your web server. Developed in ASP.NET.

IISKeeper 2.2 - IISKeeper, ISAPI protection filter 
IISKeeper allows you to easily protect resources of your site by password. A protected resource is a folder containing subfolders and files or a single file.

Flash Banner Designer 4.0 - Flash Banner Maker And Banner Generator 
Flash Banner Maker is an easy to use software to create professional flash banners with attractive flash templates, logos and Transparency effects. You can try free trial downloads of banner maker and know more about the reliability.

PhotoGIF for Macintosh 4.0.1 - Optimize your GIF's for the web 
PhotoGIF is an Adobe Photoshop filter plugin with live previews, advanced transparency features, comments support, flexible color reduction, and superior compression for creating GIF images with Photoshop.

Extreme Thumbnail Generator 1.18 - Powerful HTML photo gallery software 
Powerful, yet easy-to-use HTML photo gallery software. Make beautiful web photo albums of your digital photos with just a couple of mouse clicks and publish them on your website instantly. Includes more than 40 ready-to-use photo gallery templates.

Site Publisher 2.6.125 - Automatic FTP client for web site management 
Intelligent FTP client for remote/local files synchronization. It automatically detects changes and uploads only modified or new files and removes outdated files. Now you can sync your files with just a single mouse click!

Advanced GIF Optimizer 4.0.12 - Optimize your web site graphics automatically 
This unique GIF optimization software is intended to make your profits grow, decrease traffic expenses and speed up pages loading! It allows you to optimize GIF files on the go and includes batch optimization and command line support.

CU3OX MAC 1.7 - CU3OX : Free 3D Flash Gallery 
With CU3OX for MAC you can create an attractive image slider with cool 3D slice effects and transitions between slides. You don't need to have any professional skills in Flash, HTML, CSS and JS. All need files and html code will be generated in CU3OX

AscToHTM 5.0 - Fully featured text to HTML converter 
AscToHTM is a powerful and highly configurable utility that converts text files into good-looking HTML pages that faithfully reflect the structure of the original. It can detect URLs, headings, tables and lists. A great time saver for all users.

Web Menues und Schaltflaechen 5.0 - Create brilliant web buttons in a few clicks! 
Create brilliant web buttons and drop down menus in a few clicks! Web Button & Menu generates all button images,required Javascript and HTML code on the fly, so you don't need any additional graphics or programming skills and will get instant result.

WAPT 7.0 - Web Application Load and Stress Testing 
WAPT is a load and stress testing tool for websites and web-based applications. Testing of dynamic web applications, recording and playback of HTTPS requests, and several authentication schemes are supported. Descriptive graphs and reports.

K7 SecureWeb 11 - K7 SecureWeb Making Online Transaction Secure 
K7SecurWeb secures online transactions by providing end-to-end protection for personal info right from the keyboard to the web site. It creates a secure perimeter around your PC, intended site and desired action facilitating worry-free transaction

Outdoor Sporting Equipment 1.0 - Outdoor Sporting Equipment: Squeeze Page 
Outdoor Sporting Equipment: Squeeze Page software for windows. To really enjoy your outdoor sporting activities you need to have the proper gear. Many places do stock outdoor sports equipment which are cheap inferior quality.

dbQwikReport Pro 1.1 - Web Report Generator for ASP and PHP 
Simple web reports, simply. With dbQwikReport you can easily design reports that run on your web site. The easy to use wizard will have you making reports in seconds complete with grouping and totals. It generates all your code for you in ASP or PHP

Higosoft Kodak Movie Converter 2.1.8 - Convert kodak video and mov file from Kodak 
Kodak Movie Converter is a great mov file converting tool that helps you convert Kodak video to avi, wmv, mpg, 3gp, dv,flv,rmvb, mp4, swf etc.

JavaScript Photo Gallery Maker 1.0 - JavaScript Photo Gallery Maker for FREE 
Creating a photo gallery is a pretty simple process with our free Web Photo Gallery Maker. Just drug&drop all photos you need, add descriptions, select the look of your future gallery, save your project and export gallery via FTP or to a local drive.

Japplis Website Optimizer For Mac 2.0 - Reduce the size of your web site. 
Japplis Website Optimizer is a tool that will reduce the size of your web pages, css and Javascript.

Advanced RSS2Email Premier 3.1.57 - Convert RSS and XML files to HTML 
Advanced RSS2Email allows you to automatically publish aggregated news pages or articles on your website.

Javascript Menu Master 2.8 - Create Javascript Menus quickly and easily. 
Javascript Menu Master helps you create simple but effective and attractive pulldown menus for your website in a friendly, visual environment. Easily control menu appearance, content, and functionality with little or no programming experience.

Web 2.0 Directory CMS 1.0 - Web 2.0 directory - content management system 
Web 2.0 directory is a content management system (CMS) based on the architectural features of directory advertisement in e-bisness.

ASP Did You Mean 3.00 - ASP DidYouMean - The search query spell check 
ASP Did You Mean provides international spell-checking for search queries. You can easily integrate this functionality with your web site, intranet or portal. The component closely resembles the "Did You Mean...?" feature seen on Google. ASP.

dbQwikSite Express 5.2 - ASP/ Web Code Generator 
Amazingly powerful web site builder. You can create data driven web pages with ease. Just say "No!" to learning programming. dbQwikSite writes all your code for you. Works with all types of databases and web servers. Choose from ASP, and PHP.

Photo Packager 1.6 - Create HTML album for your photos quickly. 
PhotoPackager can organize and create HTML album for your photos easily and professional, it creates richness and colorful description for each photo. Publish it on the Internet and share to your friends with zipped package easily.

HTML Converter Pro 2.3 - HTML to PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP, JavaScript, Text 
HTML Converter Pro is a powerful tool for web developers that takes a Web page (HTML file) and instantly converts it to PHP, Perl, ASP, JSP, JavaScript and Text. The converting file looks exactly like the original HTML file. Converter supports CSS.

Fly Help 6.7 - Create your first HTML Help in 10 seconds. 
Fly Help is an authoring tool for Help document authors, technical writers, and developers to create online help. The program provides an easy way to create HTML Help, Web Help ( Browser-based Help ).

Sexy Girl Clipart 1.0 - Sexy girl clipart for your website or app! 
Sexy Girl Clipart is a collection of professionally drawn and very high-quality icons depicting young and sexy women of various nationalities and styles. The set is ideal for web design (social networking and dating sites) and creation of templates.

dbQwikSite Professional 5.2 - ASP/ Web Code Generator 
Amazingly powerful web site builder. You can create data driven web pages with ease. Just say "No!" to learning programming. dbQwikSite writes all your code for you. Works with all types of databases and web servers. Creates ASP, and PHP.

dbQwikSite - ASP PHP Web Code Generator 
Amazingly powerful web site builder. Create data driven web pages with ease. Just say "No!" to hours of learning and programming. dbQwikSite writes all your code for you. Works with popular databases and web servers. Creates ASP, and PHP.

Internet TV & Radio Player 5.5.2 - Watch TV and listen radio stations on your PC 
Watch 2000+ TV channels and listen 4500+ free online radio stations on your PC!

the TAB 2.2 - Vector based 2D animation software 
The TAB has been created to satisfy the needs of cartoon artists, animation designers and web-animation companies who need a quick and powerful tool for their creations, eliminating the tedious slowness of the hand-drawn animation.

RainbowGround 1.1 - Background image generator. 
Utility for wallpaper image creation. It produces periodic, tileable images based on user-given or randomly generated color factor values. It can save resulting images as Web background (*.jpg) or as Windows background (*.bmp).

Jvw Popup maker and Dhtml AD generator 1.0 - Create Javascript popup window ad 
Javascript popup window ads done Effectively with Jvw popup maker and dhtml ad generator

vPerformer 2.2 - Load and performance testing for web apps 
vPerformer is a load and performance testing product for web applications. vPerformer reveals the behavior of your web application when it is subject to a large load.

Easy Web Link Ultra 1.0.01 - Easy Web Link Ultra 
Easy Web Link Ultra is a cost-effective text-link Ads suite based on 200 different business websites (which has over 5,500,000 unique visitors per month).

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