PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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FlashImage 1.5.18 - Convert image series to Flash SWF Video 
FlashImage is a simple but at the same time powerful software. FlashImage allows you to create Image SWF file from common digital pics. You can select a list of Images in various formats and convert them to SWF Images in a click.

Ghost Monitor 1.2 - Free webcam software tuned for ghost hunting 
Ghost Monitor is a FREE software that uses webcams and microphones to capture images of paranormal manifestations. This software has been tuned to perform under conditions we expect ghosts and spirits to manifest.

JS Image Scroller and Menu Builder Suite 3.0 - Powerful creator of functional web scrollers! 
Sothink JavaScript Web Scroller creates scrollers including ads, events, news, slide shows, etc. Scroller will detect the browser's window size and fit the window automatically. Well integrate with Dreamweaver, FrontPage, Expression Web and GoLive.

ASP NET PayPal Control for Website Payments Standard - ASP.NET PayPal Control - Website Payments Std 
ASP.NET Web Form Control/ASP.NET MVC Component for PayPal Website Payments Standard integration. It can generate Encrypted Website Payment Buttons on the fly. OOP Interface for buttons BuyNow, Donation, Shopping Cart, Subscriptions, IPN & PDT

Acnezine Solution 1.0 - Acne Solution? 
Acne Solution? Official website to receive your FREE bottle of Acnezine Acne treatment.

Digital Gatekeeper 1.0 - Preserve the security of your digital product 
Digital Gatekeeper is an invaluable companion for those who deal with digital products as it empowers the webmaster with the ability to place specific restrictions on downloads. This software will effectively protect the integrity of your products.

VSC PRO+ - ASP store - With built-in SEO 
Start with one store now, add MoreStores as you are ready to expand. Robust, easy-to-use SEO tools, marketing and promotion features, and mobile-commerce ready . Big Library of add-ons and plug-ins. Over 500 out-of-the-box features

getPHOTO() PRO 2.0.9300.171 - The Fastest, Easiest Way to Download Photos 
getPHOTO() PRO works by scanning the pages of a user-selected website (specified in the project properties) downloading, comparing and ultimately saving matching photos to a location on your computer.

Convert Pdf to Website 6.9 - pdf to html,pdf to htm,pdf to website 
Convert Pdf to Website instantly converts Pdf file into browser-friendly Html webpage at a rather speedy rate. The tool processes the conversion providing high quality output without losing the content of the Pdf files

XFacebook 1.1.6 - Connect Magento online store to Facebook 
The direct connection to Facebook will let your customers share instantly their shopping experience to their Facebook friends networks while being updated of order status modification.

Snapshot Synopsis 1.0 - Quick and easy thumbnail snapshot creation. 
Snapshot Synopsis is a simple desktop application that allows you to capture multiple screenshots at one go of all your webpages or your affiliates webpages! This amazing software also allows you to quickly get hold of the fresh snapshot immediately.

Website Downtime Monitoring Software - Utility tracks response time of any web site 
Affordable website analyzer application has flexible option to detect all your web related server error in very short time interval. Download website downtime monitoring software facilitates user to check about different websites current performance.

Free Website Monitoring Software - Software check website online/offline status 
Web server performance observer application effectively evaluates website performance on web in cost effective and reliable manner. Free website monitoring software is capable to generate and update numerous profiles at a time for website monitoring.

Backlink Checker Software - Backlink checker software checks inward links 
Download powerful and efficient website backlink checker software that empowers user to monitor their website links availability over advertiser website pages in real time and analyze websites popularity and performance over World Wide Web.

Cache PHP Pages Zdr 1.0 - Cache PHP Pages Zdr - speed up your web site 
"Cache PHP Pages Zdr" - speed up your web site, decrease CPU load on your web hosting account - Free PHP script. Improve your web site with this highly improved algorithm. Works with dynamic web pages and frequently used POST and GET parameters.

Website Uptime Monitoring Software - Application tracks website performance on WWW 
Web server downtime tracker application is excellent way to monitor websites present working position on WWW (World Wide Web). Website uptime monitoring software smoothly works with HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTPS and other similar web services.

Website Backlink Checker - Website backlink checker give realtime status 
Developer offers website backlink checker software that facilitates user to monitor their website links over advertiser web pages in real time and analyze sites popularity and performance over internet according to inline and outgoing website links.

Safari Password Recovery 1.0.0 - Password Recovery for Safari. 
Safari Password Recovery instantly retrieves the login and password information user accounts stored in Apple Safari Web Browser.

ArtistScope Site Protection System 1.0 - Copy protected all web content and media 
ArtistScope Site Protection System provides the most secure copy protection for web pages, images, html, source code, Flash, movies, PDF, database records and other web content without data leakage and other exploits enabled by modern web browsers.

AmericanoRaptor 1.0.11 - From webpage to database in one click 
AmericanoRaptor USA, Canada and Mexico, captures data on web pages (yellow, super, etc.) and saves it to Excel.

Inspyder OrFind 3.1.3 - Find and remove unused website files. 
Detect and delete orphaned files from your web server. OrFind helps you recover wasted space and remove old web content by analyzing your website link structure and detecting unused files. You can clean up your entire website in minutes with OrFind!

Web Server Performance Monitoring - Tool monitors website online/offline status 
Web server uptime analyzer utility is specially designed and developed for measuring website performance on regular time interval. Web server performance monitoring software keeps constant watch on URL activity and notifies you when any error occurs.

LightBox Advancer Expression Web Addin - Add Lightbox to website without hand coding. 
Advanced LightBox Expression Web add-in with LivePreview function that helps to easily insert the LightBox into your web pages. It is designed to view the pictures in the popup lightbox-style windows.No hand coding is required.

DTChristmasTree 2010a - Animated Desktop Christmas Tree 
Animated Desktop Christmas Tree. Mirror Download Link

Iphoto 1.9 b67 - Download pictures from web or internet 
Iphoto is an internet picture downloader to download pictures, photos, images, JPG, GIF from web or internet. It analyzes the web site, finds the pictures and photos (JPG,GIF) and downloads them to hard disk. It makes picture download a fun task.

GFI WebMonitor 2011 - Internet monitoring, web security 
GFI WebMonitor monitors Internet access, reports on users’ website browsing habits and downloads, while providing web security features such as antivirus, malware and phishing protection in real-time for SMEs.

PG Events software JUN.2011 - Event registration and event portal software 
An outstanding and yet simple event registration software for publishing events online, bringing registrations, collecting payments, receiving feedbacks, etc. The system is template driven, PHP based and installed on your Web server.

Mergemill Pro 4.0 - Versatile data processing and migration tool. 
Mergemill Pro is a versatile data processing, transformation, and migration tool. It works essentially by merging templates with data feeds to generate the desired output, such as webpages.

PG Matchmaking Pro MAR.2011 - Matchmaking script for ready Matchmaking Site 
Establish online presence with PG Matchmaking Pro site. Registrations & contact requests. Control your clients & database online in admin mode! Attractive design, multilanguage, free support and installation, hosting and customization services!

Total Privacy 5.90 - Free up disk space and protect your privacy 
Total Privacy Provides the Most Advanced Information Removal Solution for Protection Against Today's Malicious Online and Offline Threats.

eLMS Pro MAR.2011 - SCORM compliant Learning Management System 
Complete software package includes everything you need to launch successful e-learning company. It allows building and offering learning material, importing SCORM compliant courses, self-planning learning activities, tracking online.

PG Portal Pro MAR.2011 - Turnkey Web Portal Website script. 
PG Portal Pro is turnkey portal software. It lets you start your Portal Web Site with many advanced features. PG Portal Pro is a perfect solution for City, Community, Business or Corporate portal. Easy to install and manage, free support!

Websites for Salons 1.0 - A website builder for hair salons 
A website builder for hair salons. Create a stunning website for your salon with our easy to use website builder and tools. Feature photos of your creations, communicate your prices, specials, and contact information with your customers.

Table2CSS Converter 3.10.4 - Converts HTML with tables to tableless CSS 
A SEO tool that converts pages with HTML table code to tableless CSS. It helps you to : Reduce the percentage of HTML markup in your pages. Reduce the overall size of your web pages. Replace complex table layout in your website with simpler code.

Ez4file (Personal Edition) 1.3.0 - Access and manage files worldwide by browser. 
The Ez4file allows you to access and manage files woldwide using a Web broswer. It features with Virtual Directory, password encryption, 100+ MB file upload, bulk file/folder copy/paste/delete, clipboard view/clear. It is an alternative to FTP.

Website Server Monitoring - Tool easily tracks websites downtime status 
Website analyzer application observes website performance over the internet and inform you when your website not on the web. Website server monitoring software tracks uptime, downtime, ping status of websites placed on server at any remote location.

Ez4file (Standard Edition) 1.3.0 - Access and manage files worldwide by browser. 
The Ez4file allows you to access and manage files woldwide using a Web broswer. It features with Virtual Directory, password encryption, 100+ MB file upload, bulk file/folder copy/paste/delete, clipboard view/clear. It is an alternative to FTP.

Create Application Tool 5.6 - Create database application & Web application 
Database application and Web application development tools - Longtion Application Builder: The easiest way to create database applications and Web applications without writing any code.

Linking The Web 2.0 - Free tool to monitor backlinks to your site 
"Linking The Web" is a free utility that regularly monitors all backlinks to your sites. If some of the links don't exist, contain wrong anchor, are covered by a "nofollow" flag or hidden by robots.txt then you will be immediately notified by email.

MyMovies PHP Movie Listings Script 1 - PHP movie times script. 
PHP movie times script instantly adds zipcode searchable movie listings to your site. Super easy configuration and customization. This script is recommended for small websites.

ASPMaker 9.0 - Generate ASP from database. 
ASPMaker is a powerful automation tool that can generate a full set of ASP (Active Server Pages) quickly from a Microsoft Access Database or any Data Source that supports ADO.

Advanced Host Monitor 8.86 - Award-winning network monitoring software 
HostMonitor is a system management tool that continuously monitors servers availability and performance. It has 62 test methods, 30 alert methods, highly flexible report and log manager. Package includes Log Analyzer, Web Service and other utilities.

Webpage Thumbnail Creator 2/0 - Capture websites screenshot from any URL. 
Webpage Thumbnail Creator is a software that helps you: • Convert your local HTML, MHTML or TEXT files to images. • Capture websites screenshot from any URL. • Generate thumbnails of web pages. • Get website list from a remote server

Frontpage Menu Add In 5.7 - Create a dropdown menu in Frontpage add-in! 
Vista Buttons Menu Add-in for Frontpage (Expression Web) allows you to create modern, fast, and powerfull menu navigation, directly in Frontpage. Create, modify, add web menu to your website without leaving your favorite web design tool!

Win Parental Control Free 2.0 - Win Parental Control Software Free 
Win Parental Control Software is a free comprehensive Web Filtering Software with Parental Controls. e Parental Control Software will keep your children safe while surfing the internet. With e Parental Control you have the ability to block website

Metamorphosis Design Webmaster's Kit 1.0.1 - Free CSS/Flash templates and Wordpress themes 
Metamorphosis Design presents its own free collection of the best CSS/flash templates and Wordpress Themes.

Inspyder InSite 3.1.4 - Check your website for broken links! 
Check virtually any website for broken link and spelling mistakes, fast! InSite is powerful, yet easy to use. Just enter a website URL and click Go! It checks all links in one pass. Find problems with your website you didn't know were there.

Animated Chart 2.2.1 - Flash charts with animation for your website 
Flash charts made easy. Software for generating animated interactive Flash charts and graphs for publishing to websites. Making graphs with Animated Chart is simple and quick and doesn't require any special knowledge of Flash or HTML.

Visitor Footprints 1.0 - Real time visitor tracking solution. 
Visitor Footprints is a tracking script which installs on your web server and ,when setup, reports directly to a viewable interface on your desktop. This software will enable you to instantly see referring websites, keywords used by visitors, etc.

Nihuo Web Log Analyzer for Mac OSX 4.06 - Professional web log analyzer for Mac OSX 
By telling you where your web site visitors come from, which pages are most popular, and which search engine phrases brought visitors to your web site, you can make your site a more effective sales machine.

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