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Book Tracker Collector Edition 5.1 - Easily organize a book collection or library. 
A book organizer program for the book collector or small library. Book Tracker is designed to be simple to use, yet feature rich. Features include librarian custom fields, search, librarian fields, a graphic field, help, file export to .csv, etc.

Amblyopia ABC 2011 - Treatment software of children Amblyopia 
Amblyopia ABC is a treatment of 3-12 year-old children with lazy eye software,It is Tenglnet companies and the amblyopia Institute of Cruz University jointing R & D, The general needs of the treatment of amblyopia in the age of 12 before treatment.

Charlie and Arnaud 1.0 - 2 award winning e-picture books 1 great price 
Two award winning e-picture books that delight both children and adults in a wonderfully offbeat and moving way. Arnaud and his dog, Charlie, introduce us to their home town with all of its wonderful characters. Adventures and fun follow.

Arnaud, the Boy Who... 1.0 - A highly offbeat E-picture book for everyone. 
Arnaud follows his own path and does what he wants. This does not endear him to the grownups in his life. Where will his disobedience lead? The answer to that question will surprise one and all. This offbeat story is destined to become a classic.

The Magic Carpet and the Cement Wall 1 - children's fantasy adventure ebook 
The Magic Carpet and the Cement Wall, a fantasy adventure for kids from 8 to 92.

Beowulf Interactive 2 - Beowulf Interactive for Secondary Classrooms 
Teach Beowulf the Anglo/Saxon folk epic with software for the classroom. Instead of using textbooks, students learn about Beowulf, early medieval history, etc. with audio, texts, questions, and complete data tracking. Classroom or lab use!

Arts and Literature Quiz 1.0 - Think you know a lot about Arts & Literature? 
Think you know a lot about Arts & Literature? Take the Arts & Literature Quiz to find out what kind of whiz you are. After a few rounds, you will know much more about the world of Arts & Literature.

Chinese Tales and Fables - Classic Chinese Tales and Fables 
Chinese Tales and Fables is an illustrated e-book with Chinese art and enhanced with Chinese classical music. Each fable is a brief story, contained on a single page with an implied common-sense moral.

Family Gift Package 1.0 - Notecards, posters, organizer, e-picture book 
Great gift for the entire family. Something for everyone. Includes award winning note cards, posters, organizer, calendar and e-picture book. Ideal for Christmas, birthdays or any holiday or occasion. Send to an individual or the entire family.

GUNNER24 Action Sheet 2 - Trade the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method! 
The GUNNER24 Action Sheet consolidates all guidelines pertaining to the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method that are relevant to you on just 5 pages. It will help you focus as a cheat sheet while trading on the basis of the of the GUNNER24 Forecasting Method

Ambrose Bierce Selected Works - A perfect tool to study the works of A Bierce 
This great ebook opens the world of Ambrose G. Bierce by providing texts of the Fantastic Fables, Can Such Things Be, An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories, all hyperlinked to the famous Devil's Dictionary.

Complete Macbeth Interactive 1.2 - Macbeth Interactive for Secondary Students 
Here is a computer program for an intense study of Macbeth, uncovering the entire play scene by scene. Study from and answer questions on Shakespeare's original sources, the geography of Scotland appertaining to the play, and much more!

Fables et Contes chinois 3.0.0 - Chinese Tales and Fables ebook (French) 
French version of Chinese Tales and Fables is an illustrated e-book with Chinese art and enhanced with Chinese classical music. Each fable is a brief story, contained on a single page with an implied common-sense moral.

A Day With Charlie 1.0 - A wonderfully offbeat and moving picture book 
Spend a day with Charlie in this wonderfully offbeat and moving picture book as our favorite terrier introduces his hometown while performing a valuable service. Children of all ages will love this rare and unusual book. Comes with 6 bonus posters.

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