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Kay Borglum 1.0 - Kay Borglum uses her love of science 
Kay Borglum uses her love of science and the environment in her classroom as a Science Teacher

EasyNN-plus 14.0 - Create, train, validate, query neural network 
EasyNN-plus is a neural network system for Microsoft Windows. It makes the creation of neural networks easy. It allows the user to produce multilayer neural networks from a grid or from text files and images.

Prep2Pass 646-589 Exam Questions and Answers 2.0 - Free 646-589 questions and answers. 
Download free 646-589 questions and answers. 646-589 exam questions are ultimate solution for your certification. All 646-589 exam materials are with money back guarantee. Download free demo.

FindGraph 2.33 - Simplify the task of curve fitting. 
FindGraph is a graphing, curve-fitting, and digitizing tool for engineers, scientists and business. Discover the model that best describes your data.

Prep2Pass 642-974 Exam Questions and Answers 2.0 - Free 642-974 questions and answers. 
Download free 642-974 questions and answers. 642-974 exam questions are ultimate solution for your certification. All 642-974 exam materials are with money back guarantee. Download free demo.

Prep2Pass 646-011 Exam Questions and Answers 2.0 - Free 646-011 questions and answers. 
Download free 646-011 questions and answers. 646-011 exam questions are ultimate solution for your certification. All 646-011 exam materials are with money back guarantee. Download free demo.

KundaliniYoga 1.0 - Kundalini Yoga is a spiritual variant of yoga 
The spinal column of humans has seven energy centers or chakras which have the following names: Muladhara Chakra, Svadhishthana Chakra, Manipura Chakra, Anahata Chakra, Visuddhi Chakra, Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra. The purpose of Kundalini yoga

Science Manual 1.01 - Science Manual 
Science Manual is combination of Unit Convert, Scientific Constants and Chemical Elements.

ChemLab 2.5.1 - ChemLab Lab Simulation 
ChemLab allows users to quickly perform chemistry labs, while emphasizing the critical principles and techniques of experimental chemistry. It is ideal for distance learning, demonstrations, lab run-through, pre-lab work, hazardous or expensive labs.

Math Mechanixs - A scientific math and graphing tool. 
General purpose math software and expression editor for mathematical analysis, with scientific calculator, function library and function solver, 2D and 3D graphing, histograms, pareto charts, calculus, curve fitting, matrices, root finding and more.

cheaper electricity 1.0 - Cheaper electricity bills. 
Cheaper electricity bills. Save on electricity. Lower your utility bills now. Employ any of these fast tips now to reduce your costs each and every day.

The Master Key System Home Study Course 1.0 - Law of Attraction | The Master Key System 
Law of Attraction | The Master Key System is a personal self development course written in the early 1900's. Charles F Haanel has been heralded as the God Father of personal development with his Law of Attraction course. The Master Key System.

VistaMetrix 1.36 - Quantitative data extraction from graphics. 
Data extraction from a graphical image where the data used to produce that image is unavailable. Provides tools overlaying the image to extract graph values, distances, areas, angles, or color values. Values can be saved to XLS or TXT files.

Magic mnemonic 012 - Improve word and digital mnemonic memory 
Mnemonic game, you can improve your facilities of human mind concentration word and digital mnemonic memory. You needn't practice sophisticate exercises; it is just enough to study this training.

TRANSDAT 14.12 - TRANSDAT - Coordinate conversion 
TRANSDAT Coordinate Conversion supports thousands of coordinate systems and geodetic datum shifts, user-defined systems, INSPIRE, NTv2, BeTA2007, GPS, continental drift, many file systems, ESRI-Shape and much more with highest accuracy.

KleoQC 0.9.1 - Verify medical display conformance 
Verify if a medical display conformance to standards like AAPM TG-18, DIN 6868-57, JESRA, IEC. For verification measurements and visual verifications are done. Reports can be printed and exported as PDF. See

Advanced Pathway Painter 2.26 - Display pathways for gene/protein experiments 
This program visualizes pathways. The user can display any kind of quantitative data from gene and protein experiments directly within the pathways (colours represent the value). Automatic pathway update from KEGG, BioCarta and GenMAPP.

WinConverter 3.1 - A unit conversion program. 
WinConverter is a unit conversion program. The version 3.1 is pre-configured to convert 1500 units in 78 categories. If you find out WinConverter lacks a unit you need, it is easy to add your custom unit or category.

Abound Screensaver 1.0 - Balls bound around your screen 
Abound will mesmerize you for hours on end with its colorful balls flying around the screen, bouncing off one another, swirling around and into black holes, in infinitely unique patterns. The elegant beauty of physics will soothe and relax you.

ConceptDraw 7.5 - Discover the world of visual communication 
ConceptDraw 7 is a powerful diagramming and drawing tool that enables you effectively visualize and communicate information and processes.

SensorKleen Pro 2.1.2 - SensorKleen Pro removes dust from DSLR camera 
SensorKleen Pro removes sensor dust and debris from Digital SLR camera images - automatically!

Random Test Generator-PRO 8.3 - Create Tests from Randomly Selected Questions 
Create screen, paper or Internet tests based on randomly selected questions from large databanks. Allows the use of graphics, animations and sounds in any test question. Create an unlimited amount of questions and databanks.

LaTexMng 2.0 - Shell for creation of LaTeX documents 
LaTexMng is easy to use product of integrated development environment software for Windows. This application integrates all the tools, needed to the creation of LaTeX documents.

Numerology 1.2 - Numerology calculator for Windows. 
Elegant numerology analysis application for PC desktop. Print 6 page personal, company or special events analysis. Check love matching. Name numerology, date calculation, matching analysis. Send explanations by e-mail or print them.

Pension Actuary 5.4 - Calculate your pension 
The program allows you calculate pension annuities and/or pension contributions for non-state pension funds, based on actuary mathematics. The software can use various gender stats, investment rates to execute calculations for pension schemes

EarthBrowser 3.2.1 - Dynamic 3-D model of the earth 
An innovative earth simulation that combines an easy to navigate 3 dimensional globe with real-time weather, live earthquakes, webcams, volcanoes and current cloud formations. Great educational tool, a must have for avid weather watchers!

gk05-Jigsaw-abcolut 6 - Jig saw puzzle Were you to physically instant 
Jig saw puzzle Were you to physically instantiate this tileset very easy to do, the result would be a very simple universal computer in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Bible jigsaw book. bible jigsaw book. candle books manufactured by. jig saw puzzle.

ConceptDraw for Mac 7.6 - Discover the world of visual communication 
ConceptDraw 7 is a powerful diagramming and drawing tool that enables you effectively visualize and communicate information and processes.

Earth 3D Screensaver 1.2 - Turn your monitor into a space 
Turn your monitor into a realistic space shuttle window! Our planet looks exactly as it's seen by astronauts. You see the blackness of outer space with sparks of stars on it. You are flying around the Earth, a colorful ball with a veil of atmosphere.

Animated Wallpaper: Space Wormhole 3D 1.21 - Add life to your desktop wallpaper! 
Add life to your desktop wallpaper! Space Wormhole 3D is an animated wallpaper which will fascinate you with the impressing flight through an space wormhole. It will also act as a screen saver with an space wormhole effect.

Weird Fractals Free Screensaver 1.0.1 - Decorate your screen with this amazing saver. 
Decorate your screen with this amazing Weird Fractals Free Screensaver. It shows you off the long set of fractal images having very unusual forms and nice pure colors and hues. These images are so weird and make the strong push to your imagination.

gk06-Jigsaw-abcolut 6 - Jig saw Games and puzzles middot books and mo 
Jig saw Games and puzzles middot books and movies middot fun and games message boards middot humor and hobbies middot aarp radio programs. read past issues. current, november , . Jigsaw is an umbrella group for child abuse preventions services and

Classroom Matching Smartboard Games 1.0.4 - white board games/activities 
Games/activities for kids: games that teach with matching and categorizing for lesson plans. Games and learning for the classroom review. Drag and drop games using a smartboard in schools. Education review for the classroom digital LCD projector.

PDF Sorter 1.1 - Organize your PDF documents with easy 
Organize your PDF documents in the same way as documents in your office. Prograce PDF Sorter will free you from routine work and put your documents in order. Free Trial.

Asynx Planetarium 2.61 - See stars and planets as well as moon phase. 
Asynx Planetarium is a easy to use planetarium program and solar system simulator. It can display the night sky from any location on earth and between the year 1760 and 9999. Perfect for students, kids and astronomy beginners. Try it, it's free !

Well Logger 2.7.9 - Draft soil boring and well construction logs. 
Well Logger lets you create soil boring logs and well construction diagrams. Project engineers and geologists can use Well Logger on a laptop at the worksite to quickly complete necessary documentation -- usually during available drilling downtime.

Avoirdupois Weight Measure Converter 1.0 - Easy Avoirdupois Weight Measure Converter 
Download Free Avoirdupois Weight Measure Converter: ounces, grains, drams, pounds, stones, quarter, cental, cwt, ton.

ConceptDraw Office MAC 1.2 - ConceptDraw Office 
ConceptDraw Office is the comprehensive toolset aimed at helping knowledge workers in businesses of any size to streamline daily work and to increase competitive edge with intelligent approach to organization of information flow in business processes

gk01-Jigsaw-abcolut 6 - Jigsaw puzzles click on the number of pieces 
Jigsaw puzzles click on the number of pieces you want in the puzzle. gtgt fractal puzzle image middot middot fractal puzzle image. They might have cut class. they might have gone late to work. and after having seen a man rip his sewn mouth open a

Linear Algebra 2 - Computations associated with matrices 
Performs computations associated with matrices: Solves systems of linear equations, finds sum, difference, product, determinant, trace, inverse, adjoint, transpose, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, LU factors, QR factors, tests for definiteness, etc.

Kalkulator 2.41 - The Mother of All Calculators, period. 
Advanced Sci/Eng calculator. Expression evaluation, 18 digits precision, variables, >100 functions, graphs, unit conversion, interpolation, polynomial regression, linear algebra, systems of linear, nonlinear and differential equations, optimization.

Electronics and Mechanics 10 - Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. 
Comprehensive electronics, mechanics engineering educational software package where the high quality graphics are redrawn to reflect every user change.

StatAssist 2.0 - Distribution calculator and grapher. 
View graphs and related properties of more than 40 probability distributions, calculate statistical moments, quantiles, and probabilities depending on the distribution parameters.

gk10-Jigsaw-abcolut 6 - Jigsaw puzzle supplier directory 
Jigsaw puzzle supplier directory over registered importers and exporters. jigsaw puzzle suppliers from china and around the world, jigsaw puzzle, . The official wc javabased web server. wc is the www standards body. with a modular architecture an

DataFit 9.0 - Curve fitting and data plotting software. 
DataFit is a tool for performing curve fitting, statistical analysis & data plotting. Fit equations with up to 100 parameters to data with up to 20 independent variables. Define your own equations or choose from over 600 pre-defined equations.

Ultimate Advantage Calculator 2.0 - Ultimate Unit Aware Scientific Calculator 
Ultimate Advantage™ combines all of the features of our other calculators. It is a Unit Aware™ calculator that lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values and includes advanced math functions, automatic solvers, and much more.

bonsai03 1 - bonsai Yorkshire terrier terrier years of sel 
bonsai Yorkshire terrier terrier years of selection and champions with. offers bonsai native British trees and tools to buy online, plus care tips and photos of bonsai trees developing over time. based west sussex. selection of indoor and outdoor bon

SwingNN 3.0 - Forcast the future 
Your data is imported into a grid and used to train a neural network. The input values are forced to swing beyond their limits. The output values are forecasted by the neural network.

Scientific Advantage Calculator 2.0 - Unit Aware Scientific Calculator 
Scientific Advantage™ is a Unit Aware™ calculator that lets you work with feet-inch-fraction dimensional values and includes advanced math functions, automatic solvers, and much more.

HandyAvi 4.3 - Software for surveillance, science, astronomy 
Use any webcam to make time-lapse, motion-detect, meteor trail planetary or animation movies. Use for science, surveillance or astronomy. HandyAvi has a built-in movie viewer, movie editor and Meade telescope control system for astronomy users.

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