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Construction Advantage Calculator 2.0 - Ultimate Pocket PC Construction Calculator 
The Ultimate Builder's Construction Calculator for your Desktop, Notebook, and PocketPC.

HomeSchool Academy - KS2 Science Skills 1.1 - Homeschool Academy Educational Software 
Key Stage 2 Science Skills introduces the fundamentals of natural sciences, including Nature & Biology, Chemistry, Energy and Materials. Students will develop an understanding of each topic and learn about the natural and chemical processes.

DPlot - Graphing software 
Graphing software for scientists, engineers, and students. It features multiple scaling types, including linear, logarithmic, and probability scales, as well as several special purpose XY graphs and contour plots of 3D data.

20sim Viewer - 20-sim Viewer 
An advanced modeling and simulation program for dynamic systems from the same lab as Tutsim. Easy-to-use and powerfull package for mechatronics, robotics, control engineering, mechanics, hydraulics, etc. From the same lab as Tutsim.

Science Teacher Helper 2.0 - Easily add Scientific Graphs & Charts to word 
Science Teacher Helper was designed with a single purpose in mind - to save you time when editing math, chemistry and physics in documents. You can easily add 1200 functions, graphs and charts of physical, chemical and math into MS WORD document.

Click Clock 2.7.6 - Clock, Calendar, Weather, Astronomy, & More! 
Animated weather radar & satellite, local temperature in tray, local weather, internet time sync, sun/moon rise, map, animated moon phase, planets, eclipse, equinox/solstice, meteors, dictionary, thesaurus, calculator, full year calendar, 27 holidays

JustNN 3.0 - Create, train, validate, query neural network 
JustNN is a neural network system for Microsoft Windows. It makes the creation of neural networks easy. It allows the user to produce multilayer neural networks from a grid or from text files and images.

Precise IQ Test 1.0 - Precise iq test with multiple options. 
Precise IQ quiz that estimates your intelligence. It also contains special program that allows you to improve your iq test score. That program is very simple yet powerful. At the program's homepage you can also find several extremely difficult tests

Without A Trace 3.0 - "Without A Trace" - Forensic Science Software 
"Without a Trace" is a layman's guide to Forensic Sciences. Microsoft Windows Platform Software. Who should purchase this software? Are you a CSI Fan? Have you ever wondered, "Can they really do that"?

SLGallery 1.2 - Calculate probabilities distribution easily! 
Use this unique probability distribution calculation toolbox featuring 11 continuous and 4 discrete functions to plot graph and find values for probability density, cumulative distribution (CDF), survival and Hazard functions. Download for FREE!

Atoms, Bonding and Structure 2.0 - Interactive multimedia Chemistry tutor. 
Unique interactive multimedia Chemistry teaching software. Topics include: elements, compounds, mixtures, atomic structure, ionic bonding, covalent bonding, bond energies and the Periodic Table.

Computing and Information Technology 10 - Computing and Information Technology 
Comprehensive computer science educational software package, where the graphics and calculations are updated to reflect every user change.

Scabery Expression Calculator 2.0.4 - Powerfullexpression calculator with variables 
Expression calculator with variables, mortgage calculator and base conversion. Support save and load variables and history. Tray icon and stay on top options.

Ionic Bonding 1.0 - Interactive Chemistry teaching software. 
Chemistry teaching software which simulates the bonding of Ionic compounds on screen. Learn how Ionic compounds are formed by atoms gaining and losing electrons. Includes a reference section to support students learning.

Abominable Fluffy Slippers 1.00 - You're Fluffy Slippers the abominable snowman 
You are Fluffy Slippers ... an abominable snowman! It's your job to take the great slide across the chasm and recharge the ice caverns! Only the fittest of abominable snowmen have made it!

ActivityMaker 2 2.03 - A variey of printable vocabulary activities 
Creates instant multiple-choice Spelling Quizzes, Flash Cards, Vocab Bingo cards, Concentration Games, Vocab Coloring Sheets, Bulletin Board Signs, Blackout Puzzles, Handwriting Practice Worksheets, CLOZE worksheets, Vocabulary Mazes, and more!

Abacus Math Writer 4.0 - For Mathematical and Scientific equations. 
MathWriter is a java stand-alone program that allows for the production of, Mathematical, Scientific and Engineering equations and formulae.Schoolteachers and Lecturers will find MathWriter useful for producing notes, reports and test papers.

3D BioMolecula Pack 1.0 - 3D molecules in screensaver and as wallpaper. 
This program is an unique combination of two other programs - screensaver and desktop wallpaper generator, which show real 3D models of biological molecules.

Boolean Network Modeller 1.0 - A tool for modelling biological systems. 
A tool for modelling biological systems through boolean networks. Can represent and execute biological models.

Doctor Aquarium 2010 - Aquarium Data Acquisition Control Software 
Doctor Aquarium, an innovative aquarium automation assistant that monitors the health of your aquarium and takes actions so it will not get sick. It works with standard X10 home automation modules, and can measue pH, Temperature, Light Levels, Sound

Area Measure Converter 1.0 - Easy Area Measure Conversions 
Download Free Measure Converter: sq foot, sq yard, sq rod, sq chain, rod, acre, sq mile. Area Measure Conversions.

BioMolecula 3D ScreenSaver 1.1 - Shows real 3D models of biological molecules. 
This screensaver shows real 3D models of biological molecules in dynamics. Your screen will look like screens of computers in science fiction films! Six molecules are available in the current version: four prototypes of DNA and two proteins.

StarStrider 2.8.6 - Software planetarium,see the stars & planets! 
StarStrider is a software planetarium that utilizes 3D-technology in order to show you not only the planets and satellites of our solar system, but also galaxies, nebulas, and hundreds of thousand of stars - in real-time 3D.

Hankering Habitats 1.0.0 - Game about habitats and organisms. 
The purpose of this game is to teach students about the habitats (biomes) that exist on Earth and the organisms that live in them. It is targeted toward upper elementary and middle school students.

gk03-Jigsaw-abcolut 6 - Free new jigsaw puzzles daily with increasing 
Free new jigsaw puzzles daily with increasing ifficulty and optional rotation. Treasuressea is a literature based unit about the ocean. it contains web based lesson plans, interactive games, puzzles and quizzes, print activities, . From pesach t

BrainStimPro Binaural Generator 4.0 - Binaural Brainwave Stimulator 4.0 300 Options 
Binaural Brainwave Stimulator 4.0 16 color strobe sets 300 Options (BrainStimPro) Using adjustable freq, base frequency, modulation, duration, programmable color strobe, 4 waveforms, feq sweeps/Ramps plus much more.

DogFight 3.0 - The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey. 
DogFight is a screensaver with 3D rendered graphics. The Enterprise takes on a Bird of Prey in a desktop dogfight. v2.3 has new rerendered graphics for smoother animation. v3.0 new features: sound, speed, damage, explosions and new graphics.

PrimeExam 1.2.2 - PrimeExam generates random exams. 
Join dozens of teaching institutions now using the power of PrimeExam to dramatically cut the time needed to create exams and tests for any classroom situation. Three PrimeExam products are priced to meet your teaching needs and pocketbook.

Funplot 1.0 - 2D data plotting environment 
2D data plotting environment - consists of a standalone Tool for 2-D visualisation of data files after the data is generated (postprocessing) and an optional C++ graphics library for visualisation of data while data is generated (online processing).

AutoMatting 1.0.0 - AutoMatting-Unique digital mats.. for viewing 
AutoMatting automatically creates a unique mat for each image which is designed to make the photographer's work more attractive and appealing to the customer in a slideshow or viewing mode.

ActivityMaker 3.03 - All-in-one worksheet, puzzle, and quiz maker! 
ActivityMaker is an all-in-one vocabulary worksheet and puzzle creator, making over a dozen different types of worksheets from your words and definitions! Instant quizzes, crossword puzzles, shaped word searches, and much more with just a few clicks!

Mimics Medical Image Processing 12.1 - Mimics Medical Image Processing Software 
Mimics translates CT and MRI scanner data into full 3D models, finite element meshes or rapid prototyping data (STL) within minutes and it allows you to simulate surgical procedures.

Free Medical Dictionary 1.0 - a searchable glossary of medical terminology 
The Free Medical Dictioanry is a searchable glossary of medical terms from almost all specialties and fields of medicine, including: general medical terminology, pharmaceutical drugs, healthcare equipment, health conditions, medical devices and more.

sgCore 1.4 - A new powerful engine for 3D modeling 
SgCore is a new powerful engine for 3D programmers to effectively create and manipulate the most elaborate 3D and 2D objects. It combines excellent 3D modeling functionality with a user-friendly interface and professional 24-hour customer support.

ABF Value Converter 2.3 - ABF Value Converter 
ABF Value Converter is an application for measurement units conversion. This software easily converts various measurement values into any other possible ones. Inches to centimetres, pounds to kilograms, Fahrenheit to Celsius, and so on.

gk09-Jigsaw-abcolut 6 - Online jigsaw puzzles suitable for toddlers, 
Online jigsaw puzzles suitable for toddlers, preschool and kindergarten. Play and fun this free jigsaw cat flash jigsaw puzzle games. jigsaw is the electronic version of the classic jigsaw puzzle game, with pieces shaped. Hcplay interactive and

Only Truth in Science Counts 1.0 - Adventure exploring the Universe we live in. 
Truth in Science Counts is a multimedia, interactive, Adventure in Science, exploring the Universe we live in. Why are we here? Was Darwin right? Did life evolve or was it created? Does radiometric dating prove the earth is billions of years old?

GENOM 2005 3.40 - Microarray analysis for Affymetrix arrays 
Feature rich and user friendly application for analysing array-experiments (e.g. from provider Affymetrix). It includes additional gene information, multiple analysis methods, automatic pathway mapping with an editor, function prediction...

Happy Saint Halloween Clock ScreenSaver 1.1 - There are circles of dance around the inferna 
There are circles of dance around the infernal fire. Set ablaze the sky, we moss extinguished until the morning. On such nights are wide awake animals, and smell the witch that they were going to meet. Go without permission the other doors

DreamCalc DCS Scientific Calculator 4.7.1 - DreamCalc Scientific Calculator 
DreamCalc is the leading Scientific Calculator for Windows that's so realistic it dispenses with the need for a physical hand-held altogether!

Brainwave Entrainment eBook 1.0 - Brainwave Entrainment eBook 
Brainwave Entrainment eBook for Windwos. Free downloadable eBook, Windows compatible. Free Brainwave Entrainment Mp3 Download.

NiceCalc3 Lite 1.0 - NiceCalc3 Lite - Mobile scientific calculator 
NiceCalc3 Lite is an easy-to-use mobile calculator software, actually for symbian operating system and it easily used to perform the basic arithmetic operations and sufficiently comfortable to use as your cell phone calculator.

Group Mailer 1.71 - Top-rated group mailer free download 
Perfect Group Mailer Software is a newsletter and opt-in mailer, which sends out personalized emails to your customers or users that have requested info. Perfect Group Mailer can be plugged into your existing customer database to mail out weekly or..

Large Education Icons 2011.1 - A bright collection of Large Education Icons 
To make the interface of your educational site as engaging and intuitive as possible, all you need is a collection of Large Education Icons. They are readily available online and depict all the commonly used subjects, actions and tasks.

DustKleen 1.0.2 - Got Dust? Get DustKleen 
DustKleen automatically cleans images from any scanner using any media - negatives, slides, and prints

Animated Wallpaper: Space Journey 3D 1.33 - Add life to your desktop wallpaper! 
Add life to your desktop wallpaper! With Animated Wallpaper - Space Journey 3D you will travel at the speed of light through hyperspace tunnels, space wormholes, hyperstars, etc that may bring you to another universe.

Archim 2.0 - Program for drawing all kinds of graphs 
Archim is a program for drawing the graphs of all kinds of functions. You can define a graph explicitly and parametrically, in polar and spherical coordinates, on a plane and in space (surface). Archim will be useful for teachers and students.

Weather Stats (Australian only) 1.4.8 - Australian real time Weather Stats Software 
(FOR AUSTRALIAN WEATHER ONLY) Polls latest Weather Stats at intervals you choose. Data is displayed in a micro banner or System Tray text display (like the clock).

Space Journey 3D Screensaver 1.32 - Screensaver and Animated Wallpaper 
With Space Journey 3D screensaver you will travel at the speed of light through hyperspace tunnels, space wormholes, hyperstars, etc that may bring you to another universe.

Afinador de Guitar-Online - Afinador para instrumentos de cuerda 
Este afinador para instrumentos de cuerda permite afinar su guitarra, mandolina, ukulele, violin, banjo o bajo en afinacion estandar y en varios open-tunings (acordes abiertos).

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