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Your Home Factory

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"Your home factory" is a comparison of processes in a household and processes in business environments. It helps to find similarities and parallels between household and a manufacturing environment. To be able to pick the best tools for our self’s, to learn from processes in a company for home improvement but also to learn from processes in a household to have a good input for improvements in a business environment is the goal. By doing this comparison, “Your home factory” helps to understand the need for more efficient and effective management methodologies on both sides. Those methodologies are the outcome of the basic need to save resources in direct connection to Men, Machine, Material,..... Implementing a "new" kind of methodology into an "old" environment or start doing changes in a given environment or structure can cause misunderstanding, fear, aversion, defensive postures. Why people have aversions to support. Sometimes people have the fear to loose there jobs because we think that increasing the efficiency of "something" will be - in a direct conflict to our own performance, - used to measure our performance, - used to create competition between colleagues or - we have the doubts, whether we can or we can not handle those new tasks, requested by our superiors. Often, people do not believe that changes are made to make the job easier, more safety, more efficient by avoiding user mistakes or accidents. If we can not figure out why those "new things" have to be done nd how it has to be done, we hardly will agree to a change, also because we know "never change a winning team" But, are we a winning team? A production environment or a factory and our home, actually those environments have much more in common than we think. Let us do a simple comparison and find out if it is possible to understand management structures and methodologies in a very basic way by comparing processes at home with processes we meet at work.

Release date:2009-07-01
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Company:Martin Kolinsky
Author:Martin Kolinsky
Keywords:waste reduction, home safety, manufacturing process, process improvement, your home factory
Program type:Freeware - $0.00
Install support:No Install Support
Operating system:Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Starter, Windows2003, WinXP
Requirements:PDF Viewer, PowerPoint Viewer
File size:4040 K

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