PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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Windows: Why Online Recording Studios 1.0 - Windows: Why Online Recording Studios 
Windows: Why Online Recording Studios - This video lesson explains the advantages of using an online recording studio for your custom drum tracks.

office chairs 1.0 - - There are so many different types of office chairs available. From swivel task office chairs to an executive office chairs even ergonomic office chairs.

Jamorama 1.0 - Jamorama: learn how to play the guitar 
With Jamorama you can learn how to play the guitar, acoustic or electric in many styles. Practicing guitar drills by yourself for days just to see a slight improvement in your guitar play is no joy. But Jamorama changes that making learn guitar fun.

designer sunglass 2 1.2 - This designer sunglass info is great. 
This designer sunglass information will help you understand much better. After you understand how to find the right designer sunglass you can find a great deal.

HemoDiff 1.0 - Changes keyboard to hematological calculator. 
Changes keyboard to a manual hematological calculator(white blood cells, minidiff, thrombocytes, reticulocytes). Also contains a training area (DiffAcademy: normal diff, shift to the left, leukemia). Author: Juha Nickels MD. Send a postcard, please!

ABC Coloring Book II 2.01.0242 - ABC Coloring Book for the youngest kids 
ABC Coloring Book is a simple to use program providing coloring pages for preschoolers to explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. It Offers coloring pages related to the alphabet...

Chemspread PRO 3.4 - balances virturally any chemical equation 
Free Java Applet is a chemistry spreadsheet calculator - balances virtually any chemical equation and follows up with stoichiometry calculations as well as equillibrium calculations in spreadsheet fashion. Includes Tutorial. Demo at

San Antonio House Painters 1.0 - Free Guide Free House Painting Guide. 10 Insider Secrets that most San Antonio House Painters do not want you to know! Read this before you hire a San Antonio House Painter. This will save you Money, Time and Agravation!

Basic Algebra Shape-Up 4.0 - Hands-on basic algebra tutorials 
Basic Algebra Shape-Up helps students master specific basic algebra skills. Concepts covered include creating formulas; using ratios, proportions, and scale; working with integers, simple and multi-step equations.

Mac Computer Basics: How to Copy & Paste 1.0 - Apple Mac Lesson - How to Copy & Paste 
Apple Mac Lesson - How to Copy & Paste explained in Plain English. Copying and pasting are computer skills many people don't understand very well, if at all. This lesson will use Plain English to explain it in a way that will finally make sense.

RecallPlus - Study Software-Create notes-Optimized testing 
Study Software organize your Text/Ink notes as diagrams for learning faster and studying faster. Tests you, tracks results and revises accordingly. Predicts time needs. Easy to draw, import images, and record sounds. Offers tips and memory info.

Tips You Should Know When Playing Pokies 1.0 - Learn about various pokies tips in this eBook 
There are various tips that you should know when playing the pokies. Learn about the various main tips in this eBook. All the sections in the eBook are listed as follows: Introduction, General Pokies Tips and Recommended Resources.

Media Training Courses 0 - Free media training courses screensaver 
Free media training courses screensaver and media training company software for your pc, mac or laptop. Access to all your media training courses news, images and reviews.

Dog Food Guide 1.0 - How to choose the best dog food. 
Learn how to choose the best dog food for your pet pooch. Not all diets are the best for your pet pooch. To learn what types of food are the most suitable for your dog, read the eBook, "Dog Food Guide - The Right Food For Your Dog."

WordBanker VB 3.0.0 - Test yourself software 
WordBanker is a unique method of helping you to improve your knowledge

Do it yourself home security 1.0 - Short report on DIY home security 
Short report about some do it yourself options for home security.

tApCalc Scientific tape calculator(Arm) 1.41 - Programmable scientific tape calculator 
tApCalc SciFi is a handy Scientific calculator for Pocket PC. It provides a simulated paper tape that allows users to record calculations and save them for future reference. Includes trignometric,logarithmic functions in addition to standard keys.

Variations of Roulette 1.000 - Learn about the main variations of Roulette. 
Read this eBook and learn about the three main variations of the casino game of Roulette. In this eBook you will also uncover some historical information on the main variations of Roulette that are played today.

Tattos: Which One 1.0 - A fascinating tattoo ebook 
A tattoo ebook touching on very fascinating aspects of the the subject. Treated are topics such as : Top 10 Places on Your Body to Get a Tattoo, Would You Get a Tattoo If it Was Free?, Set a Good Example, Your Research on a Tattoo Artist ect

Quick Timer R16X 2.2 - High resolution timer for 16-relay boards. 
Quick Timer R16X is high resolution programmable timer. It controls 16-channel relay controller boards of National Control Devices. It's fit for lights control, science experiment, home automation, industry control, energy conservation and so on.

Test Generator 2.4.15 - Test/Survey Creation: Desktop, LAN, WEB 
Test & survey creation, delivery and administration for corporate trainers, government, educators, parents/students. Features include 11 question types, randomization, question banks, reports, import/export. Desktop, LAN, Web (Internet and Intranet).

Dictée et Mémoire Musicale - Dictée musicale et mémoire auditive 
Le logiciel se présente comme un jeu, avec des niveaux et un affichage des scores. Il comporte deux fonctions complémentaires, dictée et mémoire, qui permettront de développer votre attention, votre oreille musicale et votre mémoire auditive.

Students grades 1.0 - A simple software to manage student grades 
A simple software to manage student grades, calculations are all over. FEATURES: possibility to enter 30 exercises, etc. DIRECTIONS: decompress in a folder and click twice on the file "Student" choose to continue if a message appears.

Function Grapher 3.7.3 - Graph maker to graph function and animation. 
Function Grapher is graph maker to create 2D, 2.5D and 3D function graphs, animations and table graphs.

Windows Basics: How to Copy & Paste 1.0 - Windows PC Lesson - How to Copy & Paste 
Windows PC Lesson - How to Copy & Paste explained in Plain English. Copying and pasting are computer skills many people don't understand very well, if at all. This lesson will use Plain English to explain it in a way that will finally make sense.

Facebook The Essential Guide 1.0 - Facebook the essential guide 
Your Benefit Oriented Main Headline Goes Here, It's A Good Idea To Make It In Quotes, Capitalize Each Word, And Make It An Inverted Pyramid By Adjusting The Line Lengths Using Shift-Enter At The End Of The Lines

Animated Money 1.0 - Teaches coin recognition and math skills. 
Teaches coin recognition and math skills using US and Canadian coins. The coins are scanned in to be highly recognizable. Three types of games are provided: coin recognition and adjustable level matching games (coins to amounts and coins to coins).

Imagiers - Learn French 1.3 - Imagiers offers you to learn French words 
Imagiers is a new software dedicated to French learning. The main focus is to teach you how to correctly pronounce the words, letters, sentences and expressions.

Stretching Exercises To Grow Taller 1.0 - Stretching exercises that help you grow tall. 
Download this system of scientific stretching exercises to grow taller and increase your height. A few minutes from now you will know exactly what you have to do to grow inches taller than you are right now. Download the Grow Taller exercises now.

Scientific Calculator Precision 63 - Scientific Calculator Precision 63 
Scientific Calculator Precision 63 for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students. Calculates mathematical formulas of any length and complexity.

FREE latest driving test Qs,hazard clips 3.0 - FREE DSA driving test car bike Qs 
Download trial version of pass-test driving theory test software to get latest OFFICIAL DSA questions, example case studies and hazard perception test demo clips. Prepare with Pass-Test Software - pass driving theory test at the first attempt.

Capacity Measure Converter 1.0 - Easy Capacity Measure Convertment Tool 
Download Free Capacity Measure Converter: fl ounces, gill, pint, quart, gallon, peck, bushel, quarter.

Magic of Making Up Download 1.0 - Download The Magic of Making UP here. 
Download The Magic of Making UP here and get your ex back fast before it's too late. Magic of Making UP ebook is great because you can instantly download and either read from your computer or print them out.

Subliminal Images 1.0 - Displays graphic files subliminally. 
Subliminal Images is a software that displays any kind of graphic files for a short time intervals (subliminally). It is distributed in a bundle with Subliminal Flash- program that operates with text subliminal messages. Can be used for self-hypnosis

BlocksLab for Windows 1.0.2 - Acting, building, creating, painting, blocks. 
With BlocksLab children aged 3-12 act, design, build with multi-colored and animated blocks, thus creating, painting, animating a scene. Based on principles of active and constructivist pedagogy: anyone can interact and succeed.

Pimsleur 1.0 - The Pimsleur Comprehensive Course is Absolute 
The Pimsleur Comprehensive Course is Absolutely the Best Language Learning Product on the Market if You Want to Speak and Understand a New Language. The above statement may seem egotistical but it is true. You can read all of the reviews on this

BabyShield 2.5 - Disables mouse and keyboard while Baby types! 
Disables the mouse AND keyboard so that inadvertent keystrokes, mouse clicks/movements by babies, children or pets won't destroy your unsaved 100 page masterpiece. A must have! Use Ctrl+Alt+S to invoke it in an emergency.

Advanced Grapher 2.2 - Plot and analyze graphs of equations and data 
Graphing, curve fitting and calculating software. Graphs Cartesian, polar and parametric functions, graphs of tables, implicit functions and inequalities. Calculus features: regression analysis, derivatives, tangents, normals and more.

GS Typing Tutor Network 1.0.0 - A network version of GS Typing Tutor. 
A network version of GS Typing Tutor is for using in entire schools, learning centers and computer labs. The teacher could easily take advantage of features to centrally manage a large amount of user accounts in multiple groups.

Math Center Level 1 - Math software for students 
Math software for students studying precalculus. Math Center Level 1 consists of Graphing calculator 2D, Advanced Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Calculator, Simple Rational Calculator, and Simple Integer Calculator.

LTG Paris 1.1 - Cityguide about Paris for Windows Mobile PDA 
LTG Paris - city guide of Paris, it contains city guide with maps and illustrations; phrase-book with useful phrases to communicate in French; notes is for writing impressions. For mobile computers Windows Mobile 6, 5, WM-2003, Pocket PC.

CalcArith 0.0.1 - CalcArith is a trainer for the basic arithmet 
CalcArith is a trainer for the basic arithmetic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. (5 languages)

Scrabble Game Online 3.6 - Free scrabble game for windows, play online 
Free scrabble game for windows, play online and win cash and prizes

Translation Helper 4.2 - Create and analize parallel texts. 
Create and use searchable translation memories with Translation helper. Analyze parallel texts to discover possible glossary matches. Create word lists from files and websites. Sort words by frequency. Create word lists by word endings.

Factorizer 10.45 - A factorization and prime number program 
A program to find prime numbers and pairs of primes, to decompose numbers into their prime constituents, to find all factors of any positive integer up to 2,147,483,645, and to plot Erdos-Kac and Palmen Color histograms.

How To Get My Ex Boyfriend Back 1.0 - How to get my ex boyfriend back guide 
How to get my ex boyfriend back. Controversial techniques to get ex back fast. Download and learn the strategies of getting your ex boyfriend back that you never would have even thought. Download the guide on "How to get my ex boyfriend back" now.

Scientific Calculator Precision 72 - Scientific Calculator Precision 72 
Scientific Calculator Precision 72 for scientists, engineers, teachers, and students. Calculates mathematical formulas of any length and complexity.

iPad Tutorial Copy & Paste (Mac ver) 1.0 - Apple Mac - iPad Tutorial How to Copy & Paste 
Apple Mac - iPad Tutorial How to Copy & Paste explained in Plain English. This easy video iPad training will show you step-by-step how to copy & paste using the iPad.

L-Basic 1.23 - Visual Basic Programming Tutorial 
L-Basic is a Basic language tutorial program. L-Basic emphasizes teaching proper Basic programming concepts rather than how to use visual controls. L-Basic will help you understand how to program in the most popular versions of the Basic language.

LeoNetCDF 2.11 - Open, edit, save NetCDF files. 
Open, edit, save, convert to xml NetCDF files in Windows environment. The NetCDF binary format is broadly used for saving experiment information and usage in multiplatform environment.

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