PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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Rewards Multiply 2.02 - A game that helps children learn to multiply. 
An entertaining game that helps children learn their multiplication tables. The software motivates progress with prizes, teaches shortcuts, and gives the parent (teacher) feedback so they can help on the problems that are the most challenging.

Google Translate Desktop 2.1.58 - A free potable google desktop translator. 
Google Translate Desktop is a free portable desktop translator based on google translate. It can quickly translate almost any text between 58 languages, and pronounce for 34 languages of them. Also it can translate website for easily viewing.

Breaktru Fractions n Decimals 9.4 - Fraction Decimal calulator 
Add, Subtract, Divide and Multiply fractions.Convert a decimal to a fraction or a fraction to a decimal. Quick and easy interface. No confusing menus. Converts decimals to fractions. Great for school or work. Handy for STOCK quote

SYNTPARSE French 2.0 - Parsing of the French sentense 
Parses the French sentence showing its grammatical and syntactical constituent elements.

FRS Paint By Numbers 1.1 - Paint By Numbers Software 
Paint By Numbers for Kindergarten and Elementary age children.

SYNTPARSE German 2.0 - Parsing of the German sentense 
Parses the German sentence showing its grammatical and syntactical constituent elements.

English into plain English Translation 3.0 - English into plain English translation 
English into plain English machine translation

TS School 2011.0.1 - Free school administration software 
Free school administration application by Time Software. Modules: School, Learner, Staff, Medical, Timetable, Admin Class, Subject Class, Subjects, Examination, Documentation, Reports, Database, User and Language. Download your copy today!

Adult Dyslexia Test 1.0 - Adult Dyslexia Test for instant diagnosis 
Adult Dyslexia Test diagnoses dyslexia within 30 minutes. The adult dyslexia test is conducted online and is the only screening test endorsed by the Dyslexia Institute. For Windows operating system.

Air Travel Toolkit - USA 2 - Passenger & Travel Agent air travel toolkit 
Air Travel Toolkit - USA includes all of the tools necessary for the airline passenger and Travel Agent to be informed. Includes an Airline Ticket Tutorial, the only one of it's kind. Written by professional airline employees.

Double Integral Calculator Level 2 - This calculator calculates double integrals 
This calculator calculates double integrals of large variety of functions by tanh-sinh quadrature scheme. Numerical values are calculated with precision 15-16 digits.

Windows PC Computer Basics - Hard Drives 1.0 - Windows PC Lesson on Hard Drives & Their Size 
Windows PC Lesson on Hard Drives & Their Size - What is a hard drive and more: Easy video computer lesson on understanding what a hard drive is and what it does, plus why the size always seems to be smaller than what it says on the box

anxiety & panic attacks 1.0 - Get A Free Report anxiety & panic attacks 
Get A Free Report about anxiety & panic attacks

ConceptDraw VI Standard Mac 6.2 - Draw business and technical diagrams 
ConceptDraw is a comprehensive business and technical diagramming software with advanced drawing tools, task-specific wizards and extensive libraries of ready-made shapes.

Visual Calculus 3.7.3 - Calculus grapher for calculus teaching. 
Visual Calculus is an easy-to-use calculus grapher for Graphing limit, derivative function, integral, 3D vector, series, ode etc. Which can create 2D, 2.5D and 3D function graphs, animations and table graphs.

KwikTrig 3.0.5 - For solutions to trigonometry and geometry. 
For quick solutions to trigonometry and geometry problems from expert to novice. Even with no math skills, and little to no computer skills YOU can do it!

GetMyExBoyfriendBack Ebook 1 - get my ex boyfriend back ebook 
get my ex boyfriend back ebook with tactics that work to save your relationship; also works on how to get your ex girlfriend back and to get over a breakup

Xenical 1 - Xenical icon images. 
Xenical is used to help obese people who fit certain weight and height requirements lose weight and maintain weight loss. Xenical works in your intestines, where it blocks some of the fat you eat from being absorbed.

School Maestro II 2.51 - A comprehensive teacher grading program. 
A comprehensive grading program with Internet report publishing. Tracks attendance, does seating charts, records subjective grades, creates reusable lesson plans, report cards, honor rolls, gpas, transcripts, contacts, appointments and form letters.

cyber security 1.0 - How To Protect Your Internet Security 
Everything you wanted to know about... Discovering The Strategies To Protecting Your Internet Security!

Musical Notes Flash Cards 3.5 - Musical Notes is a musical note learning game 
Musical Notes Flash Card Game is a musical note learning game. Its self paced learning system mixed with fun, make Musical Notes an effective educational tool. It is simple to use.

Business English Fitness 1.3 - Correct common workplace grammar errors 
Business English Fitness is self-paced grammar improvement software that helps students improve the clarity and strength of their business writing, and provides measurable results.

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need 1.0 - Report - getting the right amount of life ins 
Short report with some tips on how to go about dertermining the proper amount of life insurance coverage you'll need.

Junior Drum Set Info 1.0 - A Junior Drum Set is Best for Kids 
A Junior Drum Set or Starter Drum Set is best for your Child or Beginner - download for Windows. Find, Learn About, and Buy Your First Drum Set program.

St. Lucia Hotels 1.0 - St. Lucia Hotels 
St. Lucia Hotels and Travel In the Caribbean

ipod accessories 1.0 - - Last holiday season, Apple Ipods were all the rage in terms of the newest & hippest electronic gadgets everybody wanted one, and many people gave one.

GFCD Generador de Problemas Fisica 1.7 - GFCD Generador de problemas de Fisica 
GFCD Generador de problemas de Fisica para Windows - Cinematica: Posicion, velocidad, aceleracion, distancia de frenado, lanzamiento - Dinamica: plano inclinado, fuerza, rozamiento, Atwood - Facil y rapido de usar - Manual de usuario.

Live Satellite Maps 1 - Live Satellite Maps 
Live Satellite Maps or Google maps is a web server mapping applications.Provides scrolling map images and satellite photos around the earth and even the route between different places.Since 6 October 2005, live satellite Maps is part of local Google.

Calc 3D 0.0.31 - Calculates vector, matrix, complex,quaternion 
Calc3D is a calculator for vectors, matrices, complex numbers, quaternions and coordinates. For objects like point, line, plane and sphere distances, intersections, volume, area of squeres, area of a triangle can be calculated. (5 languages)

Concordance 3.3 - Text analysis: better insight into e-texts 
Flexible text analysis software. Lets you gain better insight into e-texts. Make concordances, word lists, indexes. Count word frequencies, find phrases, and more. Publish results to the Web with one click.

GraphiCal 1.8.1 - Create graphs & video clips from expressions 
GraphiCal is a programmable graphics calculator which lets you visualize expressions and formulas as graphs in a chart. Creates animated video clips from a sequence of graphs. Built-in functions (>50) include integration, root finding ..

Aesopica - Aesopica, the forgotten land 
Learn wisdom and ethics from animals who seem to have more common sense than humans. Illustrated fables translated by Townsend and/or Vernon Jones. All fables are indexed by title, character and moral of the story. Historica and mythological notes. OCA DBA 10g Exam 1.0 - OCA DBA 10g exam prep OCA DBA 10g prep tests have the following features: -250+ relevant questions -Flash cards -Category wise scoring

Satellite Earth 1 - Satellite Earth 
Satellite earth is a software for viewing satellite and aerial imagery of the Earth.Satellite Earth allows you to enjoy virtual travel around the world, look up local information and plan trips.

Silicon Slate Software 1.402 - computer lab & computer class software. 
Silicon Slate Software is like having a remote control for your computer class or lab. With Silicon Slate Software you can, for example, start a program or web page on all of the PC's in your class with a double click of your mouse.

Baby Tips for iPhone 1.0 - Baby Tips in iPohne 
Baby Tips is a colorful presentation which every slide in it shows a tip for one of the 12 months in your child first year.

Inside and Outside Roulette Bets 1.000 - Learn about Roulette inside and outside bets. 
Read this eBook and learn about the various types of inside and outside bets available within the casino game of Roulette. In this eBook you will also discover some general information about Roulette and its popularity in the modern world.

Osama Bin Laden - al Qaeda Government Files 1.0 - Osama Bin Laden - al Qaeda Gov't Files 
Osama Bin Laden - al Qaeda Government Files. Pages from State Department, Congressional, Department of Justice documents and Court Transcripts.

Excel2GED-family.xls 1.0 - Excel2Gedcom w/ VBA macro. Includes families. 
This Excel files features the ability to make gedcoms including family information as long as a parent or spouse is indicated. Another feature is the extensibility of the schema.

MatheMax Pro 4.01.0455 - Practice arithmetics and counting 
MatheMax is an entertaining and varied program for practicing basic arithmetic operations. The calculation method is preselectable, including simple counting exercises, addition with symbols, addition/subtraction, multiplication and division.

SegPlayPC 1.7 - Paint-by-number for Windows..Infinite Variety 
Paint-by-numbers meets modern technology in SegPlayPC TM, a computerized paint-by-numbers program for Windows 2000 and XP. With twenty images and powerful features for artsy types and casual gamers, SegPlayPC is simple to use with infinite variety.

Fastest How To Get My Ex Girlfriend Back 1.0 - Get your girlfriend back in relationship. 
How to get your ex girlfriend back. Download this mind tricks to get her the soonest possible time. These mind tricks can be freakingly scary if used by someone who wants to get revenge. But if used properly guarantees to win your girlfriend back.

Chemical Health Assessments 1.0 - Alcohol and genetics ebook 
Alcohol and genetics ebook with importance of chemical health assessments in determining personal involvement with alcohol and/or other drugs.

College Jobs 1.0 - The College Jobs Resource Program. 
College Jobs resource program for use with windows operating system. Find the college job that fits your needs as a college student.

Chicago sunglasses 2 1.2 - This Chicago sunglasses info is great. 
This Chicago sunglasses information will help you understand much better. After you understand how to find the right Chicago sunglasses you can find a great deal.

Visual Optim 2.0.1 - Implement linear and nonlinear programming. 
Visual Optim is a math program for one dimension searching, linear programming, unconstrained nonlinear programming and constrained nonlinear programming.

Scripture Challenge 5.11 - Bible question and answer game. 
Scripture Challenge is an in-depth Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions gathered from the Old and New Testaments. Scripture Challenge offers a unique and enjoyable method of learning more about your Bible.

TOEFL iBT Listening Conqueror - "Conquering the TOEFL iBT Listening" 
"Excellent,unique software designed especially for conquering the TOEFL iBT Listening. Intensive listening practice by the most effective method of dictation.Simulated test mode."

Cat Food Recall Cat Food 1.1 - Life saving info. on the cat food recall. 
Get the life saving information you need to know about the huge cat food recall. This Cat Food Recall software has vital information on the huge cat food recall of 2007 including: What Cat Foods Have Been Recalled? Which Cat Foods Are Safe? and more.

Grow Taller at 25 1.0 - Grow taller at 25 with stretching ebook 
Grow taller at 25 stretching exercises guide height increasing methods. There are a lot of web advertisements online that claims to help you increase your height in a matter of weeks by exercising and stretching your spine as well as neck joints.

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