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Coach Tarot 1.0 - Coach Tarot is a “learn & test” tarot program 
Coach Tarot is a “learn and test” educational tool for learning the meanings of the cards in the Rider Waite Deck used in tarot card readings. This flashcard software is a convenient tool for novices.

Free Registry Scan 1.3 - A free ebook about computer upkeep. 
A free ebook explaining how to keep your computer running fast and error free. This ebook is up to date and has been written by legendary online computer advice columnists, Ed Lathrop and Hiel Strassman. It is brought to you by http://www.scanregis

Animated Alphabet for Windows 1.0 - Teaches letter sounds using 3D animation. 
Teaches letter sounds using upper and lower case letters. Covers long and short vowels. When the child correctly identifies the letter sound they are rewarded with a silly animation using 3D graphics.

L-Lingo Arabic 4.1 - Language learning software for Arabic. 
L-Lingo Arabic is an easy to-use language learning software for learners of the Arabic language. Learn the Arabic language with this effective language learning software in no time.

Dictionary 3.0 - Desktop Dictionary 
"Dictionary" is a simple TOTALLY FREE program you can put on your desktop or Windows quick launch bar so that you can easily lookup the definition of ANY word using the exhaustive resources of the internet.

hydroponic nutrients 1.1 - Nutrient deficiency, Flash player required 
Hydroponic tool to help you diagnose nutrient deficiency. read the descriptions and use the pictures to help keep your plants healthy.

BookReader 4.1 - A comfortable freeware e-book viewer 
BookReader is a comfortable e-book viewer. The program can scroll text automatically. In addition BookReader includes a uniquie on-line library browser for direct download from more than 4000 free books.

Guitar Power 1.10 - Guitar chords, scales and arpeggios 
The Ultimate Scale, Chord and Arpeggio Reference for Guitarists. Guitar Power is an interactive learning system. Quickly and easily use scales, chords and arpeggios. Any style or level - learn the secrets of the pros and play like your guitar heroes.

Dictado y Memoria Musical - Dictado musical y memoria auditiva 
El programa se presenta como un videojuego, con niveles y una visualización de la puntuación. Contiene dos funciones complementarias, dictado musical y memoria auditiva, que permitirán desarrollar su atención, su oído y su memoria musical.

Grasp The USA 2.1 - Learn states, capitals and facts of the USA 
Learn your states, capitals and other USA facts. Games teach you geogrphical facts with quizzes to test your attainment. Your students' results monitored and placed in an assessment page for your scrutiny.

Rebuild Credit & Improve Credit Score 1.0 - rebuild credit & improve credit score ebook 
rebuild credit amd imporve credit score ebook,ebook on improved credit score

Curso de inglés Online My Oxford English 1.0 - Free Online English Course 
An English course with 10 levels, that upon completion provides Oxford University's certification. My Oxford English is an English learning system that allows you to learn from home with flexibility.

exercises to grow taller fast 1.0 - Stretching exercises to grow taller fast book 
Stretching exercises to grow taller fast book. Download this new method to grow taller fast. There are a lot of web advertisements online that claim to help you increase your height in a matter of weeks by exercising and stretching your spine.

Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success 1.0 - A candid and revealing Interview 
Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success: A candid and revealing conversation with fat loss expert Tom Venuto, as interviewed by Tom Nicoli, clinical hypnotherapist featured on dateline NBC's Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge.

Derivative Calculator Level 1 - Derivative Calculator Level 1 
Derivative Calculator Level 1 for teachers and students. Calculates derivatives of high orders of standard functions (except hyperbolic).

Cell Mates 1.5 - Build words from fragments 
A challenging word game where you move fragments to form words.

Universal Study Helper 1.3.1 - An interactive educational flash card program 
An interactive educational flash card program that helps you learn and memorize quickly and efficiently any subject and information.

iPad Tutorial Photos App Intro (Mac ver) 1.0 - Apple Mac Version - Intro iPad Photos App 
Apple Mac Version - Quick Intro to iPad Photos App. Introduction to how to use the Photos app for iPad explained in Plain English

Math Game 1.1 - Fun math arcade game, simple yet effective. 
Time that children spend on computer games has not been decreasing. In this new age, parents and teachers can find ways to use the entertainment industry to educate and enlighten our youth.

Mixed-Up Math 1.0 - A math puzzle where equations are mixed-up. 
A math puzzle where equations are all mixed-up. Equations go in all directions.

Online Business Opportunities eBook 1.0 - How to License Other People's Websites 
How to Start Your Own Online Business By Licensing Other People's Websites

Basic Computer Training Tips Lesson #2 1.0 - Basic computer training secrets to success #2 
Basic computer training secrets to success #2 - Why Traditional Ways to Learn Computers Just Don't Work. Second in an ongoing series of lessons that reveals valuable tips to make learning computers quicker, easier, and more fun.

Excel Grader 10.09 - An automated marker for grading MS Excel work 
Excel Automated Grader is an automated grader/marker for use by Microsoft Excel instructors. The program compares a student workbook with the instructor correct version of the workbook. The student workbook is marked and a grade report is embedded.

Epiri Professional 5.1 - Next generation multicore library system. 
A program, that you can find solutions to several areas, provides opportunity to use data in the content of generated programs at web, local or network. 3D Media and Animation,Video,Sound,WPF Support. Bookmark system-Search Engine Protocols included.

Animated Coloring 1.0 - A coloring book program with silly cartoons. 
A coloring book program that uses sound and silly animation. The child can choose from over 1000 colors or have the program pick a color for them each time they color.

Medical Travel 1.0 - Free Ebook on Medical Travel 
Free ebook information about medical travel and medical travel services.

PROMT Professional Multilingual 9.0 - Business translation solution 
PROMT Professional 9.0 is a business solution with the most flexible capabilities for managing the quality of translation. With PROMT Professional 9.0 you can quickly obtain high-quality translations of documents, Web sites, or emails.

PC OMR 9.6 - Collect data on paper forms by scanner 
A forms-processing software for tests and surveys. An intelligent testing tool to collect data on paper forms. User can print forms by printer, scan and recognize data with image scanner, PC camera or digital camera.

Bing Maps 1 - Bing maps 
Bing maps users can examine street maps topographically-the shadow of search for many cities worldwide. Maps included some attractions integrated, such as subway stations, stadiums, hospitals and other public instalaciones.

wire ceiling fan 1.0 - - A ceiling fan used outdoors, such as on a covered porch, deck, or gazebo, can serve several purposes. Outdoor ceiling fans can provide a cool breeze and make hot days much more comfortable.

Gravitorium Pro 1.0.15 - Simulates the motion of planets and stars. 
The prime purpose of Gravitorium is to let you play with ideas about gravity and gravitational systems. Create an entirely new solar system from scratch!

Panic Attacks Treatment 1.0 - Learn an effective panic attacks treatment. 
Learn an effective panic attacks treatment. Get full control over anxiety. Use all natural methods to combat nervousness, stress and anxiety whenever it arises.

2D Frame Analysis Dynamic Edition 2.0 - Static-Dynamic analysis of frames and trusses 
This application uses a highly flexible, general, finite element method for static and dynamic analysis of multi span beams, 2D Trusses and 2D Frames. It features a powerful, interactive and easy interface.

Your Guide To Digital Photography Review 2 - Your Guide To Digital Photography Review 
Want to know if Your Guide To Digital Photography is a good course? Read this review!

digital antenna 1.0 - - Aside from choosing your HDTV set itself, choosing the right HDTV antenna is the most important decision you're going to make in relation to watching HDTV. Even if you watch most of your HDTV on cable or satellite.

MedicalSpel 7.0 - MedSpel includes nearly 50,000 medical terms 
MedSpel 7.5 includes nearly 50,000 medical terms ranging from abdominis to zygomatic, which allows you to concentrate on your work instead of looking up words in a medical dictionary that are not in the built-in MicrosoftTM Word spelling dictionary.

math4u2 (Win + VM) 2.1 - Computer-Mathematik-System, Visualisierung 
math4u2 ist ein Computer-Mathematik-System, speziell konzipiert für den Einsatz in der Vorlesung, im Unterricht und beim Selbststudium. Das math4u2-System besteht aus dem math4u2-Tool und dem math4u2-Server.

Interactive Soccer Rules 1.0 - Animated Soccer Rules 
This is an interactive tool for learning the basic laws of the world’s greatest game.

Body Mass Index BMI Calculator 1.0 - Calculate your body mass index. 
This calculator can be used in both imperial or metric measurements to determine what ones body mass index is.

Google Earth Download 1 - Google Earth Download 
If you have never done a Google Earth download, you have to try it. The other day, I invited over one of my friends to help me download Google Earth. I was amazed by how easy it was. I have never been able to download music without a lot of trouble.

Free Satellite Maps 1 - Free Satellite Maps 
Free Satellite Maps is a free tool from Google which offers a satellite mapping service worldwide.These are accompanied by a street service, a route planner and information about business in almost all countries.

CoronelDP's Word 2007/2010 Tutor 2010.9 - An interactiveWordl 2007/2010 tutor program 
An interactive computer training program that will have you up and running with Word 2007/2010 in six to ten hours. (Demo version)

Fix Slow Computer 2.0 - A free ebook full of computer tips and tricks 
A free ebook full of computer tips and tricks, education and cutting edge information. Subjects covered include getting the most out of Word and Adobe Photoshop. In debth information on spyware, viruses and registry corruption is also included.

Off The Road Winch Load Calculator 1 - Winch Load Calculator for Off The Road use. 
OTR Trading has made this winch load calculator available to you for you to work out the load that a 4x4 winch would take based on the parameters you feed it. You can use this 4x4 winch load calculator on an electric or hydraulic winch scenario.

Taylor Calculator Real 36 - Taylor Calculator Real 36 
Taylor Calculator Real 36 for teachers and students. Calculates partial sums of Taylor series of standard functions (including hyperbolic).

JLearnItPDA 2.1 - JLearnItPDA is a multilingual dictionary. 
JLearnItPDA is a multilingual dictionary. The languages included are English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Hungarian and Latin.If the word is not found, the nearest words are shown.

Apple Mac Basics - How to Undo 1.0 - Apple Mac Basics - How to Undo 
Apple Mac Basics - How to Undo explained in Plain English. Being able to "undo" is a basic computer skill that everyone should know how to do but many miss out on. This lesson will use Plain English to explain it in a way that will just make sense.

Bingo Card Printer 3.20 - Create and print your own bingo cards 
Bingo Card Printer is an easy-to-use program for preparing custom bingo cards. The program comes with ready-to-use sets of bingo cards including cards for baby and bridal showers, sight words bingo cards for teaching reading, and more.

ChemDB 1.5 - Chemical Information DataBase 
Emergency Response Guide Initial Isolation and Protective Action Distances Chemical Reactivity DataBase Chemical Intrinsic Properties Chemical information and SafetyData Gamma Library DataBase MSDS Dictionary Periodic Table Data

LearnWords PocketPC 3.4 - Training program for learning foreign words 
LearnWords - training program to accelerate learning foreign words on PC, PDA, smartphone: 12 exercises, 20 languages, scheduling repetitions, transcriptions and pronunciation, automoving of words, freeware editor, free vocabularies on a site!

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