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1st Calculator 1.15 - Skinned expression calculator and converter 
Handy and useful expression calculator and converter with skins and lots of features

Body Fat Calculator - Calculate your body fat percentage fast. 
Calculator determines body fat using tape measure or skin fold calipers. Support for both 3-fold and 7-fold methods of calculating.

How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend 1.0 - How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend Tips 
How To Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend. Download now to get back with her the soonest possible time. These mind tricks can be freakingly scary if used by someone who wants to get revenge. But if used properly guarantees to get your ex back easily

Let's Learn Japanese Beginner 1 - LLJ:B is a language learning game. 
Let’s Learn Japanese: Beginner is a language learning game that helps to teach the Japanese written language. Learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, and common words using Flashcard, Quiz, and Review mode.

Spell Pimsleur 1.0 - We do have people spelling it Pimsler 
We do have people spelling it Pimsler, Pimslor, Pimslur and Pimslir. But these spellings are all wrong. The right way to spell Pimsleur is P-I-M-S-L-E-U-R. We all like to have our names spelled correctly and this is especially true for the

American and European Roulette Best Odds 1.000 - Discover the best betting odds for roulette. 
Find the best betting odds for the American and European versions of roulette. In this eBook you will also learn some basics of Roulette as well as history to put the rest of the eBook in perspective. The eBook contains various related sections.

Famous Roulette Bets 1.000 - Discover famous bets made by Roulette players 
Read this eBook and uncover the most stupendous and famous bets made by a variety of Roulette players throughout history. In this eBook you will learn about various famous Roulette bets that were made from the time of antiquity to the modern era.

Gravitational Lensing 1.00 - software tool for astrophysics labs 
With this program, one can draw images to see the effect of gravitational lensing. You can easily test the effects of several parameters by changing them and redrawing the image.

Roman Arabic Numerals Converter - Roman Arabic Numerals Converter 
Roman Arabic Numerals Converter for everybody. Converts Roman numbers to usual (Arabic) numbers and Arabic numbers to Roman.

Kilogram Converter 1 - Convert kilograms to pounds. 
Why the world has to have so many different ways to measure we may never know. But if you are one of those who really has to convert kilograms to pounds or pounds to kilograms, then Kilogram Converter is for you!

Sozluk 1.6 - Expandable Turkish Dictionary 
Expandable Turkish<->English, Turkish<->German, Turkish<->French, Turkish<->Italian Dictionary

Conversational Hypnosis eBook 1.0 - Learn all about conversational hypnosis. 
Conversational Hypnosis eBook teaches you all about hypnosis. You'll learn how to influence others, get them to follow your lead, how to tell if someone is lying to you, the process of hypnosis and more. This is very powerful if you use it properly.

Mac Computer Dictionary - IDE & SATA 1.0 - Apple Mac Lesson - What is IDE and SATA 
Apple Mac Lesson - What is IDE and SATA explained in Plain English. IDE and SATA are common computer terms that a lot of people don't understand well, if at all. This lesson will use Plain English to explain it in a way that will finally make sense.

TypingQueen - Typing Tutor 6.2 - The new generation typing tutor software 
With our typing tutor software we show our users an easy and simple way to learn touch typing. Our touch typing tutor is self-understanding, so you can start right away. New in this version: 4 typing games and typing test.

Clever BoxMan 2.50 - Clever Boxman is puzzle game! 
Clever Box Man is a fun logic and strategy puzzle board game, it's a brain teaser featuring the clever porter Box Man, it has beautiful sceneries, orphan background music and sound.

What is a Zip file and how they work 1.0 - Basic computer help: What is a Zip file 
Basic computer help: What is a Zip File and How Zip Files Work in Plain English - another easy video computer lesson from Worth Godwin uses simple explanations to help you understand basic computer terms and a lot more. Online computer training & CDs

WordHacker Mini Edition 4.1 - Increase your vocabulary quickly and easily ! 
WordHacker is a powerful vocabulary builder with voice pronunciation, colorful root coding and image illustrations of each word for GRE/GMAT/SAT/ACT/TOEFL test takers, ESL students and teachers.

sleeping bags 1.0 - - Should sleeping bags be made of down or synthetic? What sleeping bag is best for camping, hiking or backpacking? A guide to make your decision easier.

Visual Fractal 1.53 - Fractal software. 
With this interesting fractal software, you can use Newton's method to solve a complex equation and show the fractal graph in the plot area.

Cleantouch English to Urdu Dictionary 7.0 7.0 - English to Urdu Dictionary 7.0 
Among all the various varieties of the dictionaries a digital dictionary is usually the most frequently-consulted category. It is mainly meant for those who have no time to wade through voluminous dictionaries and bulky encyclopedias.

IQ Testing Trainer 1.1 - Get IQ tests score more than 150 points 
Get IQ tests score more than 150 points. IQ Testing trainer significantly increases your IQ tests score and general intelligence, it can help you to develop photographic memory, to think quickly and effectively, to solve any problems easily.

Grammar Fitness 4.0 - Improve students' grammar skills 
Grammar Fitness is a self-paced software program that helps students cope with many troublesome points of grammar while providing teachers with measurable results.

Spy Girls 1.0 - Looking for words in a pleasant company 
No words? You can find them if you really want to. Need support? There are brave Spy Girls! Enjoy the search!

GS Typing Tutor 2.99 - Typing tes, tutor and game all in one. 
Typing test, tutor and play typing games, an Essential and Full-featured Software for learning touch typing, for all age groups, included 5 typing games.

TTMaker 1.87 - Advanced Timetabling and Scheduling Software 
Scheduling software supporting clash-free timetabling and rostering. You can import and export data to/from other applications and the WWW. Ideal for training, corporate scheduling, education, and events such as music festivals and conferences.

Crisol Mind Exam Writer 2010 - Exams, Tests & Quizzes Gradebook Calendar 
Question Database, written exams, 3 methods to create exams, 12 question types, questions can include images, formula editor, management module, grade book, Calendar with reminders, import & export questions, high level of security.

The Power Of Pokies In Australia 1.0 - Learn how pokies have fared in Australia 
Learn about how pokies have fared in Australia in this eBook. You will also learn about the reactions from politicians. All the sections in the eBook are listed as follows: Introduction, Politicians Reactions to Pokies and Recommended Resources.

2Know 2.0 - Mnemonics to help you remember numbers 
The 2Know helps you remember numbers, such as phone numbers, by generating mnemonics consisting of word phrases. These phrases, and the word-to-number translation rules, are much easier to remember than the raw numbers.

How To Protect Yourself From Spyware/Adware 1.0 - How To Protect Yourself From Adware/Spyware 
"Never Worry About Someone Watching Your Each-And-Every Move Online, Educate Yourself With This Hard Hitting E-Book That Will Leave No Stone Unturned About Adware/Spyware!" A+ IT Tech. Exams 3.0 - A+ IT Technicianexam prep A+ IT Technician preparatory tests have the following features: -250+ relevant questions -Flash cards -Category wise scoring

L-Lingo Tagalog (Filipino) 4.1 - Language learning software for Tagalog (Filipino). 
L-Lingo Tagalog (Filipino) is an easy to-use language learning software for learners of the Tagalog (Filipino) language. Learn the Tagalog (Filipino) language with this effective language learning software in no time.

ABC Coloring Book I 2.01.0242 - ABC Coloring Book for the youngest kids 
ABC Coloring Book is a simple to use program providing coloring pages for preschoolers to explore the creative world of drawing and coloring. It Offers coloring pages related to the alphabet...

iPad Tutorial Photos App Intro (Win ver) 1.0 - Windows PC Version - Intro iPad Photos App 
Windows PC Version - Quick Intro to iPad Photos App. Introduction to how to use the Photos app for iPad explained in Plain English

Alphabet Flash Cards 1 - Help your child learn the alphabet. 
Learning the alphabet can be confusing to toddlers. Alphabet Flash Cards helps parents teach the alphabet to their children by removing all unnecessary distractions and by focusing on the main task at hand. Help your child learn the alphabet today!

buy laptop 1.0 - - Get cheap laptop with special promotions form us, Buy laptop online from our store and get free shipping instantly

Snake Eye Vision 1.0 - The program simulates vision of the snake eye 
The program simulates vision of the snake eye and demonstrates why the snake is unable to see you when you have stopped moving. The program requires video capture device (e.g. web camera).

How to Start a Food Catering Business 1.0 - Startup guide and operating manual 
Startup guide and operating manual for starting and running a home food catering business. Information from how to find start up money for opening and owning katering services to beginning tips.

jacksonville ponte vedra dj photography 1.0 - Jacksonville DJ and Photography 
Jacksonville Ponte Vedra Saint Augustine DJ and Wedding Photography. Make your wedding or special event extra special with our live DJ and photography service.

School Calendar for Workgroup 3.1 - A networking calendar for pupils and teachers 
This is a more powerful version of School Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network.

Culinary Education 1.0 - Culinary Education Toolbar for IE. 
Culinary Education Toolbar for Internet Explorer. Find culinary arts tips and information as well as a lot of entertainment.

Обучающий видеообзор приложения «Nokia Ovi Suite» + бонус! 1.0 - Videoreview of Nokia Ovi Suite + bonus! 
Want to receive emails by phone? Lost in the city, and do not know how to find what you are looking for? Or want to look how you can avoid a traffic jam? Or want to learn new application for mobile phones Nokia Ovi Suite?

NavTools StormTrack 6.12 - Track tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons 
Track tropical storms, hurricanes, typhoons, etc everywhere in the world and view track relative to your intended route or present location. Includes overview of avoidance routes and heavy weather tactics

My Psychic Tutor 1.0 - This is a Psychic Ability Enhancing Software. 
My Psychic Tutor is a psychic ability enhancing software that helps you gain an insight to your psychic abilities and develop your intuitive powers. My Psychic Tutor not only makes your intuitive power stronger, but also makes you more sensitive.

Commission Payload 1.0 - A brief instruction to make money. 
A brief instruction to get started in online affiliate marketing. This course focused on making money through CPA offer. You will be guided step-by-step.

Guitar Speed Trainer 1.38 - Training software develops your guitar speed 
If you want to play FAST... if you want to develop serious guitar picking speed, the Guitar Speed Trainer is a play-along training software that will help you achieve your goal. 20 minutes a day for a few weeks will make a revolution in your playing.

Animated Soccer Rules 1.0 - Animated Soccer Rules 
Animated Soccer Rules is an interactive tool for learning the basic laws of the world’s greatest game.

ConceptDraw VI Standard 6.2 - Draw business and technical diagrams 
ConceptDraw is a comprehensive business and technical diagramming software with advanced drawing tools, task-specific wizards and extensive libraries of ready-made shapes.

CoronelDP's Electronic Constitution 2011.1 - An interactive U.S. Constitution program 
Within this program is the entire U.S Constitution in electronic form, a brief constitutional history, a glossary of key terms, list of patriotic songs with words and music, and an electronic quiz.

Видеообзор сервиса «А1 Агрегатор». Научись зарабатывать на SMS! 1.0 - Want to make money via SMS? 
Have an internet-site providing online services? Have an offline business and want people to pay you by SMS, like thousands of other companies do? Then this video course is what you are looking for!

Creating Your System Outline 1.0 - Free eBook sharing ideas on how to make money 
Free eBook sharing a simple idea about making money while working from home beginning with a basic outline of your entire system.

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