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TSFTP 2.6 - FTP for terminal services 
TSFTP provides Fast, Easy and Secure file transfer for Terminal Services, and supports transferring files between the client workstation's drives and those on the terminal server.

Free FilterFTP 2.1.0 - Freeware FTP Client 
Freeware FTP Client, easy to use, great features. Experience how easy a FTP Client can be.

OutDisk FTP for Email 4.1.1 - Send Big File Attachments 
OutDisk FTP for Email makes it easy to share big files in your email messages. Works with any email program including Outlook. Try it free!

Core FTP LE 2.2.1689 - free secure FTP Client w/SSL/TLS, SFTP, HTTPS 
Core FTP LE - a free secure FTP Client with SSL/TLS, SSH/SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IDN, ModeZ, fxp, dragdrop, transfer resume/retry, custom commands, URL parsing, FTP/HTTP Proxy, Socks 4/5 support, queue manager, .htaccess editing, chmod, and more!

FTP Client Engine for C/C++ 3.1 - FTP component library for C/C++ & .NET C++/C# 
FTP component library for C/C++ and for (.NET) C++/C# provides direct control of the FTP protocol from any Windows application program. Transfer, rename, delete, list, append files. Create and remove server directories. Royalty free. Many examples.

Supersonic Download Accelerator 4.7.0 - Supersonic Download Ac manages downloads 
Supersonic Download Accelerator is a simple and reliable download manager with excellent features like segmented downloads for acceleration, simultaneous downloads, downloads preview, scheduler for user specified download intervals and many others.

Easy Web Editor website creator 2011.25.32 - Create your own Web Site with ease, visually 
With this professional Web site creator program you can create your own personal / business Website with ease... Everything you need, no HTML required. Visual WYSIWYG, it makes it handy the long term site update / management, not just the startup.

Internet Connection Counter 7.4 - Statistics about your Internet connections. 
This program displays various statistics about your Dial-up, GPRS, ADSL, LAN and so forth (TCP/IP) connections to the Internet. It can process almost all variety of tariff schemes, which are used by ISPs of different countries.

TurboFTP 6.30.872 - Secure FTP client with SSH2, SSL/TLS support. 
TurboFTP is a secure FTP client that supports secure FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2. Includes a Folder Synchronizer,a Task Scheduler,FTP/SFTP Upload Wizards,and a zip/unzip utility. Its Sync Service Module can run schedule tasks as NT service.

TurboFTP SDK 1.61.870 - TurboFTP Secure FTP/SFTP ActiveX SDK 
TurboFTP SDK is a powerful ActiveX/.Net-ready component and offers a full set of FTP client functionalities. Supports FTPS over SSL/TLS and SFTP, file download/upload resuming, on-the-fly data compression with MODE Z and multiple types of firewalls.

SmartFTP 4.0.1207.0 - SmartFTP - FTP Client. 
SmartFTP allows you to transfer files across the Internet via FTP. It offers a Windows XP look and feel and features including SSL/TLS, FXP Support, Multiple connections, Proxy Firewall support, Drag and Drop, caching and more.

FTP Voyager - FTP Voyager, FTP Made Simple 
FTP Voyager lets you perform FTP tasks as if working locally in Windows Explorer. Connect to any FTP site, drag-n-drop files, synchronize, simultaneous transfers, auto-resume downloads, and more!

edtFTPj/PRO 3.8.0 - Secure FTP Java library 
edtFTPj/PRO is a Java FTP library supporting secure FTP via FTPS (FTP over SSL) and SFTP (FTP over SSH). Features include multiple, simultaneous transfers by use of FTP connection pools, asynchronous transfers and SOCKS and HTTP proxy support. Includes powerful FTP scripting.

Web File Transfer 5.2 - Web based file server program 
Web File Transfer is web based file server software that makes the process of sending and receiving files over the internet a very simple task. It eliminates the need for shipped CDs, emailed zip files as well as ftp software.

32bit FTP 11.06.01 - Access millions of FTP sites around the world 
32bit FTP lets you log onto millions of FTP sites all over the world. Once logged on these sites, you can browse their files. You can copy files from an FTP Site to your computer. You can copy files from your computer to an FTP Site.

Web Downloader - Manage your internet downloads. 
Manage all your Internet downloads, from http and ftp sites. You can select speed, how many simultaneous downloads, and some more. May also be used from any portable device, with option to use relative paths to save to.

GigaTribe 3.01.007 - Share in Confidence 
Create a private file-sharing network to exchange large files with friends. Only users you have invited will see the folders you're sharing. All exchanges are strongly encrypted. Interrupted exchanges automatically resume with no data loss.

JaSFtp 9.05 - Automate SFTP client, run 1000+ tasks 
SFTP client (secure FTP) designed primary for automation of SFTP, FTP and related tasks. Goal is to create advanced SFTP and FTP tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly. Run 1000+ tasks on a schedule.

Core FTP Pro 2.2.1687 - Secure FTP Client w/SSL/TLS/SFTP, HTTPS, zip 
Core FTP Pro - secure FTP Client with SSL/TLS, SSH/SFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, IDN, scheduling, zip/unzip, encryption, fxp, resume/retry,proxy support, .htaccess editing, chmod and more!

Aktiv Download Manager 2.8.0 - Aktiv Download M is a download organizer. 
Aktiv Download Manager is a most needed tool for those looking impatiently for the next download. The application is developed to manage downloads, pause and resume downloads, queue downloads, or search for downloads.

Auto FTP Manager 5.18 - A powerful, automated FTP client 
Auto FTP Manager is a powerful FTP client. Schedule FTP transfers to happen automatically. Automated Transfers perform complex tasks. It's intuitive and extremely easy to use.

edtFTPnet/PRO 7.4.0 - Secure FTP .NET component 
edtFTPnet/PRO offers a set of robust and powerful, easy-to-use components and controls that make transferring files using the FTP, FTPS and SFTP protocols a breeze. All protocols are supported in a single component.

IntegralFTP 4.0.1 - Javascript secure FTP library 
IntegralFTP is a Javascript secure FTP client library. It allows web developers to embed a fully featured FTP GUI client directly into their web pages.

FTPPro 8.78042 - FTPPro works just like Windows Explorer. 
FTPPro looks and feels just like Windows Explorer, except you can also transfer files to and from FTP sites. The Website Access Log Viewer is included, so you can see everyone that visits your websites (and your MySpace webpages).

Super Network Tunnel - =(SocksCap+Http Tunnel+Remote Control)*2 
Super Network Tunnel = SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control. Normally used in building a network tunnel between the home and office computer,it's alias name is home2office.It is a person http tunnel solution,include client and server.

Super Network Tunnel Portable Version - =(SocksCap+Http Tunnel+Remote Control)*2 
Super Network Tunnel = SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control. Normally used in building a network tunnel between the home and office computer,it's alias name is home2office.It is a person http tunnel solution,include client and server.

Proxy Chain Builder 1.2.3306 - Surf anonymously! 
Surf the web anonymously. Buind proxy chains.

Staff-FTP 2.95 - FTP-Client with unique features 
Staff-FTP is a unique ftp client that is easy to use. Unlike others it comes with full tls/ssl support (also with FXP). It also includes a glftpd-manager with all the site commands (drftpd and other command sets as well).

AbleFTP 9.05 - AbleFtp - Automated FTP client. 
AbleFtp - FTP client designed for automation of FTP and related tasks. You can create advanced FTP tasks that can be scheduled automatically or run instantly. Include FTP command task. No programming. Run 1000+ FTP tasks a day.

BulletProof FTP Client 2010.75 - BulletProof FTP a fully automated FTP client. 
BulletProof FTP is an automatic FTP program. It automatically reconnects and resumes file transfers right from where it left off if the connection is lost, or no data is received for a specified period of time - download files in any order

Capsa Packet Sniffer 7.3.1 - Monitor and Troubleshoot Network in Real Time 
Packet sniffer (network analyzer or network sniffer) for network monitoring and troubleshooting. It allows you to monitor network operations, isolate & solve network problems, identify network bottleneck & bandwidth use, and replay packets.

SFTPBlackbox .NET 9.0 - Secure FTP components for .NET 
SFTPBlackbox.NET is a comprehensive collection of managed components that add client-side and server-side support for SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) to your .NET Framework applications. SFTPBlackbox.NET includes complete SSH protocol support.

Robo-FTP 3.7.8 - Secure (SSH/SSL/PGP) script-driven FTP client 
Secure script-driven Windows FTP client with 100+ commands supporting 128-bit SSL and SSH secure servers and integrated PGP encryption/decryption. Also features integrated e-mail, ZIP archive support, COM/OLE, and single command file synchronization.

KooLoader Plus 2.4.0 - Kooloader Plus is a download manager. 
Kooloader Plus is a versatile and wide-ranging download manager and FTP Explorer with powerful download acceleration capabilities, supporting multiple downloads, resuming interrupted downloads, downloading from sites such as YouTube and RapidShare.

FilterFTP pro 2.1.0 - FTP Client with transfer filtering 
Smart FTP Client with filter functions for the transfer, delete, search, search and replace on server. Available filter criteria are: filename, foldername, fileextension, filedate and filesize.

Internet Download Accelerator 5.10 - Accelerate downloads and resume broken ones. 
Easy-to-use and effective download manager that can increase download speeds by up to 500 percent. It uses intellectual multi-section download to provide the best possible performance for all connection types. IDA resumes broken downloads.

Ftp.dll 2.0 - FTP/FTPS component for .NET framework 
Ftp.dll for .NET is a file-transfer component for .NET framework. It allows you to transfer files from your application using FTP or FTPS (also known as FTP over SSL/TLS) protocols. Works with .NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and mono.

Super Network Tunnel Linux Version - =(SocksCap+Http Tunnel+Remote Control)*2 
Super Network Tunnel = SocksCap+Bidirectional Http Tunnel +Remote Control. Normally used in building a network tunnel between the home and office computer,it's alias name is home2office.It is a person http tunnel solution,include client and server.

KooLoader 2.7.0 - KooLoader is a download manager tool 
KooLoader is an all in one download manager software that guarantees a worthy Internet downloading experience through the addition of an adaptive download accelerator, segmented downloads for acceleration, many simultaneous downloads and more.

InstantGet 2.12 - Powerful and efficient download manager. 
InstantGet is a powerful and efficient download manager and accelerator. InstantGet splits downloading files into multiple sections, downloading each section simultaneously to increase downloading speed up to 5 times faster.

Youtube Video Captor 2.5.0 - YouTube Video Captor is a download app. 
YouTube Video Captor is a powerful download manager and FTP manager offering excellent speed, user-friendliness and multiple features. It offers support for multi-threaded downloads, direct and indirect HTTP downloads, HTTP redirects, FTP downloads.

MobileWitch YouTube Downloader 2.3.0 - MobileWitch Downloader is a download manager. 
MobileWitch YouTube Downloader is a multiple-sourced download manager packed with convenient features and useful network traffic management capabilities. It offers great configurable options and clean, smart-looking interface.

Asterisks Password Viewer 2.91 - View the password hidden behind the asterisks 
Asterisks Password Viewer shows the actual password behind the asterisk. It can recover passwords to such programs as Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express, FTP clients such as CuteFTP, FlashFXP, etc. Ms Internet Explorer password recovery support.

UploadFTP 1.4.2 - Easily sync your local & ftp folders 
Quickly access as many servers as you want simultaneously with UploadFTP. It allows you to control your remote files like they are local. UploadFTP is fast, easy even if you are using ftp client for the first time.

Image Downloader - Search and download images trough the net. 
Search and download images trough the net, acording to any keyword or search phrase you want to. Downloads all full images to your hard disk, and lets you save and browse trough search lists later.

3D-FTP 9.06 - Multi-threaded and secure FTP Client 
3D-FTP is a lightning-fast and secure FTP Client software for transferring files to FTP/FTPS/SFTP servers. 3D-FTP uses MultiWire transfer engine to accelerate file transfers by automatically transferring multiple files simultaneously, in parallel.

edtFTPnet/Compact 2.2.0 - FTP library for the .NET Compact Framework 
edtFTPnet/Compact is a world-beating, affordable FTP library for the .NET Compact Framework (.NET CF). It is a robust and proven FTP .NET CF library.

TurboFTP Server 1.30.803 - High performance secure FTP/SFTP server. 
TurboFTP Server is a high performance, secure, scalable and management friendly FTP/SFTP server. It allows to set up virtual domains and virtual folders. It supports external authentication by ODBC, NTLM, LDAP and Active Directory.

AnyClient 2.2 - Free FTP client software 
AnyClient is a free platform independent file transfer application that supports all major file transfer protocols including FTP/S, SFTP and WebDAV/S.

Secure FTP Factory 8.7 - Java FTP components 
Secure FTP Factory is a set of Java based client components for secure file transfer. Includes Java FTP (File Transfer Protocol), Java FTPS (FTP over SSL), Java SFTP (FTP over SSH) and Java SCP (Secure Copy over SSH) components.

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