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VISeismo screenshot

- it shows the Alarm level and all last quakes around the place you have selected - you can select any place at the Earth from the list or add any new places you need for (full version only) - the place you have selected is shown as a little circle in the center of window - the quakes around selected place are shown as a lines with a direction, size and color according Magnitude, Coordinates and Time of quake - additionally the Pie is drawn for the nearest qukes (the closer is the quake, the more is the Pie) - Alarm level is shown at the left-upper corner of window as a digit from 0% to 100%. - Alarm level is calculated on a base of all last quakes around the place - use the button "New" or menu File/New to open a new window - use left-mouse double click to open a list of places. Select any place or click "Add" button to add your new place. To add a new place, input the name and coordinates as the Grads. If you have coordinates as grad, min, second, then enter them and click button "<--" to convert them to Grads - the list of places is stored as a file CITIES.TXT, you can simply edit this file as you need - the file QUAKES.TXT with all quakes is created every time VISeismo update the events (full version only) - use right-mouse double click to open a Parameters dialog. There it is possible to change "show last" (max hours to look for), "show nearest" (max distance in km to look for), "draw Pie near" (min distance in km to draw the Pie), "draw texts". The new parameters will be used for current window. you can open a lot of windows for the different or the same places and set different parameters for every of window - VISeismo looks for a new events every 5 minutes - need an internet connection

Release date:2011-04-12
Order:Click here to purchase full version
Company:Valeri Vlassov
Author:Valeri Vlassov
Keywords:earth, quake, monitor, alarm, science
Program type:Demo - $29.00
Install support:Install and Uninstall
Operating system:Win98, WinME, Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003, Windows Vista Business
File size:4669 K

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