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Chronager 3.4 - Time control software program 
Gives you complete control over your child's use of the computer: when he or she can use it for entertainment, and when for doing homework.

CometMarks 1.92 - CometMarks is a browser add-ons 
CometMarks is a browser add-ons that provides real-time automatic bookmark synchronization between all your different browsers, computers. So you can easily manage and edit your bookmarks everywhere.

IP Viewer Tool 1.0 - Shows your Public and Local IP 
When behind a router is not possible to get your public (WAN) IP address, this tool solves this problem. Shows your Public & Local IP Addresses, and maintains an IP address history. The IP log can be easily exported to HTML or Excel CSV.

Links Organizer 2.3 - Quick access to the most kinds of links 
Links Organizer provides quick access to the most kinds of links on your system - from Start menu and Desktop to Internet links. Using Links Organizer, you can inspect, edit, exchange links between categories

Linkman Lite 8.0 - The bookmark management tool 
Linkman Lite is a complete bookmark manager that efficiently organizes large numbers of links. Linkman integrates with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Opera browsers. Support to synchronize Bookmarks among computers is also available.

NetShred X 4.7.1 - NetShred X easy-to-use Mac internet cleaner 
Clean cache, clear history and more with this internet cache cleaner for Mac OS X that is easy, fast and cleaner. Easy because it runs automatically. Cleaner because it will erase, not just delete. Easy to use Mac privacy software.

DSL Speed 7.0 - online optimize DSL connection speed to MAX 
DSL Speed is a prefessional tool that will online smart optimize your DSL (e.g., ADSL, G.lite,IDSL,SDSL)connection speed to MAX.

Boss Everyware 3.0 - A tool for monitoring computer use. 
Boss Everyware tracks employee software and internet use, their time and attendance. The package includes monitoring program, powerful log analyzer and deployment utility. It takes minimal system resources and writes logs in common database formats.

Touche Google Maps Extractor 2.27 - Extract leads from Google Maps. 
Captures contact information such as business name, address, phone number from Google Maps.

NetWorx 5.1.7 - Measure bandwidth use and connection speed 
NetWorx is a free tool for measuring the speed of all kinds of network connections (modem, Ethernet, ISDN, DSL, wireless) and bandwidth usage. The program provides graphic representation of incoming and outgoing traffic, bandwidth reports and more.

Map View - Map View is a professional map browser 
Map View is a professional map browser. Both satellite imagery and maps online can be viewed through it. With the cache technology, it improve the user experience of viewing map.

NiX Proxy Checker 1.7.2 - Linux Proxy Checker 
NIX is a proxy checker that supports HTTP(S) CONNECT and SOCKS 4, 4a, and 5. It is multi-threaded and supports country detection, protocol auto-detection, and delay information, and has filters based on IP subnet mask, port, and RDNS.

Indigo Terminal Emulator 2.0.112 - Advanced telnet & serial communication 
Indigo is a powerful terminal based communication software for telnet and serial communications. Indigo offers many tools and functions that cannot be found in competing terminal software. Indigo is a complete replacement for TELNET and HYPERTERMINAL

United Kingdom Newspapers Reader 3.0.0 - It read all 1000+UK Newspapers 
This software allows you to read all 1000+ United Kingdom Newspapers directly.A very quick and easy way to stay in touch with your favourite UK newspapers . Read your papers in just minutes and few clicks. Anywhere in the world

ColdStop 3.1 - ColdStop3.1 Popup Killer 
For solid ad protection from annoying ads choose ColdStop Popup killer for fast positive control. Kills ads silently your online provider can't control.

Remote Desktop Spy 5.20 - Monitor and record PC and Internet activity. 
Remote Desktop Spy is a computer surveillance program which can be used in the home, school or office to monitor and record every detail of PC and Internet activity. Records programs used, keystrokes typed, web sites visited, and takes screenshots.

Evidence Eraser delete internet activity 2.53 - Every move you make leaves footprints. 
Every move you make on the Web leaves footprints which consume valuable disk space and put your privacy and identity at risk. Evidence Eraser can completely remove all traces of your Internet activity and protect sensitive information.

Torrent Ratio Keeper Linux/MacOS/BSD 4.1 - Torrent Share Ratio Booster 
Torrent Ratio Keeper increases your torrent share ratio on any tracker! It boosts up your download speed on multiple trackers at once. Your torrent client will get more seeds to download from, thus making your downloads much faster.

Web Log Explorer 5.21 - Analyzes log files on-the-fly. 
Web Log Explorer is a powerful log analyzer generates interactive reports on-the-fly. It allows you to dig as deep into your log files as you need to. Explore your site, proxy or other logs without any limits!

Prize Live Toolbar 5.3 - Get the Prize Live Toolbar v5.3 today. 
Get the Prize Live Toolbar v5.3 today and start earning money faster! Login to your personal account and view your points and game credits. View the newest offers added to Prize Live.

GetFLV Golden Version - Download, Convert, Repair and Play FLV Video. 
GetFLV: Download, Manage, Convert, Repair and Play FLV Video! GetFLV will turn your PC into a FLV Studio.

All Mobile 7.0.7 - Download MP3 songs, albums, movies, games ... 
Download MP3 songs, albums, movies, tv series, tv episodes, video on demand, videogames, ebooks, digital books, digital magazines, digital newspapers and many more digital products. Downloads compatible with PC, cell phones, IPhone, IPod, Kindle...

Hollywood Thing 1.0 - Gossip toolbar for IE. 
Gossip toolbar for Intenet Explorer. Find gossip blogs and hot news.

SoftPerfect Connection Emulator 1.4 - Imitates low-grade throttled net connection 
This utility imitates a network connection with a low bandwidth limit, latency and losses. With it you can test how well your application performs on a slow or long distance connection to ensure the quality of the product being developed or tested.

Parental Control Software 1.8 - Website blocker blocks entire unwanted sites 
Website blocking software blocks undesired websites and control your children from visiting unwanted pages including social networking sites. Password protected website blocker is hidden from start menu, control panel, desktop and program folder.

ipPulse 1.80 - Monitor network devices & notify of problems 
ipPulse is a Connectivity and Device Status Monitoring Tool. Use ipPulse to monitor the status of IPv4 connected devices (computers) on any IP connected network. ipPulse alerts you to failures using audible messages, email, web, and logs.

Free Proxy Browser 2011.0.3 - Simple Multi Proxy Browser 
Simple Multi Proxy Browser - Anonymous Internet - Copy/paste proxy addresses in the proxy window - Free to use, Free to share

Privacy Sweeper 6.00 - Erase the cache, cookies, history, typed URLs 
Privacy Sweeper lets you protect your privacy and improve your computer's performance by removing unwanted information and files.

Google Terrain Superget 5.18.151 - Downloading google maps fastly and stably 
Google Terrain SuperGet is a smart tool which can help you download tile terrain images from google map fastly and stably.

WebSite-Watcher 2011 - checks websites for updates and changes 
WebSite-Watcher checks your favorite websites for updates and changes. WebSite-Watcher saves the last two versions of websites to your harddisk and highlight all textual changes. Supports IE/Firefox/Opera Browser- Integration, Import and Export.

Internet Tracks Washer 11.9 - delete cache, cookies, history, temporary fil 
Internet Tracks Washer protects your privacy by cleaning up the tracks of your activities on your PC and the Internet.

Auto Tweet Promotion 2.0 - Automate Unlimited Twitter Accounts At Once 
Auto Tweet Promotion is a very powerful Twitter marketing tool that will surprise you with its simplicity and effectiveness in driving massive twitter website traffic.

WebCam Monitor 5.24 - Turn your PC into a video surveillance system 
Turn your PC into a video surveillance system that allows you to monitor your home/office from a remote location. Alerts include sounding an alarm, recording audio and video, taking photos, broadcasting video, and sending email notifications.

Servers Alive 6.2.2279 - Get 24/7 server monitoring with Servers Alive 
Servers Alive automatically monitors critical server functions and processes even when data center is closed. Notification features alert you when problems strike. Create scripted response scenarioes that execute when alarms are triggered.

IMI Contacts Exporter - IMI Contacts Exporter for Microsoft Outlook 
IMI Contacts Exporter for Microsoft Exchange Server is small utility specially designed for Microsoft Outlook users to export Contacts from any Exchange Public Contacts Folder to Microsoft Access table or Excel file.

Advance Bulk SMS Sender - Send SMS's to Thousends of mobile Number. 
Advance Bulk SMS Sender is a software to send SMSes to thousands of Mobile Numbers from PC. You can send multilple SMSes at once through your connected Mobile Phone (GSM Mobile Phone).

Moo0 ConnectionWatcher 1.50 - Check Your Network Connections 
Moo0 ConnectionWatcher lets you watch over any TCP/UDP connections from/to your PC. Using this program, you may discover which programs send/receive information with whom in detail.

Directory Inclusion 1.0.24 - Directory submission tool for link building 
Semi automatic website promotion software that helps increase link popularity and helps save time with directory submissions. Upon selecting a web directory, the directory submitter automatically fills out the anchor text, URL, and description.

Map Export - Map Export is a GIS developer oriented tool. 
Map Export is a GIS developer oriented tool for downloading and exporting background image. Map Export can export both satellite imagery and street maps from Google Map. It can export in many kinds of bmp format as you like.

Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer 4.6.7 - Chronos - Atomic Clock Synchronizer 
Chronos Atomic Clock Synchronizer is a utility for people who need their computers to use exact time. The program connects to various atomic clock timeservers and synchronizes your internal clock with time provided by theseservers.

Sijio Community Software 1.5.2 - Sijio is a PHP online community software. 
Sijio is an easy to use almost FREE ($8.88) PHP open source online community software. It has professional tools and features to run a full fledged community website e.g blogs, forum, polls, page management, RSS feeds, 100% SEO friendly and etc.

AddInternet Buscar Dominio 4.0.7 - Buscar dominios internet y datos Whois 
AddInternet Buscar Dominio es un software gratuito que te permite buscar dominios internet libres para registrar así como averiguar quien es el dueño de un dominio mediante búsquedas en la base de datos global Whois.

PC Weather Machine - An integrated virtual Weather Station 
PC Weather Machine is an integrated weather- monitoring tool offering more meteorological information than most weather modules. Displays the meteorological conditions, weather maps and sites for the places of your choice

Geodata Germany 15.02 - Geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany. 
The database contain geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany with geo referenced towns, municipalities, town quarters, administrative units, postal codes, telephone preselections, nature areas, landscapes, climatic zones for proximity searches ec.

MSG Viewer Pro - EML and MSG Viewer - MSGViewer Pro opens .msg .eml files 
Encryptomatic's MSGViewer Pro provides quick access to Microsoft Outlook .msg and .eml email files. Search, view and print email messages without Outlook. Also will extract file attachments from the .msg message file. Very easy to use.

Wandering IPs 1.5.7 - Visualise your internet connections in 3D. 
Wandering IPs allows you to visualize your TCP connections in 3D. It monitors connections made to or from your PC, identifies remote IP adresses and then tries to determine their geographic locations.

SSH Explorer SSH Client 1.97 - SSH client for remote server administration. 
SSH Explorer is a new generation SSH client and terminal emulator with a Windows Explorer-like look and functionality, that makes remote Linux server administration look like much more fun than it actually is.

Geodaten Deutschland 15.02 - Geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany. 
The database contain geodata of the Federal Republic of Germany with geo referenced towns, municipalities, town quarters, administrative units, postal codes, telephone preselections, nature areas, landscapes, climatic zones for proximity searches ec.

Local Website Archive 2011 - archive web pages for future reference 
Local Website Archive offers a fast and easy way to store information from the web on your hard disk. Archived documents are stored in their original file format and can also be opened with associated applications or found by desktop search engines.

BayGenie eBay Auction Sniper Pro - BayGenie Pro tracks and snipes eBay auctions 
BayGenie ebay Auction Sniper Pro tracks eBay auctions and places bids in the last seconds of auctions. Features: build-in browser * bidding groups * 16 ebay global sites * all time zones * Auto sniping lead time * SMS status to phone * free upgrades

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