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DK is a Street Performer

Contestants in the "DK is a Street Performer" challenge are winding down their efforts and checking out their latest results in Google. By the end of the week, the contest winner will be announced, and the phrase dk-is-a-street- performer will have won someone a brand new Amazon Kindle. The competition was fierce, with hundreds of marketers taking part in the action, but only 4 in the forefront. Soon after the competition began, two marketers began showing up more and more at the top of the search engines for the keyphrase (dk is a street performer). The challenge seems simple enough - rank on the first page of Google for the given keyword phrase. But how does one go about doing that? "What you have to do," said Liane Carmi of Toms River, NJ, "is start early, focus, and keep going, even when you think you're on top."

Release date:2011-07-14
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Company:DK is a Street Performer
Author:DK is a StreetPerformer
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