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Improve Your Vertical Leap With Flexibility

Improve Your Vertical Leap With Flexibility screenshot

When you first begin to work towards reaching your vertical leap goals, you may not be putting exercises to increase flexibility on your list of to-dos. But this would be a mistake. There are many benefits of flexibility, for what I call a synergistic effect; the results you're getting from other aspects of your training will only be enhanced by more flexibility. Read on to learn more ways flexibility training can be a necessary part of your vertical jump routine. 1. A fuller muscle contraction When your muscles can contract fully they will be able to exert more force. Stiffness, or a lack of flexibility, is a hindrance to maximal power output when muscles cannot flex to full capacity. Flexibility will help every muscle in your body to contract with less resistance, allowing greater body control and more strength development. 2. Injury prevention A leading cause of jumper's knee is too much stress on the quad muscle, brought about by a hamstring that is too tight. Making sure to do exercises that provide focus on all parts of the body will keep one part of the body from overcompensating for another. Keeping all muscles in your body loose and flexible will help prevent many cases of injury. 3. Greater range of motion and leverage To understand this, think of a boxer whose rotator cuff could only extend halfway. Would the power of his punch be nearly as strong as when he could reach all the way back? Having complete control of your range of motion is really a blessing when it comes to vertical jump training, including helping out with your form. Form alone is posited by top experts to be able to add inches immediately to your vertical.

Release date:2009-10-27
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Author:Jacob Hiller
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