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bolivar cigars 2010

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The strength of the Cuban cigar has been highly regarded for many years and the appreciation for this fantastic cigar is really overflowing. Aficionados around the world clamor for the taste of a Cuban cigar with its very strong flavor and deep character that will never disappoint the discriminating tastes of connoisseurs. One of the more renowned brands in Cuban cigar making, Bolivar was created not only as a cigar but a representation of a real Latin American symbolism of power, strength and intensity. The Bolivar in itself is a hero in its very own right. The history of BolivarHistory was made in 1901 when the Rocha Cuban Cigar factory started the manufacture of the Bolivar. This brand was named after the Simon Bolivar who was a great Latin American revolutionary hero. He freed South America from the Spanish and his power, strength and robustness became the inspirations for the creation of the said cigar. Right now, the Bolivar is considered as one of the strongest kind of Cuban cigar available. This cigar is full bodied and is not for any beginner cigar aficionados. The distinct strength and deep flavor of the Bolivar appeal to the Havana aficionados. Bolivar is also known for offering the smallest cigar ever which was called the Delgado.Famous variations:- Bolivar is very famous for the Belicosos and this is very apparent because of its intense complexities and the adjectives you could choose might be very fitting for an exotic dish. The myriad of woodsy flavors, chocolaty wrapper and intensities of spiciness and mildness typifies this exotic Bolivar Belicosos. Another one would be the Cofradia which has bold and robust smoke that has the alluring flavors of earth and spices. It has a very intoxicating and decadent aroma that is one of the strongest kinds of cigars present. This one is also made for the enjoyment of the more experienced cigar aficionados.

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