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capricho cubano cigars 2010

capricho cubano cigars 2010 screenshot

Cigars have always been part of the allure of the aristocratic people in the past. Whenever we see images of the past, we imagine that smoking has a very special part in the lives of the bourgeois and it was forever instilled into the hearts and minds of the people who like to experience the allure of cigars. Until now, there is a level of sophistication whenever we see cigars, but it has been more open now to all people and can be easily accessed in various places around the world. The internet has allowed a very diverse trade that even beat the galleon trades of eons past. This new method of buying and purchasing intensifies the more global appeal of cigars and now people who find the allure of cigars before can now have access to this seemingly exclusive and elusive activity of cigar smoking. Cigars can be described pretty much like we would tell the notes of a perfume or the body of a wine. There is appreciation on the very little details that make cigars very much a work of art and a craft in itself rather than just some leisurely activity. Smoking a cigar means experiencing its entirety in a sensory level. You have to understand the various elements of the cigar from its ashes to the smoke and you will surely find it alluring and really appealing.One such cigar you would want to try out first is the Capricho Cubano. This cigar originated from the Dominican Republic and it has a very mild flavor and would be best for those who have no prior experience with cigars. The Capricho Cubano is a great cigar to start with the journey on cigar smoking. The Capricho Cubano has recently been very much appreciated and loved by many cigar enthusiasts and therefore, people desire to have a taste of this very mild cigar that is perfect for every day purposes. Many cigars do not have that kind of appeal nor capacity but with Capricho Cubano, you will surely not get tired of its mildness and lightness.

Release date:2010-06-18
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Author:Andrew Luthi
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