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macanudo cigars 2010

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Macanudo is a cigar that is produced in Santiago, Dominican Republic. They use a very mild blend of Dominican filler a Binder from Tuxtla Valley from Mexico. The cigar is also incorporated with Connecticut shade wrapper. When you taste this cigar, you will experience a very consistent flavor that has a very smooth and mellow taste. You would certainly want to have this whenever you want to relax and have a little time for yourself, while you lounge on your veranda, or even imagine walking around your imaginary field of tobaccos. There was a very length discussion in creating the perfect blend for the cigar. After the very long discussion about this important matter, General Cigar started manufacturing the Macanudo in 1971. They used a very new and one of a kind blend of tobacco that was grown by the company and then they introduced it to the US. Edgar Cullman used his extensive experience and expertise in tobacco and there the iconic Macanudo was formed using the Connecticut shade wrapper that was aged for 3 years as well as the filler used. Ramon Cifuentes helped in creating and blending of the Macaduno using his natural skills. He was part of an old tobacco family from Cuba. Cullman credited Cifuentes for the unique effect and quality of the Macaduno. The Macaduno today is available in 4 kinds. The classic cigar which is Macaduno is the first. The fuller-bodied Macaduno Robust is the second. The Macaduno Maduro was introduced in 1999 and the latest was the Vintage Cabinet Selection. Macanudo Today:-The Macaduno cigars until today are being done by hand. Cullman always emphasizes the importance of the perfectly rolled cigar as well as the rounded crown which was the iconic design for the Macaduno. A handmade cigar like the Macaduno is made by bunching, rolling and trimming the entire cigar by using hands.

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