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International Mileage Charts

International Mileage Charts screenshot

These International OSM charts are intended to complement our existing North American and European charts, but cover all countries in the world. To do this, they are calculated using OpenStreetMap data computed using the pgRouting engine. Cities are chosen as the 1000 largest cities with a population of at least 1000. All countries with at least two cities fitting this criteria are included. The exceptions are the US and UK - the two countries with OSM road networks that are too complex for pgRouting. Each chart is supplied as an Excel 2007 .xlsx spreadsheet file with one worksheet listing the shortest route distances in kilometers. Cells are shaded according to routability. Pink is used for routes cannot be calculated, whilst beige is used for cities that cannot be matched with the road network. Each of these charts list the cities down the left side and along the top. Moving the scroll bars will scroll the main data area whilst keeping the city names visible on the left and top. Guide lines are marked in blue to aid reading. This archive contains directories for each of the six continents: AF - Africa AS - Asia EU - Europe NA - North America OC - Oceania SA - South America Individual charts are named using ISO 2 character country codes - eg. "DE" is Germany and can be found in the "EU" (Europe) directory.

Release date:2011-08-25
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Company:Winwaed Software Technology LLC
Author:Richard Marsden
Keywords:mileage charts, mileage tables, travel time, road distances, cities
Program type:Data Only - $0.00
Install support:No Install Support
Operating system:Not Applicable
Requirements:Requires Microsoft Excel or an Excel file reader
File size:132883 K

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