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PIPZen Automated Forex system

PIPZen Automated Forex system screenshot

Forex PIPZen is the best forex robot software for online currency trading. Take the best 100% FREE Forex Challenge. Test ForexPIPZen for yourself First then decide! Gain Confidence in Chaos! Forex trading has a huge profit potential. Trader can manage his activity on a currency trading market by himself. He can make a couple trades per month or ten per day, whatever is comfortable for him. More and more people are interesting in foreign exchange rate market, but only 5% of all traders are successful traders. Why? Because the biggest enemy for a trader is himself. His emotions work against him. He suffers from fear and greed. Plan the trade and trade the plan that is automated trading about! 1. Minimal human intervention. 2. Risk management setting are adjustable but preferred risk is 3% to 5% of your balance. 3. ForexPIPZen will prompt you to place EA with the correct currency and time frame 4. ForexPIPZen emails trades transactions to you email account (open and closes) 5. ForexPIPZen informs you it is ON via email. 6. Opens up to 5 trades per transaction and manages those trades with stop loss and trailing stop loss. * 7. Optimized internally to reduce drawdowns. 8. High Percent of Successful trades > 90% in back tests. 9. EA designed for low Maximal and Relative drawdown. 10. Additional Break Even and Maximum Percent Loss features 11. Installs Quickly with setup file 12. Work on 4 and 5 decimal brokers! 13. ForexPIPZen and ForexPIPZen LITE are licensed and secured EAs with limited licenses available. Gain Confidence in Chaos with ForexPIPZen

Release date:2009-09-12
Order:Click here to purchase full version
Author:Mark Din
Keywords:automated, forex, online currency trading, software, profitable expert advisor
Program type:Shareware - $599.00
Install support:Install Only
Operating system:Win95 Only
Requirements:Windows, MT 4, 512 MB RAM
File size:216 K

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