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System/Screen Savers

Jet Screenshot 3.0 - Share screenshots via the internet in seconds 
A freeware utility enabling you to share screen snaps via the net in seconds. Select and capture anything on your screen, easily add text, arrows, or effects, and share screenshot immediately online. Download now!

Babies Screensaver 1.0 - Here is a babies screensaver that is adorable 
Here is a babies screensaver that is adorable to remind you to visit the doctor and get your HCG levels checked to make sure you have a healthy baby

1st Screen Lock 9.7 - Lock your desktop with a password. 
1st Screen Lock is a password-protected desktop security utility that lets you lock your desktop with a password on boot, or at the time you are leaving your PC. You can use the built-in spy utility that works in background and enables you to spy on

Super Mario Screensaver 1.0 - Experience classic Super Mario screenshots 
Experience classic Super Mario games cartridges and screenshots from the past. This screensaver has 8-bit Mario from his days in the game Super Mario Bros for the NES all the way up to his current roll in Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii.

Year Round Screensaver 1.0 - Perfectly animated slideshow! 
Earth is our common home, it is beautiful and amazing all year round! Install our new seasons screensaver and you will find that it is true. Perfectly animated slideshow of four bright and colorful scenes relevant for every season.

Magic Color Screensaver 1.0 - Magic Color Screensaver 
Magic Color Screensaver

0x80070017 Error Fix 2.0 - 0x80070017 error code is Windows 7 error 
0x80070017 error is caused in Windows 7 systems which results into several issues like blue screen of death, slow PC performance, system crash, other related errors and many more. So, it is very important to fix 0x80070017 error as quick as possible.

Fix Psapi.dll Error 2.0 - Easily Fix Psapi.dll Error 
If your system is showing slow performance and program gets freezed after the occurrence of psapi.dll error then don't take it in an easy way. Immidiately try to fix Psapi.dll error otherwise your system gets crashed.

Fix setupx.dll error 2.0 - Get rid of setupx.dll not found error easily. 
System users might get the setupx.dll error because of driver incompatibility, or the registry file become corrupt or any incorrect registry has entered or settings have changed. Fix setupx.dll error with Registry Repair software.

Fix a3dapi.dll Error 2.0 - Fix A3dapi.dll error Immidiately 
A3dapi.dll is serious error that appears on windows based computers and disrupts its functionalities. So, it is necessary to fix a3dapi.dll error as soon as possible in order to prevent your system from damages.

Microscopic Screensaver 1.0 - Microscopic Screensaver 
Microscopic Screensaver

Advanced Desktop Shield 3.05 - Protect public access PCs, stop users from 
Advanced Desktop Shield - protect public access PCs, stop users from changing desktop wallpaper and screen saver, deleting, creating and renaming desktop icons, changing display settings and so on. Backup, restore and manage desktop layout

Screen Broadcaster 2.1 - Broadcast & record screen to wmv file 
Broadcasting your screen to internet, and recording to standard WMV file.

Fantastic Space Star Screensaver 1.0 - Fantastic Space Star Screensaver 
Fantastic Space Star Screensaver

AquaSoft ScreenShow 4.6.04 - your slideshow as a screensaver 
your slideshow as a screensaver, with directX, usable with AquaSoft SlideShow. Send screenshows per email. Your message for everybody. Optional with music.

Free System Tuner and Optimizer - Optimize & Speed your PC performance. 
System Tuner and Optimizer is a free powerful tool that enables you to free up valuable space on your hard drive, make your Windows faster, optimize the performance of your PC,corrects problems and helps you customize your system to suit your needs.

SWF To Screensaver Scout 1.56c - SWF(FLV) to Screensaver for Win2000,XP,Vista 
Convert flash (SWF, FLV) into screensaver and re-distribute it to your web-site visitors, your customers, colleagues or friends. You can customize title, publisher, web-site url, to set custom options and more. Generated EXE works on Win2k,XP,Vista

Box Shot 3D 2.1132 - Creates 3D box shot and book cover. 
Box Shot 3D is a virtual packaging design tool. It creates box-shot, vista boxes, ebook covers, CD covers, electronic magazines covers and more. It allows you to create high quality web and printable graphics with just a few clicks!

nfsCastleNeuschwanstein 1.1 - nfsCastleNeuschwanstein 
nfsCastleNeuschwanstein free screensaver features the old Neuschwanstein Castle. It's safe to install and run. No spy/adware.

nfsKarlovyVary 1.1 - nfsKarlovyVary 
nfsKarlovyVary free screensaver features one of the streets in Karlovy Vary at night, the town which is located in the western part of the Czech Republic at the confluence of the rivers Teplá and Ohře. It's safe to install and run. No spy/adware.

nfsEarlyAutumnGouda 1.1 - nfsEarlyAutumnGouda 
nfsEarlyAutumnGouda free screensaver features one of the streets with a water canal in the early morning. There are no people, just water ripples, birds and butterflies revive the street. It's safe to install and run. No spy/adware.

Camtasia Studio Downloader V7100 - Free download Camtasia Studio media player 
When it comes to producing professional-looking movies and demos from your computer screen, TechSmith's Camtasia Studio continues to strike the right balance between a powerful toolset and ease of use.

Tiny Butterflies Screensaver 1.0 - Tiny Butterflies Screensaver 
Tiny Butterflies Screensaver

Chritmas Screensaver HN 1.0 - A screensaver with pictures about Christmas. 
A free and customizable multimedia screensaver with great and original pictures about Christmas Day (Santa Claus, Christmas trees, etc.). You can set item duration and item order (sequential, random, shuffle...), add and mix effects (more than 100).

Fantastic Ferrari Screensaver 1.0 - Fantastic Ferrari Screensaver 
Fantastic Ferrari Screensaver

Hotkey Recorder 5.1132 - record and play back macros, key and mouse. 
Hotkey Recorder can record key and mouse events to file and play them back. Macros often used can be defined and played back. Macros, key and mouse events can be assigned to a hot key. When key sequence is pressed, these macros will be launched.

Dreadful Sharks Free Screensaver 1.02 - Decorate your screen with this amazing saver. 
This screensaver shows you off the images of dreadful sharks that are so big and aggressive to pesent the threat to the humans. Dreadful sharks were known to mariners as "sea dogs" since the past due to their mighty jaws and terrible teeth.

Wild Felines Screensaver 1.0 - Wild Felines Screensaver 
Wild Felines Screensaver

Sim AQUARIUM 3 - Sit back and relax and let the fish swim by. 
Sim AQUARIUM brings the most realistic coral reef aquarium to your computer screen. Its stunning, photo-realistic graphics recreate the beauty of 3D fish swimming freely in a 3D environment, including reef, with live clams and swaying sea life.

Fix ctor.dll error 2.0 - Remove ctor.dll error from Windows easily 
When the ctor.dll file gets corrupt or missing, the ctor.dll error occurs on the system resulting in annoying popup ads all the time even when the internet is not connected resulting in slowing down of the system, blue screen errors and much more.

Screen Movie Studio 2.6.2 - Screen Recorder is a screen capture software 
Screen Movie Studio is a screen capture software. It can capture the action from your screen into standard AVI movie files. Sound from your system microphone is also recorded.

Beauty Is Out There Screensaver 1.0 - Beauty Is Out There Screensaver 
Beauty Is Out There Screensaver

Easy Desktop Keeper 3.04 - Save, restore, manage and lock desktop layout 
Easy Desktop Keeper lets you save, restore, manage and lock your desktop layout or layouts of PC users including placement of desktop icons, files and folders located on the desktop, desired wallpaper and screen saver.

Coral Reef Aquarium Screensaver 1.0 - Coral Reef Aquarium Screensaver 
Coral Reef Aquarium Screensaver

The Mysterious Forest Screensaver 1.0 - The Mysterious Forest Screensaver 
The Mysterious Forest Screensaver is a unique screensaver that will bring to your computer screen fantastics, beautifuls and full of mysteries forests. With 6 wonderful and beautiful Mysterious Forest scenarios for you.

Amazing Thunderstorm Screensaver 1.0 - Amazing Thunderstorm Screensaver 
Howto Install Screensavers On Windows Vista / 7

Frontcam screen recorder 1.3 - Screen capture software record screen to avi 
FrontCam is a screen recorder software. It can capture the action from your screen into standard AVI movie files. Sound from your system microphone is also captured. You can use it to capture screen into static pictures too.

Butterfly Paradise Screensaver 1.0 - Butterfly Paradise Screensaver 
Butterfly Paradise Screensaver

MacVCD X 4.7.2 - Easy AVI,DIVX,MPEG,VCD Mac OS X Video Player 
Discover the easy way to play AVI, DivX, WMV, xVID, MPEG, VCD, SVCD, video, Quicktime movies and more with this easy to use viedo media player for Mac OS X. This software offers all the playback features you need and is easy to use.

Odin Screen Capture 6.5.4 - capture and annotate anything on the screen 
Odin Screenshot Expert is a full-featured screen capture tool that allows you to easily capture and annotate anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen, rectangular/freehand regions and even scrolling windows/web pages.

Amazing Cars Screensaver 1.0 - Amazing Cars Screensaver 
Howto Install Screensavers On Windows Vista / 7

Aeron Forex Auto Trader EA 1 - Aeron Forex Auto Trader - Reasons Why One 
Aeron Forex Auto Trader - Reasons Why One should Prefer Forex Auto Trading to Manual Trading! In currency trading world, nowadays, more and more traders are turning to Forex auto trading robots for making money.

Treble Bass HN Screensaver 1.1 - A screensaver with named music notes on staff 
A customizable screensaver showing the music notes with their name on the staff, in treble clef and in bass clef, in alphabetic (A,B,C...) and syllabic notation (Do,Re,Mi...). Use the F2 key to set the music notes as wallpaper and learn them.

free Screensavers/Wallpaper maker - Are you looking for a ScreenSaver maker softw 
Are you looking for a ScreenSaver maker software to create ScreenSaver? Do you have a digital camera, have taken many digital photos, and wanna create your own ScreenSavers with your favorite photos? Do you want to make ScreenSavers with images,

BSR Screen Recorder 5.2.2 - Captures video, audio, pictures from screen. 
BSR captures anything you see on the screen as video+audio and pictures. It records video in AVI, WMV, SWF (Flash) and EXE formats and pictures in JPG, PNG and BMP formats. BSR features 2D and 3D zooming and includes a video studio and a movie lab!

Pinched Starfield Screensaver 1.0 - Pinched Starfield Screensaver 
Beautiful Pinched Starfield Screensaver. If you love astronomy and stars, you will love this beautiful screensaver. Notice the effec of how the starfield pinched together to create a beautiful picture!

ScreenViewer 2.0.0 - View remote screenshot easily 
ScreenViewer is used for remote computer screen monitoring.It captures a remote screenshot whenever you want to view remote screen.It can also save the screenshot as a JPEG file.It consist of two parts: server and client.

3D Fish School Screensaver 4.97 - Enjoy saltwater and freshwater 3D Aquariums. 
Turn your computer desktop into incredible virtual Aquariums. Watch as schools of fish swim among bubbles within beautiful underwater backgrounds. Choose from saltwater or freshwater fish tanks and enjoy underwater effects and sounds.

Colors Of Life Screensaver 1.0 - Colors Of Life Screensaver 
Colors Of Life Screensaver

Movavi Screen Capture 2.1 - High-quality screen capturing to a video file 
Movavi Screen Capture is a handy, lightweight program for creating screencasts. Record tutorials for uploading to your blog. Grab webinars for later reviewing. Enhance and edit screencasts. Convert screencasts for more than 180 mobile devices.

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