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Surveillance Keylogger

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WHAT IS SURVEILLANCE KEYLOGGER? Surveillance Keylogger is Duthersoft's state-of-the-art monitoring software. It will let you record the keystrokes that users type on your computer, on any application, and when you are away. With its advanced stealth mode, it is invisible to all users. Through the logs, you will be able to know what other users do with the computer, including, apart from what they type, the window titles of the applications they use. To improve the readability of the logs, they are stored in a highlighted HTML format, and hence they can be viewed through any web browser and through the specialized viewer that comes with the software. You can also choose to have the logs sent to your e-mail address. Designed to be powerful and easy to use, the keylogger is extremely easy to deploy on a target computer. Once the keylogger has been generated with all its configuration options, simply running the .exe once will automatically install the keylogger on the target machine, without any further human interaction, and without displaying any message or question whatsoever. WHY IS IT BETTER THAN OTHER PRODUCTS? 1) Surveillance keylogger is powerful, easy to use and reliable. 2) Logs are in HTML, and they can be viewed easily with the Viewer or through your favourite web browser. 3) Surveillance Keylogger can copy itself to a system folder automatically, restart itself on start-up, and run in stealth mode. 4) Surveillance Keylogger is easy to deploy. Once generated, no further installation is needed, simply running the exe file is enough. 5) Surveillance Keylogger uses an elegant, non-intrusive, hookless technique for obtaining keypresses. It will not slow down your programs or cause any harm to the systems it runs on. 6) Surveillance Keylogger is cheap. Although it is one of the best keyloggers in the market, at Duthersoft we believe that everyone should be able to acquire quality software.

Release date:2008-09-16
Order:Click here to purchase full version
Author:Duther Litheum
Keywords:monitoring, surveillance, spy, monitor, keylogger
Program type:Shareware - $16.95
Install support:Install and Uninstall
Operating system:WinXP
File size:1650 K

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