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PrinterAdmin Print Polisher 1.0 - Unlock the hidden power of your printer! 
PrinterAdmin Print Polisher is a virtual printer driver that unlocks the hidden power of your printer and saves you 50 percent in ink, toner and pape costs!

active Printer 1.5 - Switch active printer with one mouse click. 
Active Printer is a small but mighty printer utility from Palick Soft. Choose your active printer just one mouse click. No need to browse through countless options, change settings, then change them back. Grab your copy of this handy utility now.

TargetExpress 4.10 - Pistol and riffle target printing software 
Target printing software. Over 500 pistol and rifle targets designed for printing from your computer. Most targets are designed for 8.5" x 11" paper, with regular and ink saving versions. Create your own targets with the TargetWizard.

otshot 1.0 - Spice up your digital photos! 
Otshot is a revolutionary tool in the field of digital photography. It allows you to turn your images into greeting cards and insert your own personalized message into the frame.

TM PhotoPrinter 4.2 - Photo print and edit. 
TM Photo Printer software is the perfect tool for professional photo print in terms of both features and interface. It provides lots of print templates for you to easily lay out photos on a Preview page.

Label mx Pro 4.3 - label designing and printing system 
Label mx pro is easy-to-use label software allows you to simply create and print labels of all types including address, shipping, mailing, and barcode labels etc. It offers a great deal of designed templates for user to choose and modify.

DOSPRN 1.79 - Print to windows printer from a dos program 
DOSPRN allows to print reports from your favorite DOS program on the modern printers independently of their types. USB, PDF, network printers supported.

Print Layout for Desktop Publishing 1.0 - Best layout designer for dynamic publishing. 
Print Layout for Desktop Publishing is professional in designing and dynamic publishing label, business card, bar code, check, ticket, coupon, flowchart, cover, schematic diagram, customer sticker, CD label, Paper package and customized invitation.

Print Restricted PDF 3.0 - Print Restricted PDF with Unrestrict PDF Tool 
PDF Print Unlocker tool helps users to print restricted pdf file & to print protected pdf file.. Software easily enable printing option so that users can print their PDF documents without any hassles. Try Unrestrict PDF to print restricted PDF file.

RPE Photo 3.0 - Easy Photo Resizing, Printing and Enhancement 
Digital photo resizing and printing made easy. Print multiple photos with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Forget complex photo software, anyone can learn in minutes! Fix red eye, lighten, etc. One click resizes your pictures for email. Free trial.

Font Xplorer 1.2.2 - View, print, install and manage your fonts 
Font Xplorer is the font application that allows you to choose the "perfect font" for a specific job and easily perform all types of font management & printing chores.

Default Printer 2.5 - Select your default printer. 
Select your default printer, rename it, share it or delete it with only one mouse click.

Allow PDF Printing 4.0 - Allow PDF Printing instantly & easily 
Allow PDF Printing helps users to allow pdf print option of PDF file & to print protected pdf file. Software easily enable pdf printing option so that users can print their PDF documents without any restrictions.

Broadcast Batch Printing - prints all document files on multiple printer 
Broadcast Batch Printing prints all printable files. It supports all formats of files such as (doc, docx, xls, html, xml, ppt, XLSX etc.) and images such as (jpg, gif, png, tiff, ico, psd, BMP etc.)

Enable PDF Rights 3.6 - Enable PDF Rights, Enable PDF Document Rights 
Enable PDF Rights is the one of the finest PDF restrictions remover program to enable pdf protection, enable pdf for edit, enable pdf printing. Now users can enable pdf document rights from unlimited Adobe PDF documents in easier & simpler steps.

Unlock PDF Files for Printing 3.0 - Unlock PDF Files for Printing in easy steps. 
Use efficient PDF unlocker program to unlock pdf files for printing instantly. PDF Restrictions Remover program enable users to unlock pdf owner password for copying, editing, printing of PDF documents of Acrobat version up to 9.

Java Printing Tool 4.6 - Java printing tool print preview swing files 
Java print component shareware paginates JTextPane JTable JTree JList JPanel sequence prints multi page swing based component documents support vertical gaps page ejects printer discovery selection borders headers footers with rich text multiple line

Real PDF Converter 3.2 - Convert any type of document to PDF and back. 
Create high-quality and searchable PDF documents from any Windows application. Convert any PDF file back to popular image formats, Microsoft Word documents, and web pages.

PrinterExpress 1.32 - Quickly set your default printer 
Using PrinterExpress, you only have to click once on the PrinterExpress icon located in the system tray (next to the time), and you can easily make any printer on your network your default printer.

Editing PDF Documents 3.0 - Editing PDF Documents 
SysTools PDF Unlocker software very easy and effortless process to open password protected PDF documents. PDF Unlocker tool to remove "Owner" password from your protected PDF files in few second without any difficult and data defeat.

Greene's Parrots Screensaver 1.0 - Screensaver - 40 images of parrots. 
This screensaver contains 40 images of parrots, parakeets, lories and cockatoos from William Thomas Greene's - Parrots in Captivity. Parrots in Captivity was published in three volumes - 1883 to 1887.

Print Layout Designer 1.008 - Print layout design for dynamic publishing. 
Print Layout Designer is professional in designing and dynamic publishing label, business card, bar code, check, ticket, coupon, flowchart, interface, cover, schematic diagram, customer sticker, CD label, Paper package and customized invitation.

Star Envelope Printer Pro 5.10 - Star Envelope Printer Pro 
This application makes printing your Envelopes just so easy. Give your envelopes that professional result. Handles all different types of envelopes and printers. Free support/upgrades/updates for a full year. Fully functional download.

ConnectCode MICR E13B Font 3.0 - A professional MICR Font for check printing. 
ConnectCode MICR E13B is a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition font based on the E13B industry standard.

Cash Printer 2.22.0272 - Print your own money now! 
Print your own money now! Do you need money for playing "Monopoly" or should your kids learn to count and calculate money? Use "Cash Printer" together with your color printer to produce phantasy banknotes, optional front or back.

Real PDF Printer 3.0.0 - Create full-featured CMYK PDF files with ease 
Create CMYK PDF files with password features, access control, font embedding and subsetting. Besides on-the-fly conversion to CMYK, you can restrict viewing, printing, editing, or copying of documents to only users with the correct password.

SilentPrint - Batch Printing Software 2.82 - Batch Print & Batch Convert to PDF 
Automatically batch print and batch convert to PDF a wide range of Windows documents including PDF, DOC, HTM, XLS, JPG, BMP, TIF and many more.

Restrict PDF 2.1 - Restrict PDF copy, editing, printing at ease. 
Easy Restrict PDF program to restrict pdf files so as to protect content of PDF files being copied, edited, printed by unauthorized users. Now restrict pdf copy, restrict pdf printing, restrict pdf editing, restrict pdf viewing with Restrict PDF Tool

Open Secure PDF Files 3.1 - Open Secure PDF Files using PDF Unlocker 
Smoothly open secure PDF files with PDF Unlocker at SysTools. Online PDF Unlocker has many features for removing restrictions from downloaded e-books, PDF pages etc. Due to restrictions of PDF files, we cannot copy text of these files.

ConnectCode MICR CMC7 Font 3.0 - A professional CMC7 Font for cheque printing. 
ConnectCode MICR CMC7 is a Magnetic Ink Character Recognition font based on the CMC7 industry standard for cheque printing. CMC7 is a widely accepted standard throughout Europe, South America and many other countries.

Scanitto 1.22 - Scanning wizard with image management, copier 
Scanitto - is a lite and mighty software application for image acquiring from TWAIN scanners. Scanitto allows: 1. to scan images from scanner, 2. save scanned images to various formats (bmp, jpeg, tiff, png, pdf, gif), 3. make printed copies

PhotoCool 2.12 - Edit,organize and print photos. 
PhotoCool can make your photos into cool memories. All you need is four steps and a good photo paper; you will in no time have great prints to smile at.

Multi Print 2.0 - Copy Print and Save in One Step 
Multi Print watches a file folder for the arrival of a tiff imge or PDF, from a copier or virtual printer. When a Tiff image is found it is sent to specified printers and printed and then optionally saved as a PDF or in its original format.

PDFArea PDF Protection Remover 4.0 - decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat documents 
PDF Protection Remover is a quick and easy-to-use PDF utility that is designed to decrypt protected Adobe Acrobat documents. This software is able to decrypt PDF documents and is able to remove all protections, such as preventing copying, preventing.

AudioLabel CD/DVD Labeler 4.40.9 - Smart cd/dvd label software. 
Smart cd label software that helps you create and print cd labels, jewel case inserts, and DVD case labels. Automatically finds album information and fills out the label for you!

Bersoft HTML Print 7.13 - Programmer utility for printing HTML pages. 
This programmer utility for printing HTML pages and images in an invisible way can be called from your application, passing either the page to print as a parameter or or a page list .

Lock PDF 2.0 - Lock PDF Files & Lock PDF Documents 
Easy yet powerful Lock PDF program to lock pdf files & lock pdf documents. Now users can use Lock PDF program to lock pdf from printing, lock pdf from copying, lock pdf from editing. Lock PDF is the most suitable tool to secure pdf, protect pdf.

Print Manager Software 2.1.9 - Print Manager - Print Management Software 
Antamedia Print Manager is print management software with print control, printer management, user billing and centralized printer tracking. Protects your profits by reducing printing costs via rules that you set.

Reform VDP 12 - Produce enhanced forms with variable data. 
Reform VDP (Variable Data Printing) lets you easily create and enhance the look of all your business documents - allowing you to effectively communicate with customers, enrich company image, as well as cut costs and improve efficiency.

Easy Barcode Label Printing Software 2009 - Easy Barcode Label Printing Software 
Easily create multiple barcode labels on your printer. Includes many advanced features such as serial number incrementing. Supports Code-128, Code-39, GS1 DataBar, DataBar Stacked, UPC, EAN, GS1-128, ITF, USPS barcodes and others.

Disable PDF Printing 2.0 - Disable PDF printing option at ease. 
Easy program to disable PDF printing so as to secure content & images of PDF document from being printed. Now users van disable PDF printing, disable PDF print option from PDF files created using Acrobat version up to 9.

Unprotect PDF 4.0 - Unprotect PDF files with unprotect PDF tool 
Try the most easy to use Unprotect PDF program to unprotect PDF files instantly. Unprotect PDF program performs to unprotect PDF files in just 2-3 clicks. Now users can easily unprotect PDF rights of copy, edit, print, modify from PDF upto Acrobat 9.

book template 1 - Book template wallpaper. 
Book template wallpaper. There are a lot of different ways to inform people about different ideas and products on the internet. However, one of the fastest growing ways is, of course, ebooks.

INTELLIscribe LPR - LPR Print Client with Shared Printing 
INTELLIscribe installs on Windows allowing you to send print jobs to printers, print servers, or any IP addressed device, anywhere in the world using TCP/IP technology. Shared printing, broadcast printing, fail-over printing, and more

TechnoRiver MICR Font 2.0 - Print checks with MICR E13-B font. 
TechnoRiver MICR TrueType Font allows you to print the digits and special characters at the bottom of a check. The font is based on the E13-B industry standard, which is used in the United States and many countries throughout the world.

Enable PDF Printing 4.2 - Enable PDF Protection Quickly & Instantly 
Enable PDF Printing is the all-new PDF restriction remover program to enable pdf protection, enable pdf print, enable pdf rights. Now users can enable pdf document rights from unlimited Adobe PDF documents easily & instantly.

Barcode Label Maker Professional 7.1 - Barcode label design and printing software. 
Barcode Label Maker is the professional barcode label software program. It provides a quick and convenient way to create barcodes label visually.

SimpleOCR 3.1.0 - Free OCR software, Royalty-free OCR SDK 
Avoid retyping with freeware document scanning and optical character recognition (OCR) software. SimpleOCR converts scanned pages to text that can be searched or edited in a word processor. A royalty-free SDK version is also available.

PhotoLab Calendar for Workgroup 2.9 - Networking planner for photo & video services 
This is a more powerful version of PhotoLab Calendar, with all of the features of the standard version, but with the additional capability to share data in real time over the network.

Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard 1.15 - Easily print multiple images 
Pos Multiple Image Printing Wizard allows you to easily print multiple images on a single page/paper in various ways and effects. It also helps you save expensive paper. The software comes with many build in templates and effects you can select from.

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