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Unix Quick Guide

Unix Quick Guide screenshot

Designed for everyone using Unix operating systems, this Unix quick guide covers all daily used Unix features and options, provides quick tips and solutions for common Unix security problems and other operations. A comprehensive yet portable Unix reference for every Unix user to harness the power of Unix features, functions and tools. Unix operating system architecture. Historic chart of Unix distributions and popular shells deployed in Unix systems. Unix file system structure and commonly used configuration files in Unix systems. Frequently used commands and tools for file and directory management. Security risks and Unix solutions in the categories of data protection, system update, user management, Internet threats and more. Frequently used commands and tools for user and group management, jobs and processes management, networking operations, system management and more. Designed by experts with decades of experience in Unix operating systems.

Release date:2008-10-01
Order:Click here to purchase full version
Company:Javvin Company
Author:Javvin Tech
Keywords:unix os, unix admin, unix operating system, unix
Program type:Data Only - $13.99
Install support:No Install Support
Operating system:Not Applicable
Requirements:pdf reader
File size:33 K

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