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XPcop is a software application for parental control, system security, internet accounting, content filtering, and bandwidth monitoring. It's very useful at the following places : * At home as a parental Control software. * At Internet Cafe / cybercafe as a billing and monitoring tool * At Educational Institutes as user management and computer security application. * At Offices for effective computer administration and control. * At Gaming Centres for enhancing user experience. * On laptops for Personal Security. XPCOP helps protect against the dangers children face online from offendable/explicit web site content. XPCOP provides profile based security, so you can apply different restrictions to different users using the same PC. You can use XPCop to restrict users from using the computer in an undesirable manner. It allows you the administrator to create users and configure the following aspects associated to each user account : - Which users can access the computer? - For how long can they access the computer? (surf watch) - Which users can access internet? - Which websites can they open? (web filter or porn filter) - Which system areas can they access? Example: block access to windows control panel. - Which application are they able to run. - How much bandwidth are they allowed to use per day, per week or per month? What makes XPcop special is the fact that all these settings can customized as per each user account / profile in XPCop allowing you to create different levels and types of access to the computer. Free download parental control software XPCop now by clicking here. This is a fully functional 21 days free trial.

Release date:2006-01-06
Order:Click here to purchase full version
Company:Nliven Technologies
Author:Nliven Technologies
Keywords:badwidth monitoring, bandwidth monitoring, system security, internet security, parental control software
Program type:Shareware - $29.99
Install support:Install and Uninstall
Operating system:Windows2000, WinXP, Windows2003
Requirements:Windows XP/2000/2003, 64 MB RAM, 10 MB diskspace
File size:4029 K

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