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Folder Shield 2003 1.3 - Folder Shield hides complete folders! 
Folder Shield enables you to make folders completely invisible. Just specify all confidential folders, activate Folder Shield's protection and all folders will be hidden and your sensitive data will be protected against unauthorized access.

Folder Lock 6.3.5 - Lock or encrypt files, folders or USB drives 
Folder Lock lets you lock, hide or encrypt confidential files, folders, pictures, documents or any type of files from unwanted users of your computer with a password. It takes seconds to secure your data.

Watermark Software Pro - Watermark Software Pro 
Photo protector is a powerful photo watermarking software for digital photo protection. This photo watermark software places very strong watermarks that no one can remove. Watermark Software Pro allows you to add text watermark to any picture.

MS access password cracker tool 5.0.1 - Recover ms access database password software utility tool 
Recover mdb password is password restoration utility tool to recover restore forgotten corrupted deleted account numeric typed database tool utility software security break protected file unmask forget crack hack breaking recovering password.

Stealth Files 4.0 - Stealth Files 4.0 
Stealth Files hides any type of file in almost any other type of file. This is called steganography. This is a way of encrypting data so that it is hard to find. You can not decrypt something unless you know what to decrypt...

MCS Firewall 2008 - MCS Firewall 2008 
MCS Firewall helps block unauthorized communication from hackers, unknown computers, malicious code, denial-of-service attacks and remote-control Trojans left by viruses.

jZip 1.3 - jZip: A sleek new compression software. 
jZip is a powerful compression utility which allows you to create, extract and manipulate Zip, RAR, TAR, GZip, 7-Zip and other file archives. jZip sports an elegant, easy to use user interface. jZip is a free WinZip alternative.

Personal Computer Monitor 1.2 - Record all activities on your computer 
Personal Computer Monitor allows you to find out what other users do on your computer in your absence. Personal Computer Monitor invisibly records keystrokes of every user activity performed on the computer in encrypted log files with option...

Jvw History eraser 1.0 - Jvw History eraser 
History eraser with popup blocker and ip spam killer

Enkodr 1.01 - "on-the-fly" text encryption software 
JitBit Enkodr is the world's easiest "on-the-fly" text encryption software. It works in conjunction with ANY text-editing program: MS Word, MS Outlook or even a web-based email like GoogleMail or Yahoo.

LSN Password Safe - High security password manager. It's free. 
High security password manager + AntiKeyLogger + virtual keyboard + CAPTCHA. Easy to use and free. You can create as many fields per entry as you need. File protection and data theft prevention. Portable version.

NetStat Agent Portable 3.2 - Network troubleshooting made easy 
NetStat Agent makes diagnosing network connections and troubleshooting connection problems a snap. You will never need to go back to using netstat, arp, ipconfig, ping, traceroute, nslookup or whois tools from the command line!

Multimedia Protector 3.0.2 - Protect Flash, PDF, PPT, EXE, Video 
Protect Flash, PDF, Powerpoint, EXE, Video, Images and other file types like Word. Content Protection / DRM / Time limited versions / Software Copy Protection / Network licence PC, User, Floating / Shop Integration

Radmin Deployment Package 1.1 - Radmin Server installation and setup utility 
Radmin Deployment Package makes Radmin Server installation and setup very fast. Using these programs, a system administrator can install, configure, activate and upgrade Radmin Server on every workstation on a local network of any size.

Access Password Recovery 1.0i - Recover lost passwords to Access databases. 
Access Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Access 2003/XP/2002/2000/97 password-protected databases. All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length. Multilingual passwords are supported.

E-Zsoft iPod DVD Converter 5.0.9 - FAST DVD To iPod Converter Tools 
E-Zsoft DVD to iPod Converter Provides an easy and completed way to convert DVD to iPod video format.

PC Cop 2.3.15 - PC Cop, an identity theft protection software 
PC Cop finds and protects your personal information. PC Cop safegaurds your identity by securely encrypting/deleting credit card numbers, driver's licenses, usernames and passwords and much more! Great identity theft protection software!

Unlock MDB 3.4 - Unlock Access Database with Unlock MDB 
MDB Password Unlocker to Unlock MDB file is a most widely used access password recovery program that enable users to unprotect access database & unlock .mdb file of Access 95/97/2000/2002/2003.

File Lock 6.1 - Lock and hide files, folders, drives. 
File Lock is a secure software that can lock and/or hide your files, folders and drives. It can prevent access to any of your files, folders or drives. File Lock also supports to hide files and folders, to make them complete invisible.

Registry Fix 2008 3.0 - Scan, Find and Fix PC Errors Fast! 
With Registry Fix 3.0 you can safely clean and repair Windows registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks! Problems with the Windows registry are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages.

Passcape Win CD Keys 2.7.0 - Extract forgotten products (CD) keys 
Powerful utility to recover lost license (CD) keys. The program wizard supports two recovery modes: automatic - recover CD keys of the current system; and manual - recover keys manually from Windows registry files.

Photo copyright protection software - Photo copyright protection software, watermark 
Photo copyright protection software is a powerful photo watermarking software for digital photo protection. This watermark software places very strong watermarks that no one can remove. Allows you to add any watermark to any picture.

RegAuditor 2.2 - Freeware Adware,trojan and spyware Scanner. 
RegAuditor gives you a quick look at the Adware,malware and spyware installed on your computer including parasites and trojans. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

PestBlock 4.1.7 - Complete protection from the most threats. 
PestBlock lets you protect your privacy and your computer from a variety of spyware and unwanted programs, from those that expose your confidential information, to those that diminish the performance of your computer.

SurfSolo 2.0 - Anonymous and private surf on internet. 
Powerful software that allows the user to get totally anonymous and at the same time protects the data exchange on the Internet.The software provides a direct encrypted link with one of the world wide SecurStar high bandwidth security proxy servers.

MDB file password remover tool 5.0.1 - Microsoft database password recovery software 
Data base password breaker software able to recover restore retrieve reset rescue lost numeric typed login user hidden missing character describe unknown unmask file database record secret security forget password from ms access database.

Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker 2.00 - Recover forgotten mailbox passwords instantly 
Atomic Mailbox Password Cracker is a software solution capable of recovering lost or forgotten mailbox passwords for the e-mail clients that work with mail servers using POP3 and IMAP4 protocols.

My Endpoint Protector - Lockdown USB ports to stop data theft 
My Endpoint Protector provides device control and data loss prevention to everyone who want to centrally manage and control the use of USB, FireWire and other ports and portable storage device use. It works for PC and Mac OS X. Free for personal use.

Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook 1.1.15 - Repairs forgotten and lost Outlook passwords 
The utility for forgotten and lost passwords recovery repairs Microsoft Outlook passwords, stored in PST files. It opens password-protected Microsoft Outlook files without any difficulties. The program is safe, easy and fast, it takes a second only

TextEgg Simple Encryption Software 1.0.2 - The Simplest Way To Encrypt Text 
Simple encryption of selected text - as easy as making it bold or italic... Add more text to encrypt - or edit non-encrypted text - with no need to re-enter your password... Powerful RSA encryption behind a familiar word processor interface.

SolarWinds Free Kiwi Syslog Server 9.0 - A Powerful, Flexible Syslog Server 
Easy to set up and configure, Kiwi Syslog Server receives, logs, displays, alerts, and forwards syslog messages from network devices. See why it's one of the most trusted solutions of its kind!

AdsGone Popup Killer ad Blocker 5.0.6 - Prevents popups banners windows messenger ads 
Finally, a Solution to the Web's Most Hazardous and Disruptive Problems: Blocks popups, banners, flash ads, messenger service ads, and detects spyware that serves ads. Blocks ads in Kazaa, Morpheus, Gator, ICQ, MSN, AIM, or Trillian.

Password Lock Transparent Screensaver Utility 1.10 - Secure your computer with password protection 
Password protect access to your computer, while monitoring programs that are running in the background. Perfect for system administrators, retail stores running computer demos, or any user of email, instant messaging or live stock quotes.

PC Activity Monitor Professional 7.6.4 - Most powerful monitoring program. 
PC Activity Monitor Professional (PC Acme Professional) is an ultimate invisible and undetectable easy-to-use monitoring and surveillance tool for personal and network PCs. It is professional software that captures all users activity on the PC.

ID Harddisk SmartChecker 1.2 - ID Harddisk SmartChecker check your disks. 
ID Harddisk SmartChecker is the smartest scanning, monitoring and checking mechanism for your PC, providing optimal functioning parameters.

RemoteServiceMonitoring 1.1 - Controls the status of network services. 
RemoteServiceMonitor controls the status of your network services and allows to start or stop remotely. You must have administrative privileges on the network computer.

Hide My Windows Mini 2.7 - Privacy protection software 
Hide My Windows is extremely easy to use privacy protection software. Hide My Windows Mini is created mostly for people working in the office, whose computer activity is usually under strict control, but it's usefull in home too.

Unix Quick Guide 2009 - Unix Quick Guide 
Designed for everyone using Unix operating systems, this Unix quick guide covers all daily used Unix features and options, provides quick tips and solutions for common Unix security problems.

Link Logger - Netgear Fx114y - Professional firewall logging software. 
Affordable professional logging tool with all the features including remote notification, custom alarms, hostname and whois lookups, automatic data management, historical searches, description of port services, online updates, etc.

VirusBuster I. Security Suite 64-bit 3.2 - Comprehensive malware+spam protection 
With its anti-malware, safe browsing, spam filter features and two-way firewall, the VirusBuster Internet Security Suite provides comprehensive protection against every attack.

Active System Locker 3.2 - Computer Access Control Tool. 
Use System Locker to restrict access to your PC by locking keyboard and mouse. It has startup and automation options, supports audit and scheduling features. Protects your system when you are away. Extremely effective for home and office use.

Dark Files - It helps you keep your files protected 
Dark Files can help you keep your files protected. You can choose who gets access to what files on your computer. This program provides three levels of protection to suit any user : "Hidden", "Read Only", "Full Control".

Error Scan and Fix 3.0.6 - Scans, cleans, and repairs pc errors fast. 
Error Scan and Fix 3.0.1 is an advanced registry cleaner for Windows that allows you to safely scan, clean, and repair registry problems with a few simple mouse clicks.

PDFtypewriter with PDF Printer Driver 6.3.1374.0 - Create, form fill, and edit PDF files. 
Create PDF documents from any program or scanner with the PDFtypewriter Printer Driver. Open PDF files easily, then edit, print and resave them. Convert PDF to images, DOC, RTF, and more. Fill in existing PDF form fields and create your own.

SLOW-PCfighter 1.4.95 - Optimize your Slow PC for better performance 
You know when a PC is slow? You get that feeling of impatience and annoyance at its frustratingly low speed and performance. There are numerous reasons for slow PCs and it happens to all PCs. Optimize your Slow PC with a free SLOW-PCfighter scan now!

1-2- Free Steganography 2.1 - Hide secret files into innocent pictures. 
1-2- Free Steganography Invisible Secrets allows you to encrypt and hide files in other files (carriers) which are not suspect of encryption (JPG, PNG, BMP).

Batch PDF Unrestrict - Cannot copy PDF text? Enable PDF Print Option 
If you can not copy text from pdf or unable to print pdf, don’t panic, PDF Security Remover Software is best solution to unlock protected and restricted bulk documents. Software enable pdf print button options and remove open password.

Flash Wiper 3.1 - keep your privacy with Flash Wiper 
Many people believe formatting the drive or deleting the file will complete delete information from the drive. Actually that is not so. A real deleting of files on drives is only possible through a complete overwrite of the original files.

RunAs Professional 3 - RunAs Professional - RunAs with Password 
RunAs Professional is a substitute for Microsoft's command runas. RunAs Professional solves the problem that normal runas does not support the commandline parameter password. RunAs Professional has a lot of more features too.

NetHotfixScanner 1.2 - Free hotfix and patch check utility. 
Network Hotfix Scanner is a free advanced hotfix check utility that scans network computers for missing hotfixes and patches, and helps you download and install them, gives you a quick look at the hotfixes and patches installed or missed.

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