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Colasoft Ping Tool 1.1 - Colasoft Ping Tool is a graphic ping tool. 
Colasoft Ping Tool is a powerful graphic ping tool and compares response time in a graphic chart. Users can ping multiple IP addresses at the same time and ping the IP addresses of captured packets in Colasoft Capsa (if applicable) conveniently.

ID Parental Advisor 1.2 - ID Parental Advisor monitors the PC activity. 
ID Parental Advisor is a top quality access-monitoring program, providing action-limitation to third parties according to your personal preferences.

EZ PC Remote 3.2.5 - Remotelly auto shutdown PC, reboot or lock PC 
Parental control software to auto shutdown, reboot, lock any PC in your home or office on scheduled time and automatically keep PC locked as long as scheduled. Password protected, System Time protection. Great Parental software. Manage PCs remotelly

Digital Security Suite 2011 - File Shredding and Encryption suite 
Digital Security Suite helps you protect the files on your computer. You can for example encrypt individual files for storage or secure mail attachements. You can also permanently remove (shred) files, folders and other information.

Protoport Proxy Chain 1.1 - Advanced proxy switcher. 
Proxy chain software alows to chain proxy servers in a single line for anonymous surfing. Procies in chain may be located in diffetent countries.

Magical File Encrypt 1.1 - Magical File Encrypt securely encrypts files. 
Magical File Encrypt is powerful tool to protect your sensitive Files.You data files undergoes powerful cipher operations and makes them unreadable without first decrypting them.

ViewPoint 5.01 - Program and secrets hiding, file encryption. 
To avoid any suspicion about your secret your file, it is hidden inside another file (your file is encrypted by the most modern and strong cryptographic algorithms) and the encoding program is also hidden inside another absolutely neutral program.

HTML Security - LockLizard HTML Protection 2.07 - HTML security. Secure html, web pages, images 
HTML security. Secure html, protect web pages, and protect images with DRM encryption. Protect html web pages from unauthorized copying, printing and distribution. Control expiry. Encrypt html with AES encryption for the ultimate html protection.

Keep Your Privacy 3.0.0 - Scan, Clean, and Remove all Internet tracks. 
Keep Your Privacy is a safe and easy-to-use privacy protection tool that securely deletes online Internet tracks and program activity records that are stored in your browser and other hidden files on your computer.

Arovax TraySafe 4.3 - TraySafe allows you to forget passwords! 
TraySafe password manager allows you to forget passwords! It will save and protect them for you: encryption and hashing algorithms, autoinsert and autofill, hardware ID, USB drive support. You can forget passwords and you will not lose them!

SpyAOL 1.01 - Powerful AOL PC Surveillance Software 
Spytech SpyAOL is the award winning monitoring tool that allows you to record what users do while they are using America Online. SpyAOL secretly records all AOL activities - unknown to the users of your PC.

SwiftSpywareRemoval 1.5 - powerful, fast program protection 
Swift Spyware Removal is a powerful, fast, multi-platform program that protects a mature and secure browser. Swift Spyware Removal is a powerful anti-spyware program, which protects Mozilla Firefox from dangerous spyware's, and harmful cookies.

Download File and Data Destroyer - Most secure file unrecoverable eraser 
Download File and Data Destroyer is easiest and fastest way to securely delete (or "wipe") sensitive files from your hard drive.

Folder Hide Security Lock 1.0.2 - Download free folder hide lock security tool 
Download free password protected folder lock software for Vista that easily hides private pictures, audio, video, movies and office document from others. Software works in hidden mode. Tool provides security by encrypting folders data.

Atomic Word Password Recovery 1.50 - Open password protected MS Word files 
Atomic Word Password Recovery is the tool of choice, it supports most of the document encryption algorithms available in MS Office. 100% password recovery for most of file types.

Max File Shredder 2.9 - Permanently erases data on your PC 
Max File Shredder permanently delete files, folders, and deleted data from the recycle bin. Max file shredder allows deleting the history stored by windows and Internet Explorer and any other application completely and protect your privacy

UndeleteMyFiles Pro 2.10 - Professional data recovery tool 
UndeleteMyFiles is a professional tool to recover accidentally deleted files from hard disks, USB flash drives, CF and SD cards and other storage media.

Panda Global Protection 2011 4.00.00 - All-in-one protection for your PC 
Panda Global Protection 2011 is the most complete security product. It protects you against viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats.

X-Ray Mail Assistant Beta - Send the mail through socks proxy 
X-Ray Mail Assistant is an email header filter and POP/SMTP server switching tool. It runs as a local POP/SMTP relay server and scans your incoming and/or outgoing mail.

PC Privacy 2.04 - Eliminate the digital trail you leave. 
Eliminate the digital trail you leave every time you browse the Internet or simply use your PC. Wipe out your Internet Browser history, typed URLs and filled-in forms. Protect your privacy - and erase the clutter clogging up your computer.

Network File Monitor Professional 3.2.6 - Data replication and backup software. 
Data replication, backup and synchronization software for networks. LAN, HTTP, FTP, E-mail support. Has flexible scheduler settings and numerous file transfer functions.

Safeguard Enterprise PDF Security 2.7.59 - PDF DRM enterprise document security 
PDF DRM enterprise document security. Secure PDF documents from unauthorized use, control what users can do with them, control how long they are used, and audit document use. Stop copying, sharing, printing, screen grabbing, stop or limit printing.

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