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active directory management

Lepide Active Directory Management 10.12.01 - AD manager to manage Windows active directory 
Manage active directory internal structure with Lepide Active Directory Management and Reporting software. This AD management tool is beneficial in implementing changes in terms of objects, resources and services as per business dynamics.

ManageEngine ADManager Plus 5.0 - Active Directory Management Tool 
ManageEngine ADManager Plus simplifies enterprise-wide Windows Active Directory management from a central point. The ease-of-use, intuitive UI, the integrated helpdesk delegation and workflow management make it immensely useful for AD Administrators.

Admin Report Kit for Active Directory (ARKAD) 7.0.1 - ARKAD is a reporting tool for the MS-AD. 
ARKAD is a powerful reporting tool for the Microsoft Active Directory Enterprise. ARKAD collects configuration information about various objects and their properties in the Active Directory and reports them in a simple and elegant format.

Active Directory Manager 9.12.01 - Active Directory Manager 
Say, b-bye to long and complex commands that you as an administrator often use to manage Active Directory objects. Use graphical user interface of Active Directory Manager for all Active Directory management related tasks without using commands.

Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting 9.12.01 - Active Directory Management & Reporting Tool 
Chily Active Directory Management software helps administrators to efficiently manage the entire Active Directory from one central location. Manage many domains, users, groups, and resources for Windows NT, 2003.

Active Directory Tool 9.12.01 - Active Directory Tool 
Use Active Directory Management and Reporting, an efficient, productive, and comprehensive tool for impeccable management of all Active Directory objects (domains, OUs, computers, groups, servers, etc.) from a central location.

Active Directory Reports 9.12.01 - Effective Active Directory Reports tool 
Active Directory Reports tool is an efficient, dynamic, and powerful solution for organizations to centrally manage Active Directory objects and resources on local and remote computers within a domain.

AD Reports 9.12.01 - Active Directory Reports 
Save the significant time of an administrator or help desk personnel by automating the Active Directory reports generation. Generate customized reports with AD Reports software.

AD Management 9.12.01 - AD Management tool 
Active Directory Management software provides a simplified way to manage and automate various AD tasks.

Active Directory Tools 9.12.01 - Active Directory Management 
Fast and flawless Active Directory management is made possible with advanced, prolific, and competent Active Directory tool.

Active Directory Management Software 9.12.01 - Active Directory Management Software 
Make Active Directory management fast and flawless with Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting – an advance, prolific, and competent Active Directory management software.

Active Directory Management 9.12.01 - Chily Active Directory Management & Reporting 
Chily Active Directory Management and Reporting is a prominent, sophisticated, and easy-to-use software, which has been designed to make administrative tasks simple, accurate, and easy.

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