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active directory

CodeTwo Active Directory Photos 1.1.0 - Easily edit AD photos and add them to e-mails 
CodeTwo Active Directory Photos is a free tool that lets you easily upload a number of photographs to Active Directory and then manage and edit them according to your needs. The images can later be added to internal and outgoing e-mail signatures.

Active Directory Plus - Based on Microsoft's Aduc 
Everything you wished you could do with Microsoft's Active Directory Users and Computers...

Find Current User - Find Current User 
Find Current User is a powerful tool that helps you find out who's logged on to which computer in seconds!

Remote Service and Process Scanner - Remote Service and Process Scanner 
The easiest way to Access Remote Services and Processes...

Get Remote File System Rights - Get Remote File System Rights 
The easiest way to administerAccess to your File Systems...

Web file manager for educational and Active Directory users 1.5 - Web file manager for educational organisation 
HTTP Commander is a web file manager that is really popular among a lot of educational organisations. This solution allows students and teachers to access their files remotely using only a web browser or a smartphone.

Active Directory Bulk - Active Directory Bulk 
The easiest way to import or modify multiple Active Directory Objects...

extVIEW Active Directory View/Search 2.66 - Web-Based Active Directory Viewer 
extVIEW is a browser-based solution that makes viewing and searching Active Directory users and contacts fast, easy, and accurate.

.NET Active Directory Wrapper Lite 1.0 - Access Active Directory From C# or VB .Net 
.Net Active Directory Lite is a free package of two Visual Studio solutions (.sln) that includes all the source code to calling multiple Active Directory function and a complete sample application that demonstrates the functionality of the wrapper.

AD Bulk Users 3.1.1 - Active Directory Bulk User Import Tool 
Active Directory Bulk User Import Tool. Bulk import or modify Active Directory Users.

ADO++ AD - Exchange User management 3.1.0 - ADO++ AD - Exchange User management 
ADO++ is a user management Tool for Active Directory and Exchange 2010/2007/2003. Main features: Edit user, groups, contacts. Restore deleted objects GUI, 2010 RBAC-Gui. Manange mailbox delegates.

GroupWebService 1.0.1 - User Self Service:: GroupWebService 
As user-self-service authenticated users in your company may use this website to add their account to a specified group.

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