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acupuncture mesurement

TCM PRO Ryodoraku 1.0 - Professional software for TCM (Ryodoraku) 
Manages client database. Makes Ryodoraku measurements on TCM points. Expanded symptomatology, ratios, comparison charts. Inbuilt color and frequency therapy functions. Various reference tables. Open Point calculation (3 methods).

Chrono Acupuncture -TCM open points 2.0 - The biorhythmic su-jok acupuncture 
This software provides you with 3 methods of Open Points calculating in classical chinese acupuncture. You should choose necessary time, date and one of 3 Open Point methods

Su-Jok-Open Point 2.0 - The biorhythmic su-jok acupuncture 
The biorhythmic acupuncture is an independent method of treatment. this method used do not take into account a status of disease.

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