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audio ripping

MegaMind Extractor 1.4.0 - MegaMind Extractor is a cool audio ripper. 
MegaMind Extractor is an audio program using modern architecture to enable fast and secure ripping and converting of audio files into high-quality MP3s easily transferable to multiple portable devices.

LightMan Extractor 1.4.0 - LightMan Extractor is a cool audio ripper 
LightMan Extractor is a lite music software for easy CD ripping and converting into MP3s. Its range for formats supported is very wide WAV, MP3, OGG, VQF, APE, etc. LightMan Extractor uses LAME default encoder.

FeyExtractor 1.3.0 - FeyExtractor is an application for ripping an 
FeyExtractor is an easy-to-work-with audio software that helps you rip and convert fast and reliably audio files into high-quality MP3s which you can then easily transfer to the portable device of your choice.

Hanso CD Extractor 1.6.0 - Hanso CD Extractor is a CD ripper/converter. 
Hanso CD Extractor is a CD ripping/audio converting application meant to ease the transfer of large music collection of CDs to your computer or other devices of your choice as Mp3 files.

Vip CD Ripper 2.7.0 - VIP CD Ripper is an audio ripping tool. 
VIP CD Ripper is definitely the kind of utility which shouldn't be absent from no music fan's software arsenal. It is designed to perform high-quality conversion of your audio CDs into all the main formats you might need: MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, RIFF.

Fox CD Extractor 2.5.0 - FoxCD Extractor is a CD ripping tool. 
FoxCD Extractor is a program designed to perform many tasks audio related. Mainly it rips and converts audio files - you can turn your large collection of CDs into an MP3 collection easily available on your hard drive at high quality.

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