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Banjo Screensaver 1 - Gallery of banjo images in a screensaver. 
Screensaver with a gallery of banjo-related imagery including vintage photography of early ensembles that included banjo.

Guitar and Bass Ear Trainer 1.5 - Ear-training course for guitar & bass players 
Play-along ear-training course for guitar, bass, and other fretboard instrument players. Learn to play effortlessly by ear. Develop the ability of playing whatever is in your mind without hesitation and without mistakes, improve your improvisation.

Accordeur Multi-Instruments - Accordeur pour instruments a corde 
Cet accordeur permet l'accordage standard pour de nombreux instruments a corde (guitare, mandoline, ukulele, violon, banjo et guitare basse) ainsi que l'accordage en Open-Tuning.

Afinador de Guitar-Online - Afinador para instrumentos de cuerda 
Este afinador para instrumentos de cuerda permite afinar su guitarra, mandolina, ukulele, violin, banjo o bajo en afinacion estandar y en varios open-tunings (acordes abiertos).

Chord Alchemy 4.0 - Ultimate Chord Lookup Tool for Fretboards 
ChordAlchemy is the ultimate tool for chord lookups, reverse chord lookups and hearing how they sound. ChordAlchemy supports 100+ tunings, Added Bass, No Root, Scales, Chord Pages and Printing. Superb user interface for easy chord generation control!

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