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Bible-Discovery Software 2.8.3 - Bible concordance software 
Bible-Discovery is a Bible concordance software. It contains several Bible translations, dictionaries, tools for helping to understand the texts in the original language, bookmark handling and a parallel and comparative Bible read feature.

Windows Bible 2 - Windows Bible software with lots of features 
Windows Bible software with: Coloring book, Searching Capabilities, Trivia, Dictionary, Concordance, Unlimited Book Markers, Notes, Bible stories, Adjustable font sizes, Easy to Use, This comes in the King James Version and New Revised Edition.

Free Bible for mobiles 1.0 - Complete & compact edition of the Holy Bible 
This complete, yet compact edition of the King James Version of the combined Old and New Testaments is a perfect addition to your religious or secular library. For reference, prayer, meditation, or study, this edition of The Holy Bible

Scripture Challenge 5.11 - Bible question and answer game. 
Scripture Challenge is an in-depth Bible question and answer game, containing over 3600 questions gathered from the Old and New Testaments. Scripture Challenge offers a unique and enjoyable method of learning more about your Bible.

Bible Plus 1.0 - Freeware popup KJV Bible program 
Freeware popup KJV Bible program. Superfast lookup. Both Old and New Testaments. Totally free - no nags. Works with all versions of Windows. Super small footprint.

Bible Lesson Record Book 1.03 - Sunday School teacher's Bible lesson workbook 
THE BIBLE LESSON RECORD BOOK - Sunday School teacher's tool. This software program will generate a Bible lesson record book that you can print.

Feed My Sheep 1.00 - Delightful, colorful family Bible word game 
And you thought the life of a shepherd was easy! Delightful, colorful Bible word game for the entire family similar to Wheel-of-Fortune and Hangman.

Daily Bible and Prayer - Bible in a year, devotional, prayer tracker. 
Daily Bible and Prayer features Bible reading plans, daily devotional, and prayer tracker. The Bible reading plan will get you through the Bible in a year, a daily devotional gives you an edifying message every day. Also includes a prayer tracker.

Frontlets 4.03 - Inspirational Bible verses screen saver 
Frontlets is an inspirational Bible screen saver that randomly displays Bible verses every "x" seconds in LARGE hi- resolution graphics. It is sure to draw the attention of others! Screen colors and fonts can be customized to you tastes.

The Heavens Declare 1.00 - Inspirational Bible verses bootup images 
The Heavens Declare replaces that boring Windows bootup screen with inspirational Bible verses and breathtaking nature images. The Heavens Declare will randomly display a Bible verse on your screen in place of the Microsoft Windows start up screen.

The Bible Collection 1.0 - Note cards with Bible quotes, ready to print 
A classic and inspirational collection of beautiful note cards for all occasions featuring quotes from the Bible and paintings of nature. Cards are formatted and ready to print as needed. Inexpensive and easy-to-use.

Logos Bible Widget 2.3 - Look up any Bible verse on your Mac instantly 
Look up any Bible verse on your Mac instantly! Simply type or cut and paste any scripture reference and instantly see the entire verse. Easier than grabbing your Bible off the shelf, faster than going to Bible Gateway, and best of all - it's free!

God Our Creator Screen Saver 3.0 - Nature photos & Scriptures on God's creation. 
This screen saver combines beautiful photographs of nature scenes with Scriptural passages on the subject of God's creation.

KingJamesInteractive 1.0 - Program to study the Holy Bible. 
Program to study the Holy Bible, scrutinizing to the depths,looking for phrases or words you want to answer. Visit:

Gospel Parallels 1.06 - Gospel Parallels is a side by side Bible 
Gospel Parallels is a side by side New Testament Bible tool. All 4 gospels appear on your screen side by side for easy reading, scrolling, word search and studying. Includes a notepad, chronological index & instant parallel passage matching.

MemoryMan 2.2.26 - Fun software to help you memorize Scripture 
Fun software to help you memorize Scripture, using a testing tool and puzzles. Includes 800+ verses in King James, New King James, and NIV Versions. Custom verses can be used, or users can use predefined lists based on the Awana handbooks.

Easy Sunday School Planner 7.0 - A gift from RCL Software to Bible teachers. 
The Easy Sunday School Planner is a gift from RCL Software to all of the many teachers who take of their time to prepare and teach a Bible study. We thank the Lord for giving us a talent that may contribute to the feeding and saving of souls.

BiblePlayer for iPod 1.1 - Read and hear the Bible on your iPod 
With BiblePlayer you can read and listen to the Bible on your iPod. It includes daily devotionals, bible reading plans, bible stories, and other modules. Each reading is linked to an audio file making it an integrated experienced.

SwordSearcher Bible Software 6.1.1 - Bible software for believing Bible study. 
Bible study application, featuring numerous resources and unique features; more than a Bible concordance. Includes over 80 commentaries, dictionaries, maps, illustrations, and topical guides. Powerful searching and many useful time-saving tools.

Clipboard Agent 0.85 - Text to speech from the clipboard. +Bible. 
Install a zip tool. Download. Clipboard Agent was originally designed to be a text to speech utility that reads from the clipboard. It has been expanded to read aloud and auto increment verses of the Bible.

King James Dictionary 2.10 - King James Bible Archaic Word Dictionary 
King James Dictionary - Is the 1611 King James Version of the Bible full of hard, difficult, archaic words? What does "anon", "concupiscence" and "wist" mean? This dictionary helps you learn the meaning of those words.

What The Bible Says About 2.00 - What The Bible Says About... - Study tool 
What The Bible Says About... - Study tool. Unlike other Bible software, this program goes beyond specific Bible words to point out passages by themes and ideas - listed alphabetically with hundreds of choices.

The KJV Desktop Bible Book 2 2.0 - Mediaeval-styled desktop multi bible book. 
Beautiful Mediaeval KJV desktop multi bible book. Easily navigatable with verse search or phrase search . Verse bookmarking with topics and notes. Aesthetically pleasing to read. Highlighting and text size options. Multiple versions of the bible.

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