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board game

Nervebit Pentafall 1.0 - Shamans come into confrontation. 
Each year, the shamans of many Octopon tribes gather in a mysterious cave. This forbidden to ordinary mortals place is great altar of the Fallen. Altar charges empty wands, turning ore into energy.

Nervebit Mosaic 1.0 - Gather the harvest of new inhabitants. 
The Eternal Forest does not belong to anyone, but only the owner takes the whole crop from the branded tree. The governor must win over the opponent to prove the the right to put a mark.

Nervebit Magneton 1.0 - Oracle defines new priests. 
Since ancient times vellars living in the forests of the valley worship the mighty and mysterious Oracle. Oracle defines new priests conducting the ritual meal. And now the time has come to define the new ministers.

Nervebit Kaleidoscope 1.0 - Prospector competition to get the artifact. 
Kaleidoscope independently mined from the depths and formed blocks of cleaned elements on its surface. Prospectors will struggle to determine the future owner of Kaleidoscope by skill to better manage it.

Nervebit Dipole 1.0 - Get control of the star artifact. 
In the vicinity of the galactic core faced the interests of humans and aliens, when one of the star clusters were discovered artifacts of long-vanished civilization.

Nervebit Crossnull 1.0 - Create a neuroid network faster opponent. 
What is invaluable secret humanoid brain? The answer to this question will help the neuroids - a artificial cell's invader. Create a neuroid network on the alien brain matrix, faster opponent.

Last Conundrum of Da Vinci Deluxe 1.04 - 3D logic/puzzle board game. 
3D logic/puzzle board game. Complete 67 levels of the ancient mechanical conundrum of the world wide known greatest inventor, scientist and artist Leonardo Da Vinci and discover 8 his greatest masterpieces.

Chess Game 1.016 - It is a game developed for Chess fans. 
Chess Game World is a game developed for Chess fans. You can compete with real players all over the world or watch other games in progress. Play in the practice mode if you want to play with the computer.

PDAcraft Lines 1.1.0 - Very popular, simple and easy-to-play game 
Lines is a very popular, simple and easy-to-play puzzle game. You must pick the lines of 5 or more balls of the same color. You can make vertical, horizontal or diagonal lines.

Logical 5 Board Game 1.0.12 - Addictive board game for 1/2 players.Freeware 
An addictive board game for 1 or 2 Players. Playing against computer is a real challenge! 2 player mode inclued. Freeware.

Battle Dex 388 - Turn-based strategy game w/collectible cards. 
Battle Dex is a turn-based strategy game featuring collectible cards. You build custom decks and use your cards to modify your units while trying to outwit the enemy on a large, multi-terrain gameboard.

Modern Checkers MFG Guide 1.0 - This guide all about Modern Checkers MFG 
This guide is all about the modern board game known only as Modern Checkers MFG. Check out various tips and tricks within the guide to help you win. Play the modernized version of the game of Checkers against either the computer or another player.

Checkers EFG Guide 1.0 - This guide is about the game Checkers EFG 
This guide is all about the new game known only as Checkers EFG. Within the guide you will find a compendium of tips and tactics on winning this game. The game itself is the classic game of Checkers against either another player or the computer.

FlipFlop 3.1.1 - FLIPFLOP is a game similar to Othello 
FLIPFLOP is a game similar to Othello with additional features: Up to 4 people may play simultaneously and a study feature allows you to train different topics by playing.

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