PadRING What are they doing when you are not home??
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Ultimate Spy Pro 2.1 - Ideal for any kind of surveillance. 
Wireless cell phone video monitoring product which brings you private protection and safety it offers you online video recording.

Numecon 1.08 - Computer Numerical Control interpreter. 
Numecon is Computer Numerical Control interpreter.Software is designed for driving lathes, mills, routers, lasers or other machines.

Rimu PCB 1.07 - Electronic PCB layout application 
Rimu PCB is an easy to use, cost effective electronic printed circuit board (PCB) layout application. Features: Export Gerber RS274X and Excellon NC drill. Import ASCII netlist. Design rule checking. Multiple Undo / Redo.

Block Attribute Modifier 2.0 - Modify block attribute values in DWG files. 
With Block Attribute Modifier (BAM) you can easily automate the process of modifying block attribute values in AutoCAD drawing files. Use BAM to delete attributes, clear attribute values, replace attribute values, and find and replace attribute values. BAM runs very quickly and can process thousands of drawing files with the click of only one button!

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