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CheckMail 5.4.6 - A powerful email checking program. 
CheckMail is a powerful POP3 email checking program, which notifies you when you have received new email. It allows you to check all your email accounts for new messages and preview or delete them before downloading to your computer.

MailSweep 3.7 - This is a feature-packed e-mail checker. 
MailSweep allows you to browse your mailbox and view sender, subject, size, priority and header information prior to downloading messages from the server. MailSweep supports multiple accounts, and includes filter and scheduler features.

Moo0 WorldTime 1.10 - Check World Time Easily 
Check World Time Easily

Web Proxy Checker 1.5.18 - Free and fast proxy checker 
Free and fast proxy checking software. Supports SOCKS4/SOCKS5/HTTP/HTTPS proxies. Check for connect to host or load URL. Multithreaded. Handle redirects. Can download proxy list from the given URL. Built-in proxy distribution web server.

Check Host 1.0.12 - Monitoring servers or services. 
With Check Host you can easily monitor a server or the services of a server either with a ping or by establishing a socket connection (TCP or UDP). A notification is possible as desktop notification, via e-mail and by executing any other program.

IsMyLcdOK 1.44 - Check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD 
IsMyLcdOK is a small program but effective solution to easily check for dead/paralysed/stuck pixels on LCD monitors. IsMyLcdOK does not have to be installed and can be executed easily from the desktop, and can be carried on a small usb-stick .

Free Website Monitoring Software - Software check website online/offline status 
Web server performance observer application effectively evaluates website performance on web in cost effective and reliable manner. Free website monitoring software is capable to generate and update numerous profiles at a time for website monitoring.

Right Web Monitor 3.0.465 - Detect changes in all kinds of web resources 
Use Right Web Monitor to automatically check specified web resources and notify you when a change occurs. Able to detect changes in web pages, mailboxes, files, FTP files and folders anywhere on the Internet and download the changed files.

Linktausch pro 4.0.8 - Link Exchange Backlinkchecker Software 
Easy handling: backlinkcheck software, exchange software - Backlinkchecker

Emsa DiskCheck 1.0.77 - Disk checking and benchmarking tool - CD/DVD 
Emsa Disk Check is a freeware dual-purpose utility, for disk surface checking (prescan and full disk reading) and also real conditions benchmarking; it scans the entire contents of a disk, CD, DVD or hard drive, and shows any disk errors.

Back Links Checker Software - Advance reciprocal link monitoring software 
Link reporting application monitors back link status of advertiser websites on distributed publisher domain in real time and sends mail to the webmaster at pre-defined email address if your link has been removed from publisher site or site not found.

Best Check Cashing Software 5.1.5 - Lowest price. No ongoing fees. Free updates. 
New FoxPro 9.0 integration eliminates data problems. Lowest price. Easy to learn and use. Free upgrades and free tech support. No ongoing usage fees or hidden charges. Track inventory, customers, sales, employees, layaways, wish lists.

CheckQuota 5.0 - Disk quota manager for directories 
CheckQuota is the professional monitor program for directories. If a directory exceeds a specified limit CheckQuota sends an mail alert and can lock the write access for specified users or groups.

TWCheckSum 1.1.0 - Create valid checksum for File and export XML 
Create valid checksum and hash for File and export XML

Cyteg SpaceChecker 2.0.04 - Utility for controlling disks space usage 
Do you notice that free space on your hard drive decreases with a time? You must periodically comb out thoroughly the whole disk in search of rubbish. "SpaceChecker" will show you, where exactly, in what folders and how many rubbish there was appear.

Link Checkup 1.3 - Monitor advertising and reciprocal links. 
Having trouble keeping track of your advertising and reciprocal links? Link CheckUp makes it easy! You can monitor Web sites that you have exchanged links with, or purchased links from, to make sure that the sites are still linking back to your site.

MemDB Cheque Printing System 1.1 - Print Cheque and Envelope, broadcast email. 
This program helps you to manage your customer information, prints cheque and envelope to your customers, broadcasts email to your customers.

Bioloide 1.6 - Online interface to various checking tools 
Bioloide is an interface stored on your website with several tools to check various aspects of the site. It is extensible, you can add your own tools.

Check Identical Files 2.11 - Find and delete duplicate files 
This utility is able to check your drives for annoying duplicate files, and provides easy capability of deleting them, saving you megabytes of precious diskspace. An absolute must for people who have a huge number of files (e.g. pictures or mp3).

MemDB Check Printing System 1.0 - Manage your customer and print check 
This program helps you to manage your customer information and prints check to your customers

ZeroIn 3.4 - Clever replacement for DOS CD command 
Fast CD replacement with Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP long filename support, history, aliases, fixes your spelling, partial name matching. A must have for Windows 95 long filenames. Does NOT require index files.

Drive Speed Checker 1.6 - Drive Speed Checking Software 
This application will help you diagnose system issues by checking the read, write, and search speeds of your drives.

SplitBill (For PalmOS) 1.0 - Easily calculate a tip or Split a bill. 
Enter the total bill amount via the on-screen keypad, select the tax % from the list (or allow SplitBill to calculate it for you based on the $ amount) and assign the tip %. The Tip calculation may be made either before or after tax.

HTML Link Validator 4.52 - Professional link checker. Case sensitive. 
Professional link checker. Checks unlimited number of pages and links. Very fast, fully automated, multi-threaded, with a link-following web spider that reports on all tested links. Checks favorites, Internet shortcuts, lists, etc.

SplitBill (For PocketPC) 1.0 - Easily calculate a tip or Split a bill. 
Enter the total bill amount via the on-screen keypad, select the tax % from the list (or allow SplitBill to calculate it for you based on the $ amount) and assign the tip %. The Tip calculation may be made either before or after tax.

Credit Check Software 1.00 - Find out your credit rating anonymously 
Find out your credit rating in a confidential and anonymous way as well as how to improve it. It will also provide details as to what has improved or degraded your rating and what your credit limit might be.

Desktop Google Page Rank Monitor 1.0 - Easy-to-use tool checks website Google PR. 
Easy-to-use software product for storing web sites and monitoring their Google PR values. The program can sort sites by PR value, check using a custom datacenter, provides automatic proxy support, and much more.

BatchSpellChecker 1.2 - Code-aware batch spell checker 
BatchSpellChecker is a code-aware batch spell-checking software. It performs search in the specified folder, displays the list of the files containing the misprints, and allows you to correct the errors and save the changes.

MemDB Envelope Printing System 1.1 - Manage your customer and print envelope 
This program helps you to manage your customer information and prints envelope to your customers

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